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The Devil's Blood


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The Devil’s Blood foi uma banda de occult rock da Holanda, formada em 2007.
“We will serve you with what can best be described as a Satanic Ritual in which crowd participation becomes pivotal. You will wear our blood, you will taste our hunger, you will devour our spiritual release. Although far above you and unattainable for you in the current stages of your evolution, We, the acolytes of His immortal will, welcome you to join us in a night of violence, substance abuse, love and hate.’‘


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  • crystal-magic


    18 Abr 17h48 Responder
  • XHS207GA

    15 Abr 22h21 Responder
  • Tuberkulloosi

    "Psychedelic? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha" listen to Epicentre and you will understand, brahs. R.I.P. Lemouchi. It's such a shame I could never see 'em live.

    30 Mar 15h35 Responder
  • cats_ist_krieg

    Ok, so I watched a few interviews. Suicide, no doubt. K thnx.

    28 Mar 23h37 Responder
  • cats_ist_krieg

    Anyone knows the cause of death?

    27 Mar 22h36 Responder

    "R.I.C" you can't be serious.

    20 Mar 10h20 Responder
  • clarissafonseca This was just posted on Urfaust's facebook page. In Memoriam Selim Lemouchi 1980-2014. Music & Lyrics: Selim Lemouchi / The Devil's Blood. Lettering: Max Rovers. Video: Jérôme Siegelaer. Duration: 22.22

    19 Mar 10h53 Responder
  • Legioona

    jon nödtveidt never wanted your tears.

    18 Mar 14h15 Responder
  • SlaveOfN1l

    What the actual fuck is going on in here?

    18 Mar 2h54 Responder
  • versionfiv

    i will post whatever i want wherever i want. and you and people like you with similar ignorant views have nothing to do with why i do or don't. this isn't a private website, it's open to the public. if you can't deal with that, leave. furthermore, why does what i say affect you so deeply? why do you care? we've never met. strangers shouldn't matter to you because they have no impact on your life whatsoever unless you allow them to. ignore what i say or add me to your block list if you hate what i say so much, and move on if you're so above it. i wasn't even replying to you. i've seen your posts on this website before and all you do here is spew negative crap and contribute nothing. you don't even scrobble music, except for a few bands to boost up your image when you joined. there's no reason for you to be on this website, you don't utilize it for anything but spewing crap and pseudo macho chestpuff B.S... internet tough guys are adorably entertaining.

    12 Mar 20h52 Responder
  • eidole

    v This.

    9 Mar 15h13 Responder
  • WelcomeToHell-

    Nobody gives a shit about your mental health, how many times you've nearly died or anything related to you, so just stop bothering and writing bullshit in every fucking shoutbox. Back to the topic of course, Selim, R.I.C.!

    8 Mar 17h43 Responder
  • versionfiv

    "sooner or later death will put your stoicism to the test" i don't understand what that means. two of my closest friends have commited suicide, i've nearly died 4 times and i've been reckless about my mental and physical health for 10 years. i'm on borrowed time and am waiting for my ticket to finally be called. maybe all that has nothing to do with what you said, because i don't understand what you meant.

    8 Mar 3h01 Responder
  • Pur3_Yol0caust

    One of the few that brought something new to all those shitty retro style bands. Another great musician that passed away way to early...

    7 Mar 23h09 Responder
  • BloodDiner

    What. The. Fuck.

    7 Mar 14h33 Responder
  • Gahkshnaia

    R.I.C. Selim. See you on the other side.

    7 Mar 13h07 Responder
  • DVTN

    Deep gratitude towards Selim for his work in The Devil's Blood. Genuine magic:

    6 Mar 23h42 Responder
  • DVTN

    you guys are kind of idiots to be sad. its just the way of things. <--- True, but sooner or later death will put your stoicism to the test. In any case, it's only natural that those close to Selim (close friends and family) will feel the pain of his departure.

    6 Mar 23h40 Responder
  • Chaosophia218

    Safe travels, Brother.. To the Death!

    6 Mar 20h35 Responder
  • Samoroth

    I'll never forget how you threw blood into my face, many years ago, when I was much younger. R.I.P.

    6 Mar 10h59 Responder
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