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Sun Kil Moon


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Sun Kil Moon é o atual projeto do cantor e compositor Mark Kozelek, mais conhecido pela sua antiga banda, os Red House Painters. Em Sun Kil Moon, Kozelek se encarrega de todas letras, composições, vocais e violão, acompanhado por Tim Mooney e Anthony Koutsos (outro membro dos Red House Painters) na bateria, e Geoff Stanfield no baixo. O nome da banda veio do boxeador coreano Moon Sung-Kil.


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  • Sameh93

    I love how people have this idea that you have to be able to relate to something as personal as this to enjoy it. What a crock of shit.

    Ontem 21:10 Responder
  • micahnewman

    Someone say Koz stories? Well, I don't know about "story," but.. I saw Mark play solo at the Cactus Cafe in Austin some ten years ago or so, and he seemed what you'd expect - bashful and all. Someone was trying to video and he told them, politely, to turn it off. He said something to the effect that that was probably going to end up on the web and outside his control. He ended all his songs kind of abruptly, like he was trying to forestall as much awkwardness as possible. But at one point in between songs he was kinda noodling and I shouted out "Down Through!" and he launched right into it. :-) Warm fuzzies.

    16 Abr 5h23 Responder
  • machine_elves

    "Mary Anne was my first fuck. She slide down between my legs and oh my god she could suck." - I can't believe its the same person who wrote the brillian Katy's Song in Red House Painters [2] why? because Mark Kozelek is a guy not known for controversially bleak/honest/shocking lyrics? have you ever listened to "Medicine Bottle"???

    16 Abr 4h49 Responder
  • eitzenchemical

    with all my love to Red House Painters, it was hard to get into Sun Kil Moon. finally, first listening of 'Benji'. first 2 songs are already impressive, 3rd is playing right now. sup, Marky Mark listeners.

    13 Abr 16h14 Responder
  • roope

    "Helsinki is cancelled due to malfunction in PA system and a disoriented sound engineer and staff." Weekend ruined.

    13 Abr 15h00 Responder
  • ShipDestroyer

    @phil_colons i don't think you got it

    9 Abr 4h10 Responder
  • phil_colons

    Finished listening to Benji 10 minutes ago. Noose ready to go, about to kick out the stool. So long!

    8 Abr 3h07 Responder
  • KevinVillage

    what edgfes

    7 Abr 6h04 Responder
  • CallaRann

    @KevinVillage - Don't cut yourself on those edges.

    6 Abr 17h19 Responder
  • KevinVillage

    i'm a spick, but i can still relate. white males are still scum though

    6 Abr 6h07 Responder
  • chrononauts

    i wasn't being facetious i seriously love this album because it appeals to me as a sad white guy

    6 Abr 5h49 Responder
  • KevinVillage

    white males are the scum of the earth though

    5 Abr 22h06 Responder
  • nostalgia-rush

    i remember when it was still cool to make fun of white males. good ol 2009.

    5 Abr 18h38 Responder
  • chrononauts

    i love this band and album because i'm a whiny white male pissbaby

    5 Abr 10h56 Responder
  • nostalgia-rush

    this trendy music is my favorite instagram filter. cool kids only

    5 Abr 1h56 Responder
  • J-u-l-i-a

    "Mary Anne was my first fuck. She slide down between my legs and oh my god she could suck." - I can't believe its the same person who wrote the brillian Katy's Song in Red House Painters [2]

    3 Abr 15h31 Responder
  • KevinVillage

    i've heard that Koz is a total ass IRL. anybody got any funny stories to share?

    2 Abr 6h59 Responder
  • Groves89

    I don't understand why the album is so polarizing.

    2 Abr 0h45 Responder
  • MichaelSnoxall

    @neonsleep: you're on a musical discussion forum, don't like people discussing views on the album? Get over it!

    1 Abr 7h11 Responder
  • EndOfNovember

    "And I live by that rule / Your trip is your trip and my trip is my trip too / Yeah, I'll mind my own business"

    1 Abr 3h37 Responder
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