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Sun Kil Moon


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Sun Kil Moon é o atual projeto do cantor e compositor Mark Kozelek, mais conhecido pela sua antiga banda, os Red House Painters. Em Sun Kil Moon, Kozelek se encarrega de todas letras, composições, vocais e violão, acompanhado por Tim Mooney e Anthony Koutsos (outro membro dos Red House Painters) na bateria, e Geoff Stanfield no baixo. O nome da banda veio do boxeador coreano Moon Sung-Kil.


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  • metaldiscussor

    @TENxTEN lol dude you are really anal retentive about me. I get what you're saying though but I'm am rude and I have no manners because fuck people. you seem cool though I get what you're saying. people just annoy me sometimes.

    Ontem 17:08 Responder

    @TENxTEN Who is "everyone" when you suggest that "everyone only knows benji"? Are you referring to the few little comments left on Last.FM about people discussing the newest album or the ones discussing his "feud" that he kept going? This type of thing happens all the time when an artist has a breakthrough album and new listeners don't dwell into their back catalog immediately. There are better ways to suggest to new listeners about an artist's back catalog than just rambling on and on about how they suck and how you knew them first and how the new listeners are "pitchfork drones". I mean it's very obvious that you're someone who wants to be completely different from everyone else and now that this artist is getting a little bit of attention for a new release and a stupid internet feud, you're upset that new listeners aren't as dedicated as you are. Lol get over it man and be happy he is getting attention and people are listening to his music even if it his newest album only.

    27 Nov 0h55 Responder
  • metaldiscussor

    @TENxTEN I wouldn't care about knowing it before other people if it weren't for the fact that everyone only knows benji and thinks that benji is his first opus. It's just retarded. It happened with swans too. I am a big fan of swans early material and then he came out with the seer and too be kind and now everyone is all about that shit and no one even thinks that they did anything before that. It's just obnoxious and retarded and I could give a fuck about how big of a "fan" I am of these bands. That's not even what is bothering me.

    26 Nov 17h07 Responder

    @metaldiscussor But dude, the shitty negative attention is brought in by the "feud" he kept going for a while. I'm not familiar with his music, and certainly don't hate it, and I think all the songs he put out and troll comments are all very funny, but you can't act like he didn't bring all the attention to himself. These are the things that happen. Without sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum, he wouldn't have had an outlet to keep giving them more articles to write about his "feud". I understand what you're saying about people taking it too seriously but you're coming across like "I LIKED IT FIRST AND NOW IT'S GETTING SOME ATTENTION SO I HAVE TO ANNOUNCE HOW MUCH MORE OF A FAN I AM THAN THESE POSERS." I personally hope there are more funny songs to come. I think you're taking it all more seriously than Mark Kozolek himself. Lol. At least he's laughing it all off and not coming across like a moody teenager whose favorite band got their first radio hit like you are. Lol no offense.

    26 Nov 4h07 Responder
  • metaldiscussor

    @TENxTEN I just get tired of all the shitty negative attention getting drawn to sun kil moon. I don't want to be associated with a pitchfork drone either because sun kil moon is one of my favorite artists and I will always be better than a pitchfork drone.

    25 Nov 1h29 Responder
  • Blvd_Nights

    Adam Granofsky Blues is hilarious [2] The Possum is an awesome track too.

    21 Nov 15h16 Responder

    "you people probably never heard of red house painters and you're just pitchfork drones who think that benji is his first good album. fuck off. Mark Kozelek is probably angry because he hates you. I fully support him and I love Sun Kil Moon as much as ever. " LOL wow... okay we get it, you discovered Sun Kill Moon first and are a way bigger fan than anyone else. Fuck Pitchfork for bringing in a ton of exposure and new fans who are totally not and never will be as big of a fan as you who definitely discovered Sun Kill Moon years ago! Fuckin' posers, right?

    13 Nov 3h54 Responder
  • Edutainment

    yeah. its winter again

    11 Nov 22h25 Responder
  • Eddie_Gonzalez

    made three albums took 'em nine fuckin years

    8 Nov 22h02 Responder
  • willett25

    "Carry Me Ohio" serves as a beautiful starting point to this dynamic playlist. Check it out here!-

    7 Nov 5h09 Responder
  • eitzenchemical

    no cocksucking [2]

    3 Nov 18h37 Responder
  • colderskin

    no musicality [2]

    3 Nov 18h27 Responder
  • sasha90s

    oh my account was made for spreading my butthurt in a different shoutboxes, you should take me serious because this is serious, even though i have no personality and just type for 10 minutes while jerking to my 43 artists library.... LASTFM

    1 Nov 5h53 Responder
  • Massive_Anus

    Adam Granofsky Blues is hilarious

    30 Out 13h12 Responder
  • spose

    Similar artists - The War On Drugs.

    30 Out 1h35 Responder
  • WillemKauf

    Suck my cock

    26 Out 23h24 Responder
  • KevinVillage

    in the song Micheline, is Mark implying that the thug and his father murdered Micheline?

    22 Out 13h31 Responder
  • roope

    you need to hear this album if you haven't already

    21 Out 11h12 Responder
  • nubs37

    oh my family member died from being a truck should take me serious because this is serious, even though i have no musicality and just talk for 10 minutes per track...MUSIC

    21 Out 2h46 Responder
  • rewinddude

    Lol @ war on drugs in similar artists

    15 Out 17h39 Responder
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