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  • Cat_007

    awesome tunes...need more more and more

    30 Set 9h43 Responder
  • Woodawgy

    A History Of Distance is another stunning release. No surprise. The man is making this (producing quality music) look too easy. :)

    29 Set 14h03 Responder
  • Night_Driver

    Excerpt from live performance with orchestra in Poland click

    29 Set 10h30 Responder
  • Night_Driver

    2014 radio interview with Bvdub

    29 Set 10h29 Responder
  • kazomester

    We thank you for the great music! :)

    26 Set 5h05 Responder
  • bvdub

    thanks all for the inspiring kindness, really appreciated :)

    24 Set 4h24 Responder
  • Pampararampam

    Love from Poland. Your concert with orchestra from last week it's the best evening in my life.

    23 Set 18h38 Responder
  • xmattj916x

    After A History of Distance and I'll Only Break Your Heart, they might as well just put this fool on the cover of a Wheaties Box and get it over with. He's the man. He just is. He makes 90% of modern day artists look like complete slackers. Currently my favorite artist by a long shot. F- the haters.

    17 Set 4h58 Responder
  • surajsharma

    love this sonofabitch, history of distance is every bit as fulfilling as i expected it!

    15 Set 7h46 Responder
  • bhairav

    I had to give it four or five full listens to sink in all the way, but 'A History of Distance' is sooooo good! Good eye Kazomester, can't wait to see what these next two albums bring :-)

    15 Set 2h35 Responder
  • kazomester

    tanto quietus a step in the dark AY New albums coming this year? :)

    12 Set 17h24 Responder
  • mtb0minime

    Ghosts of What We Once Were is really doing it for me, really clicking. Haven't felt what I'm feeling from music in a long time. Thank you for that.

    7 Set 22h28 Responder
  • Saimonse

    @Night_Driver : big thanks for listening !

    7 Set 20h25 Responder
  • found_life

    Hi guys. Winter is coming in cold Russia. // // (Lo-Fi, Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Breakbeat) Reinvolved - Soul-searching - 2014 //

    1 Set 15h38 Responder
  • WPDmusic

    Really digging "A History." Feels very inspired and fresh, from start to finish. After just one listen I'd put it up there with some of Brock's best albums! :)

    31 Ago 5h52 Responder
  • BassExtractor

    Three days until a history of distance is released, and now starts the sleepless nights..

    30 Ago 7h43 Responder
  • p_o_l_i_s_w_a_g

    a history of distance is beautiful. brock hit me right in the feels again

    30 Ago 2h24 Responder
  • morten81

    Snippets of "A History..."

    13 Ago 18h28 Responder
  • bhairav

    Granted, I was more looking past that to the actual music description. The last two tracks of 'I'll Only Break Your Heart' have a thick, heavy, (viscous?) inertia to them, where the beat teeters on being at odds with the harmonic and melodic elements. Which made the following very interesting to picture aurally for the new release - "Van Wey’s subtle melancholy has been around for a while, but in the past it’s been masked by the high BPM. On A History Of Distance, what had once held the anguish back has now disappeared, and not even the skip of a garage-inflected beat can jolt the music out of its lull, pluck it from this pretty thorn of sadness. The padded beat, instead of pushing the music through, is a wall that stops us."

    9 Ago 6h00 Responder
  • WPDmusic

    Sorry, but that's gotta be one of the most poorly written reviews I've ever seen. Laughably bad writing. :P

    8 Ago 19h50 Responder
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