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Dream Theater


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Long Island, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos (1985 – presente)

Dream Theater é uma banda de originária de Long Island, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos e formada em 1985 por John Myung, Mike Portnoy e John Petrucci, enquanto frequentavam o curso de Música da Universidade de Berklee, em Boston, Massachusetts.

Antes de se chamar “Dream Theater”, eram conhecidos por “Majesty”. Este nome surgiu durante um concerto do Rush, em sua turnê do álbum “Power Windows”. John Petrucci, John Myung e Mike Portnoy dormiram na rua para comprar ingressos e assistir ao espetáculo, até que, ao ouvir a canção “Bastille Day” (do álbum Caress Of Steel), surgiu o comentário de que aquela música era ‘majestosa’, ficando assim o nome.

O trio foi em busca de mais membros para a banda. John Petrucci convidou o colega de escola Kevin Moore para o posto de tecladista do grupo. Em seguida, outro amigo de infância do guitarrista, Chris Collins, foi recrutado como vocalista, após os membros da banda ouvirem-no cantar um cover da música “Queen of the Reich”, do Queensrÿche.

Durante os primeiros meses de 1986, realizaram diversos concertos nas redondezas da cidade de Nova Iorque. Lançaram sua primeira demo com seis músicas, uma amostra de seu com referências da música clássica, que influenciou muitas bandas posteriormente. Trata-se do disco “The Majesty Demos”, cujas mil primeiras cópias foram vendidas em questão de seis meses, tornando a banda relativamente popular no cenário musical novaiorquino.


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  • MegaDave89

    AMAZING BAND... [2]

    Ontem 14:56 Responder
  • CoolPC


    19 Abr 9h17 Responder
  • ochuel

    I love the albums that had Kevin Moore as the keyboard player. I feel that they lost it after he left. Awake is one of my top 10 albums to have if I was stranded on a deserted island.

    17 Abr 22h37 Responder
  • mtw900

    Pull me Under is literally their only good song.

    17 Abr 5h15 Responder
  • FenoFromSky

    Octavarium is fucking 24 minutes long, how can you be surprised it doesn't make it to the top of every person that listen to DT on

    17 Abr 4h19 Responder
  • ArminJrpg

    Amazing band but dafuq is with the top tracks list? Change of Seasons? octaviruim? wat?!

    13 Abr 16h24 Responder
  • ToxicGriever

    I haven't heard Riverside so I can't comment on them but calling Rush metal is as wrong as calling AC/DC punk. Each band was a major influence on the later genres development (Rush for metal, AC/DC for punk) but they themselves never played those styles.

    10 Abr 21h57 Responder
  • Darkes7

    I'm pretty sure John's riffing alone is more than enough to provide balls for their music. Bridges in The Sky or the second part of Illumination Theory is like the most awesome tank ever built.

    9 Abr 21h10 Responder
  • MegaDave89

    One of my favoritebands. The Best Of The Times listen to that song so beautiful!

    9 Abr 12h02 Responder
  • vein666

    Since Portnoy's leaving this band lacks one thing. BALLS. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing instrumentalists, but 5 good boys can't make a great band any more. They needed Portnoy - not only for his exceptional playing dynamics, but for this one claw, this little flame that made them better than every other prog band in the history. Without Mike they sound like little pussies.

    8 Abr 21h22 Responder

    ↓ Boring bible, newfag

    8 Abr 6h25 Responder
  • Darkes7

    My point is not that it's a full-on metal track, or that PT are a metal band, my point is that it does have obvious metal elements - songwriting conventions are indeed one of the key points, but the same goes for riffing style, which is at least as important in determining whether something is metal. The end result is that you cannot simply say in any way "this is/is not metal", or especially, that one or the other is "obvious". Same probably goes for Rush, most Riverside material, and lots of other bands who tend to be more rock than metal in their style, but do incorporate very visible metal elements in at least some of their material. That's my whole point since the beginning, and why I found your idea that it's "obvious" quite ridiculous. And see, it's possible to discuss in a civilised way.

    7 Abr 21h31 Responder
  • ToxicGriever

    @HughHighFive: I meant to type "post-grunge and ska respectively are metal." Sorry for the confusion. :P

    7 Abr 21h02 Responder
  • ToxicGriever

    @Darkes7: I was using "heavy rock" is a broad sense, not a specific one. Don't be so obtuse. Being heavy does not automatically make something metal. Swans have stuff that crushes most metal in that regard and no one calls them metal. Being influenced by a metal band does not automatically make something metal either (especially when it is nowhere to be found in the song you suggested). Are Nickleback metal because they're influenced by Metallica? From my perspective you've based your entire argument thus far on superficial elements you think make PT metal (palm muting, guitar tuning, influences). Metal is not an umbrella for anything you find sufficiently heavy. It is a music genre with its own songwriting conventions that are virtually absent from Anesthetize. We should probably just agree to disagree at this point and stop flooding this shoutbox with out posts since neither of us is going to budge on this.

    7 Abr 21h01 Responder
  • HughHighfive

    @ToxicGriever which ska bands play in drop C? Genuinely interested.

    7 Abr 16h32 Responder
  • Matlock_


    7 Abr 5h30 Responder
  • Darkes7

    Not sure how up to date that still is (based on the fact his recent albums are a lot more prog rock), but he was a massive fan of theirs around the In Absentia/Deadwing/Fear of a Blank Planet era, and based on Circle of Manias I'd guess still around The Incident.

    6 Abr 15h36 Responder
  • aldrignedigen

    I am probably missing something, but what does Wilson have to do with Meshuggah?

    6 Abr 11h46 Responder
  • Darkes7

    Well, if heavy rock = hard rock (which is also my idea of "heavy rock") - Anesthetize has nothing of hard rock, the riffing style is predominantly metal (I seriously don't know how to explain this any further, but please, give me _one_ obviously rock and not metal song with riffing this heavy, and I can give you a ton of metal songs which are comparable), and yes, the dissonant riffing style is very obviously Meshuggah influenced, and it's a fact Steven Wilson was heavily influenced by them at the time this album was written. Dream Theater influence? Maybe. And DT is not metal either, I guess?... MY posts are childish? You ran into this shoutbox throwing strawman after strawman at people who disagree with you (look at your very first post in this "discussion") and calling some guy's pretty innocent post "pretentious as fuck". Yes, I tend to become an annoying ass when someone is behaving in an obnoxious way, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who's being childish here.

    5 Abr 12h34 Responder
  • ToxicGriever

    @Darkes7: I though the term heavy rock (a.k.a. hard rock) was self explanatory. Drop C tuning and palm muting are not techniques unique to metal (unless you think post-grunge and ska are metal). I didn't hear anything that reminded me of Meshuggah in Anesthetize. The band whose shoutbox we're having this back and forth in maybe, but not Meshuggah. Finally, I only called you a kid because your last post before mine was childish. You aren't exactly doing anything to change that perception either.

    5 Abr 2h10 Responder
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