Female vocalists

Tag relacionada a grupos ou bandas com mulheres nos vocais, ou mesmo artistas solo. A tag junta os mais variados estilos musicais, como RnB, pop, rock, indie e dos mais variados países e continentes. Editar Foto do artista: Beyoncé

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Kris DelmhorstConcert Mudville Music Room
Jacksonville, Estados Unidos
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watch [!|Empire|!] Season 1 Episode 8 (The Lyon's Roar) free good quality
Terrence Howard, Taraji P. HensonFestival
Los Angel, Estados Unidos
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Beth Hart
Matt AndersenConcert
Gramercy Theatre
New York, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos
40.7399 -73.984911
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Ruthie Foster
The Sweet RemainsConcert
The Kessler Theater
Dallas TX, Dallas, Estados Unidos
32.74943 -96.842563
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Union Transfer
Philadelphia, Filadélfia, Estados Unidos
39.961616 -75.155352

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X AmbassadorsConcert
Cat's Cradle
Carrboro NC, Estados Unidos
35.910234 -79.069035

4 vão

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  • breadysoul

    Even among female vocalists, there are so many different vocal styles that they still can't really be compared. And that's just vocal styles, not even taking the myriad of musical styles into consideration. I still think this is a pointless tag because it's too broad. You could get anyone from Taylor Swift to White Empress to PJ Harvey to Android Lust if you listen to the tag radio.

    Quarta à noite
  • tt_reff

    The Woman's voice is the main to listen the music that I hear.

    Semana passada
  • abelbluhm

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    Semana passada
  • Angel_Blue-

    I go wherever I want to, and I don't care about who likes the tag, just saying my point of view, I have the right to think it's stupid, the same way you guys have the right to like it.

    Semana passada
  • gyutiful

    btw i love female vocalists <3

    13 dias atrás
  • gyutiful

    what is the trouble with this tag? its just a tag if you dont like dont come here again lol is it that hard

    13 dias atrás
  • darkmatter0

    Voice is a musical instrument. Female vocals differs from from male vocals. Many people listen mostly to female vocalists, hence the tag is useful.

    14 dias atrás
  • Angel_Blue-

    Stupid comparison. Christian tag is about christian music, has a standard, can you see?. Female vocalists tag for other hand is just a bunch of women of the musical scene, musically speaking, there's nothing similar between them, the only thing that puts them together is the fact that they are women.

    14 dias atrás
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