Hardcore, no contexto punk, refere-se à cena musical surgida internacionalmente através da “segunda onda” do punk, no começo da década de 1980, e mais comumente à um estilo de punk rock caracterizado inicialmente por tempos extremamente acelerados, canções curtas, letras baseadas no protesto político e social, revolta e frustrações individuais, cantadas de forma agressiva. Ler mais…|Editar Foto do artista: Atreyu

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Black Tusk
Meatwound, BhavachakraConcert
Will's Pub
Orlando, Estados Unidos
28.559872 -81.364738

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Old Wounds "The Suffering Spirit" Record Release
Old Wounds, The Banner, Vein, ManaliveConcert
Asbury Lanes
Asbury Park, NJ, Nova Iorque NJ, Estados Unidos
40.222825 -74.00182

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Black TuskConcert Burro Bar
Jacksonville, Estados Unidos
30.326622 -81.652405
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Crime in Stereo
Crime In Stereo, Incendiary, Royal PsalmsConcert
Saint Vitus Bar
Brooklyn, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos
40.808832 -73.954024

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Sábado 4 de julho de 2015
Pure Disgust
Lock, Fury, Response, Hard Stripes, BargeConcert
Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
34.05331 -118.245
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Domingo 5 de julho de 2015
Fucked UpConcert Third Man Records
Nashville, Estados Unidos
36.152156 -86.778097

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  • Horus_Khan

    Aw, last.fm doesn't have a distinction between hardcore and hardcore rock. :c

    maio 2015
  • LCDnewOrder

    I like both Converge and A Day To Remember, come at me.

    maio 2015
  • I_Grimm

    I love HardCore!!!)))

    maio 2015
  • ieatmidgets

    I can relate to liking angst I'm just not a fan of this style of angst, but I get it

    maio 2015
  • bobo9390

    And actual Hardcore is pretty lame in most cases. Not having anything in common with it is actually less embarrassing than if it did. Plus, I like Deathcore for it's melodramatic whiny teenager lyrics. You can't get that from other forms of Metal. Deathcore bands trying to act tough is silly. Not real Deathcore.

    abril 2015
  • bobo9390

    "I think we need to just call the variation of deathcore that people don't want to call deathcore "Prisoncore" because tbh that's where a lot of their white trash listener base is going to end up." I can get behind this. Half the fun of Deathcore shows is people watching. It's my favorite Metal subgenre by far, but 95% of the fanbase is dumb white trash.

    abril 2015
  • ieatmidgets

    >don't shave your neck >wear flatbrims and gym shorts >have nothing in common with actual hardcore >"I AM A TOUGH GUY! MMA FIGHT ME! MY DADDY BUILT ME, AN OCTA-GON!!!" > "GROOOOOOOOWWWWL" > just deathcore played by people who never grew out of high school football and don't like the name deathcore because it "sounds gay" > prisoncore

    abril 2015
  • Venerated

    https://humanfuture.bandcamp.com/ Our debut album, 'Spectrum', is available to download for free and vinyl can be ordered from http://www.holyroarrecords.com/categories/truthseeker

    abril 2015
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