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Twin Shadow


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Twin Shadow é uma banda norte-americana de indie-rock/synth pop originária do Brooklyn formada por George Lewis Jr. Com vocais que lembram Morrissey e com o som remetente aos anos 80, o primeiro disco, Forget (2010), chamou muito a atenção dos críticos de publicações como pitchfork, stereogum e gorilla vs bear.


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  • Hien-divided

    he used to be that new cool fresh act [2]

    4 Jun 23h26 Responder
  • Offino

    he used to be that new cool fresh act

    1 Jun 0h39 Responder
  • Der_SchwarzMann


    6 Mai 0h38 Responder
  • r_ocketqueen

    Flatliners ♥

    2 Mai 0h46 Responder
  • r_ocketqueen

    I like the new album. You guys are so zzZzZ

    2 Mai 0h46 Responder
  • petter-

    Haven't listened to Twin Shadow since his first album came out but this Eclipse album is from a different band with same name right?

    1 Mai 10h39 Responder
  • fancyfootwork80

    @sacason: you sound so experienced dude.

    24 Abr 17h02 Responder
  • sacason

    Y'all need to grow up

    22 Abr 4h25 Responder
  • Stefanszz

    Yeah... I'm officially now one of those people who say, "I remember when that band was good and weren't sellouts yet". Okay, I really don't know just how much of a sellout he is, that's pretty big speculation, and not really my topic here. I'm just kinda sad seeing him veer towards more pop-oriented anthems, and yes, somehow even cornier lyrics about love. I miss tracks like 5 Seconds that were fueled heavily by synth fused guitar riffs. Don't get me wrong, his instrumentals aren't the worst on this album, not by far, (See 'Watch Me Go' and 'New Love/Old Love') but they really do feel a bit more radio/mainstream oriented. On the positive there are a few really good tracks, and his vocals are still as amazing as usual. No big surprise there. It's not like I hate it, just a bit disappointed. I totally understand if people like this album, though. It definitely has an appeal. Just... not exactly for me is all.

    19 Abr 22h56 Responder
  • seyma__

    First time listener here. I like the songs individually, kind of flashy yes but they don't sound completely empty or trashy to me. However, if the lyrics were stronger and there was a more defined sound this could have been refreshing instead of sounding flat.

    19 Abr 12h41 Responder
  • victimofkratina

    He was a one hit wonder with the track Slow anyways.

    17 Abr 0h28 Responder
  • joaovsg

    fuckin bitches

    15 Abr 16h22 Responder
  • diadasbruxas

    RIP Twin Shadow [2]

    15 Abr 2h27 Responder
  • dwarves

    anyone defending the new album, with the exception of old love/newlove is retarded and needs he lp

    13 Abr 18h12 Responder
  • Blvd_Nights

    No, I'm just sad because it's a bad record.

    13 Abr 17h33 Responder
  • meltychocolate

    The new album is great... Y'all are just sad because it's drastically different from Forget and Confess It was recorded before he was signed to WB, so y'all can't blame everything on the mainstream label

    13 Abr 2h49 Responder
  • my_surfboard

    Confess is beautiful in some parts, while others you can pretty much take or leave. it's got my psyched to hear what this apparently overly poppy newer album sounds like.

    9 Abr 23h32 Responder
  • BrunoFruhling

    confess own you bitches

    7 Abr 16h50 Responder
  • dwarves

    "’s possible, if you squint, to imagine it playing alongside One Direction (a huge compliment, in this case)."

    5 Abr 3h37 Responder
  • SlashBeastleo

    RIP Twin Shadow

    2 Abr 20h19 Responder
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