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Soen é um projeto do ex baterista do opeth, Martin Lopez.

Joel Ekelöf - Vocals
Kim Platbarzdis - Guitars
Steve Digiorgio - Bass
Martin Lopez - Drums


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  • Demoliti0n

    tool is more than a band, it's a genre. also steve di giorgio fretless bass sounds great

    19 Jul 10h07 Responder
  • Piewl

    This also makes me realise Martin was a big reason to why I loved Ghost Reveries so much.

    21 Jun 19h25 Responder
  • Piewl

    Martin Lopez deserves some mad cred. One of the biggest reasons I started drumming and sub-sequentially music.

    21 Jun 19h24 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Aaaaaand a second album was recorded quietly! Made my day!

    17 Jun 17h21 Responder
  • Eol_

    It's like Tool but without being experimental. The music is pretty good but the album seems empty.

    17 Jun 13h07 Responder
  • mark4all

    Ого го, до чего ж круто. Вылитый "Инструмент" !

    7 Mai 7h36 Responder
  • darkgnome

    "Aesthetically resembles Tool, but if you listen to it closely you'll notice it's actually more technical than Tool." No shit :DD

    5 Mai 13h39 Responder
  • kereealazer

    Savia sounds so much like a Tool/A Perfect Circle song. It's amazing.

    1 Mai 18h03 Responder
  • VrodeDasha

    Неймовірна музика для поціновувачів

    23 Abr 10h16 Responder
  • jesterkp

    Tool fans needed this band.

    19 Abr 5h19 Responder

    Great Jams

    14 Abr 22h22 Responder
  • no_delay

    Шикарное звучание, отменный вокал и тексты. Как будто взяли самое лучшее из Tool и Katatonia. Воистину, давно такой годноты не слушала :3

    9 Mar 19h30 Responder
  • glowcoma

    nice music and awesome lyrics and matin lopez. \m/

    7 Mar 23h20 Responder
  • Poisonnation

    I'm hearing similarities with mostly Tool, but also some Opeth and Riverside mixed in too.

    5 Mar 20h20 Responder
  • ach_mein_gott

    FYI Tool ripped off this band.

    2 Mar 11h54 Responder
  • jaxelr

    "ZOMG i noticed they sound like Tool!!!" I think Mr. Lopez thought he could get away with rehashing tons of that Tool vibe, it would be less obvious if the vocalist didnt tried so hard to pull the damn Maynard wailings...even the album cover reminds me of Lateralus!!! And cmon if youre gonna do this and you by random luck chance have the master DiGiorgio with you, let him drive your songs!!!

    24 Fev 4h04 Responder
  • tfaaon

    "Aesthetically resembles Tool, but if you listen to it closely you'll notice it's actually more technical than Tool. " Well dude, 10.000 Days and Lateralus are probably as technical as this album.

    23 Fev 17h19 Responder
  • ShantraNoxa

    Cool! C'est bon groupe.

    11 Fev 15h06 Responder
  • RKozerenko

    Very nice!

    30 Jan 16h27 Responder
  • niQboy

    This is pretty epic, sounds like a symbiosis between Riverside and Tool. Haven't heard of Lopez in a while, it's great to see he's still active. One of the best drummers ever.

    26 Jan 7h52 Responder
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