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now wheres all them legal drugs?

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  • aquajitsu

    Terre's just one of the best around, both as a musician and person. She had a talk at CTM last year which I missed. Really hope I'll get another chance to attend one of those things. At least I caught her performance which was - as expected - incredible.

    Ontem 21:53 Responder
  • q_uiz

    "[...] i hope you'll enjoy it! love, terre" Probably an automated email, but I feel special now.

    Ontem 21:23 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Mills is still very good live but don't be expecting Live at the Liquid Room or anything. also expect to hear The Bells at least once even now

    Ontem 20:15 Responder
  • Daredevil_Jeff

    @Quiz: I'm trying to get some people to go at least one day so I can witness Jeff Mills.

    Ontem 19:58 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Semi-Structured Life would be p good if it existed above 128, it sounds like ass

    Ontem 19:33 Responder
  • aquajitsu

    Luxuru is the worst Driftwood release but Semi-Structured Life and especially So Peaceful are both great imo

    Ontem 19:29 Responder
  • q_uiz

    To be fair Jeff, you could just go to Donaufestival and have the best of all worlds.

    Ontem 19:26 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    musicbee album art search fucking nailed it

    Ontem 19:21 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    man the last couple of driftwood releases are some p lazy tech house tbh

    Ontem 19:18 Responder
  • Daredevil_Jeff

    >Sprinkles/Dopplereffekt or Sprinkles/Deepchord on the same night | Envy grows but at least I don't have to make the decision who I'm going to see.

    Ontem 19:18 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    it was around 150 GB total

    Ontem 18:31 Responder
  • radarmannen

    Hahah well if that's what it takes...

    Ontem 18:21 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    hey i mean we got colour tracks after all, i think me and quiz combined spent at least 40 gigs of bounty on that shit

    Ontem 18:07 Responder
  • radarmannen

    @NAU Yeah I figure it'll show up eventually. I added some to the bounty hoping that it could speed things up ever so slightly, haha. Anyway it's Acronym - Dimensional Exploration 003, I've really enjoyed his/her releases so far!

    Ontem 18:03 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    hmm might be true, i would rather see sprinkles over dopplereffekt any day though

    Ontem 17:40 Responder
  • q_uiz

    I feel like Dopplereffekt might be more elusive than Sprinkles.

    Ontem 17:35 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Sprinkles is the only option in both cases, he is the #rarest of all of the listed ones (and obviously the best)

    Ontem 17:33 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Livity 001, its not in all-caps and there is a space, they switched to LIVITY with their third release

    Ontem 17:32 Responder
  • q_uiz

    Have to say though, your decision seems easier.

    Ontem 17:31 Responder
  • q_uiz

    Livity CD 001 or some shit like that? aquajitsu: I still haven't decided between Sprinkles and Dopplereffekt et al., shit's hard yo.

    Ontem 17:30 Responder
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