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I See Stars


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I See Stars, fundada em Warren, Michigan - Estados Unidos, a banda de post-hardcore/eletrônica lançou um EP, Go Green Light (2006), e uma variedade de gravações demo antes da assinatura de um contrato com a gravadora Sumerian Records em 2008. Em 2009 laçaram seu primeiro álbum (3D) com um estilo híbrido de screamo e eletronico.

Formação -
Devin Oliver - Vocals
Brent Allen - Guitar
Zach Johnson - keys/scream
Jimmy Gregerson - Guitar
Jeff Valentine - Bass
Andrew Oliver - Drums

Ex integrante: Chris Moore - Keys/scream

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  • bobo9390

    "gayband, music for faggots" That doesn't imply whether think it's good or not, or if you enjoy it or not. What's with people pointing out things that aren't directly related to the music, or the production style or anything when insulting band? Maybe you'll grow up one day, nobledeath

    21 Mai 19h12 Responder
  • wtfmarvin

    RIP ISS nunca mais fez show nem fez música RIp rIp RiP

    2 Mai 12h11 Responder
  • HerFadingSmile

    ... I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.

    29 Abr 1h00 Responder
  • Syndicaidramon

    The electronics on ND are definitely not bad, but in my opinion, they can't really compete with bands like Sybreed, Neurotech, Clawerfield, Decode the Design, etc. Bands that are able to combine electronics with guitarwork that is more than just chugs. Mind you, I'm not asking ISS to become technical per se. None of the band I mentioned are either. I just wish they would do something at least a little bit more interesting than just chugs...

    20 Abr 20h21 Responder
  • TDcore

    @Syndicairdramon: I agree, some riffs would be nice. But I really think the guitars have gone by the wayside in favor of the electronics. And let's face it, the electronics on New Demons are freaking awesome.

    17 Abr 18h33 Responder
  • Syndicaidramon

    It sucks that this band stopped writing interesting guitars after EOTWP. That album has several great guitar-moments. The intro and solo on "Still Not Quite Enough", the intro to "The Common Hours II" being particularly great examples. But after that it's been all chugging. Dafuq, ISS. Dafuq?

    8 Abr 20h29 Responder
  • blacklight_x

    i see pidaras [7]. ебучая ссанина. разве что существует мизер годного инструментала, продолжительностью секунд 10-15. жалко, что пост-хардкор катится в розовые сопли.

    7 Abr 11h06 Responder
  • progfly

    so glad I accidently came across this band.. their music really stands out compared to most post-hc bands. I also love how much hate they get from hordes of narrow-minded crybabies.. which only fuels the awesomeness of ISS.

    3 Abr 15h02 Responder
  • robben499


    25 Mar 18h03 Responder
  • EugeneLesnevsky

    Hey ) You should check them out! Ukrainian kick ass band!

    23 Mar 17h42 Responder
  • nobledeath

    gayband, music for faggots

    10 Mar 3h34 Responder
  • Elsmer

    lordchamberlain, listen to "Mystery Wall"

    21 Fev 18h26 Responder
  • lordchamberlain

    so i haven't listened to this band in years... did they ever re-record "mistaken for a westend mystery shake" under a new name?

    11 Fev 5h51 Responder
  • Borannditt

    Waiting for an uptade status of a new album *3*

    23 Jan 4h35 Responder
  • JamesPhillips70

    IMO the only band that has ever existed since time began to get the right balance between electronica/techno and post-hardcore, Digital renegade is a good example of this. and Abandon All Ships (were) nearly the same but i prefer Devin vocals

    20 Jan 15h14 Responder
  • Yeti14

    Как у разных долбаебов горит пердак от пост-хардкора=3 "Кококо на хую вертел, женский вокал, попса" Это и понятно, ведь пхк в последнее время набирает популярность, а то говно, которое вы слушаете очевидно теряет, вот и злитесь)

    12 Jan 12h46 Responder
  • AndrewVanukov97

    ну хую вертел

    11 Jan 11h07 Responder
  • J3ssyP1nkman

    обожаю этих пидоров! :3

    11 Jan 5h50 Responder
  • Bloomca

    They have to get rid of clean vocals. It's absolutely impossible listen because of it.

    8 Jan 21h58 Responder
  • Mellozea

    i see pidaras [6]. ебучая ссанина. разве что существует мизер годного инструментала, продолжительностью секунд 10-15. жалко, что пост-хардкор катится в розовые сопли.

    4 Jan 18h32 Responder
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