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O Morning Musume é um girlgroup de formado em 1997, quando o então vocalista do grupo Sharan Q, Tsunku desafiou 5 finalistas de um concurso a venderem 50.000 cópias de uma música em 5 dias com a promessa de serem totalmente produzidas por ele. As cinco finalistas (Yuko Nakazawa, Aya Ishiguro, Kaori Iida, Natsumi Abe e Asuka Fukuda) conseguiram vender as 50.000 cópias de Ai no Tane e foi assim formada a 1ª geração do Morning Musume. Hoje o grupo está na sua 11ª geração, cada geração é um grupo de novas meninas que se juntam ao grupo. Com o passar do tempo elas vão se graduando, ou seja, deixando o grupo. O grupo já vendeu somente no Japão mais de 18 milhões de cópias e é o único artista a estar a 10 anos entre os mais vendidos pela Oricon. O grupo tem diversos recordes no Japão, entre eles o de girlgroup mais bem sucessido da história do país.

O Morning Musume já teve 11 gerações, incluindo 13 álbuns, 6 coletâneas e mais de 50 singles. Não só por isso, o grupo é também popular fora do Japão com fã-grupos em países como Taiwan e Coréia do Sul. O Morning Musume também chegou a cantar em países como EUA e França, mas tem fãs por todo o mundo.

Hoje o grupo é composto por Sayumi Michishige (6ª geração, líder), Mizuki Fukumura (9ª geração, sub-líder), Erina Ikuta (9ª geração), Riho Sayashi (9ª geração), Kanon Suzuki (9ª geração), Haruna Iikubo (10ª geração, sub-líder), Ayumi Ishida (10ª geração), Masaki Sato (10ª geração), Haruka Kudo (10ª geração), e Sakura Oda (11ª geração)


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  • DearlyStars

    Agree to disagree. ;)

    20 Abr 23h04 Responder
  • micha4D

    @DearlyStars I didn't say Haruna doesn't have ANY charm appeal, it's just that she has less in comparison to Mizuki (though watching Haruna's and Eripon's dancing is always an entertainment for me lol)

    19 Abr 3h29 Responder
  • VenusInTheDark

    The Morimusu version of Password is 0 is hilarious!

    18 Abr 19h27 Responder
  • xxxratedcunt

    Tried to use the new tag, but ended up feeling uncomfortable. The new single is wonderful! Another first on Oricon. <3 [2]

    18 Abr 0h10 Responder
  • InseuFighter

    Password is 0 is already one of my favourite songs of 2014, 時空を超え 宇宙を超え is too mellow for me.

    17 Abr 22h43 Responder
  • reyklam

    Another first on Oricon. <3

    17 Abr 19h05 Responder
  • waywardcupcake1

    This shoutbox is simply entertaining with all the arguments and all. *Posh London Accent* "Good Show,golly good show!"

    15 Abr 21h47 Responder

    時空を超え 宇宙を超え ♡

    14 Abr 6h18 Responder
  • yume2kki

    On a lighter note... FINALLY A NEW MAIN PIC ♡

    13 Abr 21h29 Responder
  • yume2kki

    Where did NorikoNakagawa go?

    13 Abr 16h27 Responder
  • physicalthings

    "I don't know what kinda men you are surrounded by" well i guess you wouldn't know men are like that if you like all j-idol fans make no contact with whatever gender you're attracted to

    10 Abr 20h19 Responder
  • physicalthings

    kek at writing literal essays and only getting two sentences maximum in response. think it's time for you to unplug that router

    10 Abr 20h18 Responder
  • DearlyStars

    Woah, shoutbox explosion since the last time I was here. The blatant use of "Momosu" alone is reason enough to ignore. You won't get anywhere debating with certain people who can't see past their own nose.

    9 Abr 20h25 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    I just don't give attention to those mocking comments anymore, I just ignore them. They are only childish so they don't deserve ANYONE'S attention to be honest.

    9 Abr 18h43 Responder
  • VenusInTheDark

    I'm not indifferent, but it seems like it's a lose-lose situation. We can go on and on about how much we love Kanon (and the other girls), but someone will still continue to mock her/them. I think we're all sick of hearing "Kanon is fat". Give the poor girl a break!

    9 Abr 18h19 Responder
  • InseuFighter

    Fat people are normal, fat idols aren't. You didn't state MM are asexual,but you said "I'm asexual by the way" as well as calling them "pure, untouchable, unreachable" gave me that impression. ;P

    8 Abr 17h30 Responder
  • InseuFighter

    Lol why assume women who are nymphos must work in the sex industry, most girls are just in for the money. Also, you take my use of the word nympho too literally, read what I originally said "..they're not angels ffs! Riho could well be a little nympho", I was obviously making fun of you seeing MM as pure angels, not saying Riho really suffers from nymphomania. I only disagree with you seeing a 15-year-old girl as asexual. As for my statement "they practice singing and dancing because it's their job", I was refuting your ridiculous assumpation that women who practice singing and dancing cannot be interested in sex. It has nothing to do with why they want to join an idol group in the first place.

    8 Abr 13h34 Responder
  • meltycreme

    "I enjoy referring to female pop singers sexually and appearance-wise only." You don't deserve to even call yourself an MM fan, how pathetic

    8 Abr 0h56 Responder
  • InseuFighter

    1. I enjoy referring to female pop singers sexually and appearance-wise only. There isn't much to talk about, their personality is made-up. We don't know anything about them other than those fake things we learn from variety show. 2. Nobody in Momosu is prepubescent. They practice singing and dancing because it's their job. It's part of being an idol singer, irrelevant to their desires. Being in AKB didn't stop Minami Minegishi from dating some guy, and she begged to stay because she loved her job. 3. Tsunku didn't forget Kanon, he's trying to make non-fans forget her, since she's has most haters. She looked normal when she first joined, Tsunku simply didn't anticipate she would gain so much weight, and now he cannot kick her out, as most members serve at least four years.

    7 Abr 19h41 Responder
  • InseuFighter

    I was suggesting Riho could secretly be horny as fuck, I didn't say she bangs any wota in sight. Recognizing Morning Musume as real human beings rather than this "pure, untouchable unreachable angel" image is much less objectifying imo. :p Also I would never spend money on something like AKB's popularity contest, that's money down the drain.

    7 Abr 11h00 Responder
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