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Very few things speak louder than progressive passion and at only 24 years of age, Sadistik has quickly become one of the most innovative new artists to display that passion from the underground hip-hop scene, mainly due to his emphasis on artistic innovation rather than the oh-so-common ego-driven bravado. By crafting a sound that is uniquely his own with intricately woven rhymes that are both emotionally resounding and technically innovative, Sadistik has been garnering new fans since the release of his debut album “The Balancing Act. ” This record has been heralded by many critics for its beautifully composed production (mainly headed by Emancipator) and fearlessly emotional potency because “after you are done listening to you feel as though you have the world’s strongest drug in your veins” ( Following both the critical and independent success of “The Balancing Act” was the release of the music video for the single titled “Searching for Some Beautiful” which also received an extremely positive response from both fans and new listeners alike and was rewarded with its acceptance into MTVu. Sadistik’s efforts are not limited to recordings, however, as he can be found performing his intimate yet energetic shows around his home of Seattle and around various cities in the United States. Sadistik has played shows with artists such as: Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse, CAGE, D-12, Eyedea & Abilities, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mac Lethal, etc.


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  • Svvarg

    Ластфм блядь, хуле я узнаю про новый альбом только сейчас, и то не от тебя? А? ахуеть блядь.

    2 Set 15h34 Responder
  • st_schneider

    The fire's only half dead, how many angels can you fit on a match head? Count them. Try to start a fire. Do it. Turn the volume down or write a song to her movement

    15 Ago 10h51 Responder
  • Jeeenyus

    How far does this rabbithole go...

    10 Ago 21h15 Responder
  • BloodOnLeaves

    Sad Vicious

    5 Ago 10h32 Responder
  • FrankyRey

    Gotdamn the production on Orange is fucking immaculate.

    18 Jul 7h32 Responder
  • FrankyRey

    All the best rappers are white.

    18 Jul 7h11 Responder
  • ClothesOptional

    not that its good but i cant take it seriously cause hes white

    16 Jul 7h29 Responder
  • DriedNoodles


    13 Jul 9h20 Responder
  • Haddonfield69

    Quick review at

    11 Jul 8h47 Responder
  • BlackMetallizer

    Album of the year.

    9 Jul 9h06 Responder
  • Jeeenyus

    so good.

    8 Jul 4h45 Responder
  • vince_1523

    Huge release!

    5 Jul 18h55 Responder
  • gorpan

    круче кейджа

    5 Jul 18h42 Responder
  • BlackMetallizer

    1984 kills

    4 Jul 22h54 Responder
  • uh_oh_jlm

    Ultraviolet is moody as fuck but ultimately makes me feel better when I listen to it. What does that say about me? (Besides the fact that I like good music? ;-))

    3 Jul 2h29 Responder
  • BloodOnLeaves

    Ultraviolet sounds good, cloudy-trap-ish beats, enjoying it a lot.

    1 Jul 11h33 Responder

    Ultraviolet is incredible, 2014 seems to be the year of great hip hop mood albums

    29 Jun 19h01 Responder
  • n9ne1501

    He did it again, this album is amazing. Different from the rest like the always. I was worrying about him going more into trap after Cult Leader, but production is amazing here!

    27 Jun 16h02 Responder
  • AColdDayInHell

    Can't forget the EP with AKCC, that shit was tight as well.

    27 Jun 10h44 Responder
  • AColdDayInHell

    New album is really really good. I was expecting to be let down since I was afraid that he was moving way too much towards a more experimental or maybe abstract type of hip-hop when I heard Cult Leader and 1984, but those songs really grew on me, and the rest of the album has this very special vibe. Yes, I prefer the deeply emotional and sad vibes on The Balancing Act, whilst Flowers For My Father felt a bit transitional, and Ultraviolet... Well, it feels a lot more... dark. TBA was melancholic and sad, this is more dark and just... it sounds like an album I should listen to during a rainy night in the city, watching the neon signs in the windows of stores. So it's darker, and it has a different kind of production, but at the same time, the songs are still emotional, just in a different way than in TBA, and I feel like he released the worst songs first, sooo.

    27 Jun 10h43 Responder
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