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  • mtb0minime

    Thanks so much for the link to the interview with HC. I'm only part-way through it but already feel inspired. To see that even a trained musician with decades of experience and practice had trouble getting ideas out of his head; it's nice to know that this doesn't just happen to inexperienced untrained folk like me haha. And creating music as a want and not a need, and that it's not his "job"; as someone who has avoided getting a job doing something creative I love, this is also comforting to know. :)

    Ontem 22:43 Responder
  • bhairav

    21 Abr 2h23 Responder
  • Woodawgy

    "Hey Brock, is it possible to get an ETA on your next release?" Considering he has been releasing at least 4 albums per year going back to 2011 I'd say chances are pretty high you can expect something in the near future. He already has 2 stunners in 2014. I'd say he deserves a break. We dont want the man to burnout. ;)

    9 Abr 10h34 Responder
  • c0ax

    Альбом A Careful Ecstasy, никогда не надоест.

    30 Mar 21h49 Responder
  • BassExtractor

    Hey Brock, is it possible to get an ETA on your next release? Kinda crawing to hear it. Your latest albums has been absolutely stunning, imo Selected ambient works doesn't even touch the level your albums are standing on.

    29 Mar 11h30 Responder
  • Cat_007

    damn, its awesome thing that I only heard. this is the real creativity...a work of art....

    25 Mar 8h48 Responder
  • new_sense

    очень сильные композиции. Под них очень хорошо думать и засыпать. Очень красиво. Большое спасибо за творчество

    18 Mar 23h22 Responder
  • bvdub

    well damn man, that's a huge compliment, thank you very much :) deeply appreciated. means a lot it could mean that much to you... 'cause it does to me too. thanks :)

    10 Mar 12h37 Responder
  • kazomester

    Thx for the quick answer :) Btw "Home" is the 2nd greatest ambient album of my life (after Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works).

    10 Mar 11h16 Responder
  • bvdub

    no i do not ;) i have never heard them, nor did i lift the vocals from them - and their 'feat'. whoever is misleading, those are both public domain vocals, that person did not work with that vocalist, nor were the vocals made for those tracks. i use any number of vocals - from public domain ones, to vocalists i work with especially for tracks, to friends of mine and even my students (as some know) - sometimes mixing all of them together, actually. i've been collecting and recording vocals for 10+ years, and just flow with what feels right. i don't worry about anything else - nor do i listen to whatever the hell that was in my free time ;)

    9 Mar 7h01 Responder
  • WPDmusic

    @BassExtractor: That's actually one of my favorites! :P

    9 Mar 2h20 Responder
  • WiTHiNt

    @mtb0minime: lol :D nice one

    8 Mar 11h19 Responder
  • kazomester

    Can you recognize the vocals? :P Funny songs :D Brock, do you really listen to these type of songs in your freetime? (No offense bro).

    8 Mar 10h40 Responder
  • BassExtractor

    All is forgiven is perfect for you then=) WPDmusic

    8 Mar 0h39 Responder
  • WPDmusic

    Home is an album that will require many listens to truly digest. So far my favorites are "Mountains Will Keep Your Secrets" and "I Wish I Could Say More Than This." Loving the more stripped down approach in contrast to Born in Tokyo, I'll Only Break Your Heart, etc. Not quite sold on the huge, ringy pad washes that close out a number of tracks, however. Personally I prefer Brock's melodic side.

    7 Mar 15h56 Responder
  • kazomester

    Yeah, it was obviously sarcasm...

    26 Fev 6h14 Responder
  • regressionline

    i hope so haha

    26 Fev 4h50 Responder
  • Electrofreaks

    I presumed mtb0minime post was a parody???

    25 Fev 17h44 Responder
  • Night_Driver

    A collaboration with Lisa Gerard would be perfect

    24 Fev 16h27 Responder
  • regressionline

    @mtb0minime: some people like reverb female vocals, and some people like trite lyrics. sounds like you need yourself some acoustic black-eyed peas

    24 Fev 4h58 Responder
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