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Pink Floyd


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Cambridge, Reino Unido (1965 – 1994)

O Pink Floyd é uma banda inglesa formada na cidade de Cambridge em 1965, inicialmente reconhecida pelo estilo psicodélico e experimental durante sua fase inicial e mais tarde por seu álbuns conceituais, letras filosóficas e concertos extremamente elaborados, com combinações muito originais entre som e imagem em todas as suas fases.

Após a retirada de Syd Barrett a banda teve como líder e compositor,Roger Waters,que criou muitos dos albuns mais conhecidos da banda.A Origem do nome foi dado pelo próprio Barrett,que juntou o nome de dois dos seus artistas favoritos de Blues,criando o nome:Pink Floyd

Um dos conjuntos de maior sucesso na história, a banda vendeu 200 milhões de discos ao redor do mundo, obtendo o recorde de manter por mais tempo um álbum (The Dark Side Of The Moon) no Top 200 da Billboard – 741 semanas consecutivas, ou seja, mais de 14 anos.

Apesar do moderado sucesso nas rádios à fase inicial, o Pink Floyd era uma das bandas mais conhecidas e respeitadas no underground londrino, quando realizava shows memoráveis por sua combinação de sons e luzes, arquitetada pelo então líder Syd Barrett. Algum tempo depois do lançamento do primeiro álbum, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, de 1967, o comportamento imprevisível de Barrett, agravado pelo seu uso abusivo de drogas, forçou seu posterior desligamento. Durante algum tempo ele ainda permaneceu na banda de forma apagada, compondo apenas uma música do disco A Saucerful of Secrets (1968). Barrett, que sofria de diabetes, teve sua situação médica agravada lentamente ao longo dos anos, o que culminou em sua morte por câncer em 2006.


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  • majidtarokh


    3 horas atrás Responder
  • MrShayton


    Ontem 16:45 Responder
  • Mork_Laerer

    Hey buddies, please would you follow on me on Soundcloud? I will really appreciate it!

    Ontem 16:14 Responder
  • middlethoughts

    Cant believe I spent twenty fuckin years of ma life to listen to The Wall.

    Ontem 00:35 Responder
  • Dogger_Dog

    Also, people slamming Endless River aren't contextualizing it properly. Consider that: 1) much of the album was a distant memory nearly 20 years old, 2) its primary contributor is DEAD, requiring creative editing/mixing/mastering to give it a "polished" sound, 3) it was never meant to be a fully produced LP in the classic PF sense, and 4) it's an instrumental album (save 1 track), which is not foreign to PF (much of "More" and "ObC" are the same way). People who line it up next to masterpieces like Animals, DSotM, or even TDB are comparing apples to oranges.

    18 Dez 23h48 Responder
  • Dogger_Dog

    VV Same. I love DSotM so much I put into my will that I want to be cremated along with a copy of it - no joke (and also a copy of Dvorak's 9th symphony). My wife is prepared to execute on that wish, too. I recognize Roger was conducting the interviews that led to the great sound clips for it, and that he came up with the concept of madness/death/despair, but after countless hours of listening and watching everything I can get my hands on related to DSotM, I'm convinced his influence on the record was indeed supported by superb musicianship. Richard's soundscapes are what draws me to that album, not even Gilmour's playing (which is saying something, since that's where DG really started to shine), let alone lyrical contributions. Hell, they could be singing about pink unicorns and I would still think the album is brilliant. And yes, while PF 3.0 dropped off lyrically, I do find the ambience and soundscapes equally as engaging. To each his own, I guess.

    18 Dez 23h47 Responder
  • wayrams


    18 Dez 17h55 Responder
  • JimMorrisonFCB

    100% support to niQboy - one single unit is not responsible for the final sounding - the entire group is.

    17 Dez 22h17 Responder
  • niQboy

    There's no underestimating Waters. The problem is that you're are over-praising the guy while undermining everyone else's creative input that was critical in making these albums what they were. From me he doesn't get any special praise, because in the end he was only 1/4 of this project. Without Roger there wouldn't have been these grand concepts and direction, but without Gilmour, Wright and Mason, there would be no Pink Floyd sound. Also, Gilmour did not have a remarkable playing technique, it was his experimentation with the guitar effects that made him stand out and took the sound to an upper echelon. Your critique towards Endless River is also really futile, because it wasn't supposed to be some kind of grandiose concept, it was just a nice little tribute to Wright. You're over-complicating your argument with all the cryptic mumbo jumbo. Pink Floyd was a musical entity comprised of people, not a single mastermind.

    17 Dez 20h58 Responder
  • Assedor

    It is unfortunate that Roger Waters is underestimated. Connoisseurs know that without him Pink Floyd has not released a single concept album in the post Roger Waters era. Roger Waters was a composer, conceptualist and mastermind of Pink Floyd. David Gilmour is a talented performer equipped with excellent playing technique, but he is not conceptualist of Pink Floyd. „The Endless River“: the new album of Pink Floyd is as a slap in the river of time. Gilmore presents the present time in the best case as the century of higher technological advances, but not a source of an inspiration. He did not conceptualize the present time - he comprehends that moment, when the time for the last time mattered to his music. However, what to do else more than to be engaged in on very quiet banks of the river...

    17 Dez 15h13 Responder
  • niQboy

    @meninoestranho: Pink Floyd only worked when it worked as a unit. Waters might have been credited as composing most of the songs on DSOTM for example, but the overall soundscape was born from an intense collaborative process. Saying that Waters was some kind of mastermind genius is an insult to everyone else involved, not the least of which Alan Parsons, who is a brilliant engineer. My favorite songs from DSOTM are Breathe, Great Gig, Us and Them and Colour, which turned out to be the songs Waters had the least creative input on, so go figure.

    17 Dez 1h51 Responder
  • alena7154

    Просто лучшие.

    16 Dez 23h04 Responder
  • Voidum

    What about mr. Wright?

    16 Dez 22h43 Responder
  • meninoestranho

    Sorry, but there are only one God and he is Roger Waters. The proof are the largest and best albums of this band that were mostly composed by Roger, but I'm not a Gilmour hater.

    16 Dez 22h17 Responder
  • letl0vebe

    yay yay yay yay

    16 Dez 21h34 Responder
  • niQboy

    one of the biggest sorrows in my life it's never seen this band live [2] I would have loved to see them pre DSOTM era. '72-73.

    15 Dez 23h57 Responder
  • muerto14

    David Gilmour = GOD

    15 Dez 18h05 Responder
  • Sad_florenthine

    The new album isn't bad at all, it's heavenly gift for us!

    15 Dez 6h11 Responder
  • Mork_Laerer

    Hey buddies, please would you follow me on Soundcloud? I'll really appreciate it!

    14 Dez 18h54 Responder
  • Instrumedley

    one of the biggest sorrows in my life it's never seen this band live :(

    14 Dez 12h10 Responder
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