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Líderes: Ninguém! (Quer se candidatar ao cargo de líder? Consulte nossa seção de ajuda aos grupos para saber o que você pode fazer.)
Política de associação: Aberta
Criado em: 26 Out 2006
For everyone born in 1966.

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  • christosp

    It would be nice if our group were a 'little' bit more active. I mean, look at the 'active discussions'! The last post was made over a year ago! Not to mention the connected artists: I hardly know anyone of them! (not that this meens anything of course). There must be something interesting we could do in this group. I thought of starting a discussion about it, but I can't wait a year or so for the first post! Is there anybody out there?

    23 Fev 2010 Responder
  • Mipsvd

    A very GOOD year indeed! We seem to be a precious MINORITY!!!! YA HI!!!

    7 Out 2008 Responder
  • jellevc

    Share your opinion on Last.fm with the world! Please fill out my survey on Last.fm (don't worry - it won't take more than 5 minutes): http://lastfmsurvey.notlong.com - Thanks!

    16 Mai 2008 Responder
  • richpr

    Hello! Only 31 people from '66? Must be a good and rare year! ;-)

    25 Abr 2008 Responder
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