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Sparks é uma banda estadunidense de rock/pop formada em Los Angeles, em 1970 pelos irmãos Ron (teclado) e Russell Mael (vocais). O primeiro nome da banda foi Halfnelson.

A história dos Sparks tem cinco décadas, da chegada no final dos anos anos 60, da experimentação eletrônica no final dos anos 70, e estourando completamente no começo dos anos 80 nos E.U.A , e retornando nos anos 90.

Os irmãos Ron e Russell Mael cresceram em Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, fizeram vários hits mas o mais destacado é “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us” que foi regravado pela banda British Whale.

Detalhe importante: As capas dos álbuns são um “show à parte”, confira.


1971 Sparks/Halfnelson
1972 A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing
1974 Kimono My House
1974 Propaganda
1975 Indiscreet
1976 Big Beat
1977 Introducing Sparks
1979 No. 1 In Heaven
1980 Terminal Jive
1981 Whomp That Sucker
1982 Angst in My Pants
1983 In Outer Space
1984 Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat
1986 Music That You Can Dance To
1988 Interior Design
1994 Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins
1998 Plagiarism
2000 Balls
2002 Lil’ Beethoven
2006 Hello Young Lovers
2008 Exotic Creatures of the Deep
2009 The seduction of Ingmar Bergman


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  • Jijifranko

    I'm convinced that if the Mael brothers were melded into a single entity the result would be Benedict Cumberbatch. [3] - Ta, previous account. I still agree with myself.

    12 Jul 16h16 Responder
  • sexandnoise

    6 Jul 15h08 Responder
  • songfactslastfm

    "Jagger, at that time fully bearded, took me to one end of the control room and erratically strummed an acoustic guitar in my ear." - An erstwhile member of Sparks, Jet and Radio Stars, Martin Gordon shares some fascinating stories from across his 40 years in music, including what he got up to in Paris with The Rolling Stones in '79:

    18 Jun 11h20 Responder
  • ohsweatyhands

    you can't JUST listen to the music. you can't JUST listen to the words. You have to take everything in at the same time or you're going to miss something really fun! [2]

    18 Mai 17h59 Responder
  • zoraxx

    you can't JUST listen to the music. you can't JUST listen to the words. You have to take everything in at the same time or you're going to miss something really fun!

    11 Mai 23h32 Responder
  • Rissacakes

    Still the loves of my life.

    28 Abr 7h00 Responder
  • heidavey I made a Sparks Soundrop room - If you have Soundrop, come visit, add tracks, vote up your favourites.

    31 Mar 9h46 Responder
  • MAJ9696

    Oh man, I really hope there's a summer tour. I sadly missed out on the two hands one mouth tour. Really excited for the new Sparks album(s)!

    1 Mar 6h50 Responder
  • Steambull

    Oh - excellent! o/'s news section isn't updated that frequently, maybe I should read the forums more carefully for news.

    28 Fev 6h49 Responder
  • AledMCR

    Also there's talk of a summer tour.

    27 Fev 23h26 Responder
  • AledMCR

    Well it's already been revealed that they're recording an album with Franz Ferdinand and that their next studio album (the one with the as-of-yet unknown narrative) is also due this year. So there's another 2 albums, at least!

    27 Fev 23h25 Responder
  • Steambull

    They've done it all, in ways that no other popular music act has. Perhaps the release of the box set is a sign of retirement? Or will they surprise us once more, like they did so many times during the last 10 years?

    26 Fev 0h59 Responder

    I want 83 new albums

    25 Fev 16h27 Responder
  • Rissacakes

    Sparks are still the absolute kings of my world. Once you fall in love with them, you'll be a lifer.

    19 Fev 6h35 Responder
  • DamienAThornton

    I'm convinced that if one melded the Mael brothers into a single entity the result would be Benedict Cumberbatch. [2]

    14 Fev 3h08 Responder
  • slonoedov

    ААА лук ат ми нау филлин эмоушэн ААА лук ат ми нау лук ат ми нау

    6 Fev 16h53 Responder
  • HaHaHaYoureDead

    какой чертовски интересный музон, ничем не хуже боуи, жаль только, что находится в тени.

    1 Fev 12h35 Responder
  • helvettt

    Their self-titled album is a masterpiece. On top level with Queen and Roxy Music.

    31 Jan 3h46 Responder
  • retro_trash

    @MgrQuetzal: There is a resemblance, I never noticed!

    27 Jan 0h39 Responder
  • Nakkinak

    a band like a Tezuka comic

    15 Jan 1h31 Responder
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