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Soen é um projeto do ex baterista do opeth, Martin Lopez.

Joel Ekelöf - Vocals
Kim Platbarzdis - Guitars
Steve Digiorgio - Bass
Martin Lopez - Drums


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  • DrStrangeIove

    Cognitive has so much nice ideas... i rly rly love 60-70% of this album but hate the rest... too many kitchy meldies. The most refrains are totally destroyng this album 4 me... very sad.

    7 horas atrás Responder
  • mudakukk

    I think the vibe of music is why they go in the same bucket with Tool. They both have very ballsy drum and aggressive bass parts, but the live in different realm melodic-wise. I also kinda like the fact that Soen has more scooped and plucked sounding bass while Tool has tone and mids cranked up.

    16 Nov 17h51 Responder
  • Pelleke

    The new album is brilliant! I love the album art too!

    16 Nov 16h37 Responder
  • 4_miko

    Never gave this band enough attention and that's a shame.. absolutely love the new album!

    14 Nov 21h57 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Seems I was right, definitely enjoying Tellurian more than I first thought I would...will see which track stands out when I can buy it in lossless listening, it sounds a touch squashed in mp3 compared to most albums.

    13 Nov 16h33 Responder
  • pawelzigii - polish review of Tellurian.

    11 Nov 15h55 Responder
  • Bought_New_Soul

    I had to make a choice between their new album and Pink Floyd's new album...I went with Floyd, but will save my pennies and come back for this one!

    11 Nov 11h36 Responder
  • Divlyfein

    Love the new album. This band does not disappoint me.

    10 Nov 0h24 Responder
  • mhbrugman

    Can anyone comment on the sound of the vinyl version?

    6 Nov 21h27 Responder
  • mhbrugman

    Very nicely done, but the mixing is a bit crushed

    6 Nov 21h23 Responder
  • AndreMarques

    Getting into Tellurian!

    5 Nov 11h52 Responder
  • Alephnumber

    a new favorites

    4 Nov 18h15 Responder
  • pawelzigii

    New album available on Spotify.

    3 Nov 19h35 Responder
  • Failure2Conform

    Tellurian is a much better album than Cognitive overall. It seems to flow better from start to finish. I love these guys. Honest and thoughtful music coming from some amazing musicians.

    2 Nov 20h30 Responder
  • knight_88

    New album is fucking fantastic!

    2 Nov 19h25 Responder
  • alettertoocean

    Tellurian is a worthy successor to Cognitive.

    2 Nov 13h07 Responder
  • Iceval

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    2 Nov 2h53 Responder
  • Hermes3megisto

    Tellurian's much better than Cognitive really was. Opeth+Tool in Powder... you put some water with... but, well, it's not bad for autumn times! Cheers

    1 Nov 21h51 Responder
  • Willliamson

    новый альбом хорош

    31 Out 11h43 Responder
  • bjeer

    A couple of spins and I'm terribly bored. What a shame, the album is actually quite solid, but unfortunately lacks the overarching catchiness and energy that marked Cognitive.

    31 Out 11h38 Responder
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