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  • q_uiz

    That new RA podcast, prepare for another shitstorm.

    ontem à noite Responder
  • Mdjaer

    the sound design was the best thing about the album [2]

    Ontem 14:10 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    the sound design was the best thing about the album

    Ontem 12:48 Responder
  • q_uiz

    Angels & Devils was completely carried by the vocals. What a waste of time otherwise.

    Ontem 12:36 Responder
  • lil__

    Solens Arc is a concept that appeals to me very much. It's dark, it's steady, it's punchy. This is the album I might make if I was making music. Execution is not perfect, but also very good. The only flaw I see is that it feels a bit like he ran out of ideas at some point and it isn't that strongly engaging till the end like it might have been.

    Ontem 10:36 Responder
  • triforceguy

    Just had to play a 4 hour set at a club with one turntable cos they only had one set of PA cables and the left one must've shorted out of something. You'd think a club would have spare cables smh. Stressful night. /blog

    Ontem 04:00 Responder
  • Ncookie

    francis inferno orchestra - a new way of living.. nice sampled house album for fans of andres and leon vynehall

    Ontem 16:10 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Syro is alright, RDJ hasn't lost his great melodic sense but its quite sonically uninteresting and some of the tracks at the end fall too far into fedora mallDM autism, especially Pineal and Earth Portal

    Ontem 15:40 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    kind of a disappointing album, can't really hear any Fernow at all, it just sounds like the ambient bits off Function's albums

    20 Set 14h03 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    i bet it was call super's fault

    20 Set 13h33 Responder
  • scarypidgeon

    Ben ufo b2b Objekt b2b Call Super was surprisingly underwhelming

    20 Set 13h09 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    the function / vatican shadow album is out

    20 Set 12h25 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    i liked solens arc but it wasn't particularly memorable, i mean shit, i only remembered liking it now that you mentioned it

    20 Set 12h16 Responder
  • lil__

    Angels & Demons and Workshop 19 being sick ones indeed as well,

    20 Set 11h43 Responder
  • lil__

    What about Solens Arc? One of AOTY contenders for me.

    20 Set 11h16 Responder
  • aquajitsu

    I've seen all of Malick's films except To The Wonder which I'll get around to eventually.

    20 Set 9h18 Responder
  • DJ40K

    Bobby Shmurda - Hot nigga. Best hip-hop track this year. All over ATL right now

    20 Set 6h17 Responder
  • triforceguy

    bangface was fockin 'ardcore

    20 Set 5h25 Responder
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    m8 you gotta hit up Malick now I think

    20 Set 1h04 Responder
  • aquajitsu

    Watched The Mirror for about the 4th time tonight and still don't understand it. Maybe there's nothing to understand since it's intentionally all over the place. Still the most beautiful film ever made, Tarkovsky was the master. Workshop 19 remains my favourite release this year and I don't see anything topping it for me.

    19 Set 23h40 Responder
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