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Orchid are an American heavy metal band founded in San Francisco, California in 2007. They are named after the Black Sabbath song of the same name.
Founded in 2007, Orchid released their first EP, Through the Devil’s Doorway, in 2009. Their debut album Capricorn followed in 2011, although it was the band’s second studio album, The Mouths of Madness, that brought them critical success.

Rooted in hard blues rock and heavy metal, Orchid are highly praised by rock critics for bearing much resemblance to pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath, because of the band’s dark, heavy riff-based doom metal sound. Metal Hammer said of the band, “Thought Sabbath had already written all the best riffs? Think again – these guys have some monsters.”[1]
Orchid also draw inspiration from classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd


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  • ieatmidgets

    lol "sign of the witch" that's not even a real gang sign

    25 Jul 5h03 Responder
  • bruno_avilar

    the doom band clearly wanted an un-original name to match their incredibly un-original sound [3]

    22 Jul 22h25 Responder
  • Awfulest

    the doom band clearly wanted an un-original name to match their incredibly un-original sound [2]

    21 Jul 4h18 Responder
  • Ultimaterock86

    I'm for Orchid Doom!

    18 Jul 5h33 Responder
  • Langer_Hans

    You guys heard of Ritual Mess? It's basically Orchid 2.0 with 90% of the original members. Here's their bandcamp, shit is dope.

    17 Jul 6h40 Responder
  • Salvolution

    the doom band clearly wanted an un-original name to match their incredibly un-original sound

    11 Jul 20h27 Responder
  • Humr13

    "Horrible combination.I wonder WHY that happened." Because the "sabbathical doom" Orchid couldn't come up with original name and had to name themselves after a fcking interlude.

    10 Jul 18h13 Responder
  • Chao-G

    "doom Orchid is average at best". I second that. The screamo Orchid is far more memorable than some drab Black Sabbath clone.

    9 Jul 22h15 Responder
  • ieatmidgets

    how many times does Black Sabbath need to happen though, honestly?

    9 Jul 0h33 Responder
  • Mary1Lind

    emo- screamo shit with sabbathical doom Orchid??! Horrible combination.I wonder WHY that happened.

    8 Jul 22h07 Responder
  • Szamot97

    Inb4 "it's emo so it must be shit" commnets. Seriously tho, while doom Orchid is average at best, not doing anything interesting themselves and being just another doom band out there, DIY Orchid did a lot of good stuff for hardcore punk/skramz scene. The winner is pretty obvious here.

    8 Jul 14h04 Responder
  • latifprabowo


    7 Jul 22h58 Responder
  • Trveheimer

    black sabbath shoutbox rules \\m/

    5 Jul 20h17 Responder
  • AprilPhantom

    Melvins is the best DOOP band, DOOP ON leather-wearing matherfuckers.

    3 Jul 21h55 Responder
  • AprilPhantom

    I wipe my asshole after I take a looooooooong messy shit with your iron maiden, manowar, and burzum albums, tough-guy longhair who quoteunquote doesn't listen to fag shit. you want to fit in, just like everyone else.

    3 Jul 21h51 Responder
  • AprilPhantom

    "u, me and some dynamite. dynamite and smoke hearts"

    3 Jul 21h46 Responder
  • AprilPhantom

    i feel bad for the beyond uptight, have a massive stick jammed up there asses metalhead contingent here, they will never get kissed by pretty girls with dyed hair through a pair of black jeans while the feminist skramz-hxc banger group orkidz blares through the loudspeakers. ; (

    3 Jul 21h44 Responder
  • AprilPhantom

    liturgy and deafheaven are bad bands though, orkidz derserves better.

    3 Jul 21h37 Responder
  • Zephral

    i agree with the below post

    1 Jul 17h31 Responder
  • Humr13

    Liturgy and Deafheaven shoutboxes are pretty bad as well

    1 Jul 14h07 Responder
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