Metalcore é uma fusão entre Thrash Metal e Hardcore Punk. O Movimento foi iniciado na cidade de Nova Iorque na década de 80 e está atualmente no ápice. Bandas como Atreyu, As I Lay Dying , Bullet For My Valentine e Killswitch Engage estão entre os principais nomes hoje em dia. Ler mais…|Editar Foto do artista: Architects

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Sábado 25 de abril de 2015
Unearth, Old WoundsConcert
Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, New Jersey, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos
40.440432 -74.354941

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Ektomorf, Section 6Concert
The Other Place
Modesto, CA, Estados Unidos
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Gift Giver
Ground Tracer, Taking Dreams, From Rise To Ruin, To Right Our WrongsConcert
Mac's Bar
Lansing MI, Estados Unidos
42.733166 -84.513555
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Terça 28 de abril de 2015
Ektomorf, Section 6Concert
Blue Lamp
Sacramento CA, Estados Unidos
38.568328 -121.46717
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The Real Sick Tour
The Word Alive, Chelsea Grin, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Like Moths to Flames, Sylar, Your Standing InspirationConcert
Amsterdam Bar and Hall
Saint Paul, MN, Minneapolis, Estados Unidos
44.94638 -93.095375
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Of Mice & Men, Crown the Empire
Of Mice & Men, Crown the EmpireConcert
Revolution Live Outdoors
Fort Lauderdale(, FL), Estados Unidos
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  • mimaaamo

    @MoogInRow: yeah, it is called evolution of music... and, well, despite this fact, a lot of people still preffer 70's classic hardrock than new bands which are based on those "old" bands.

    Terça de manhã
  • MoogInRow

    Metalcore was at its best during its sort of midphase, with bands like Poison the Well, ZAO, Norma Jean, Spitfire, Underoath, Misery Signals and From Autumn to Ashes. dont get me wrong i loves me some Converge, Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Coalesce etc. but i feel that around the late 90s and early 2000s Metalcore bands didnt really know what to do with Metalcore so they just did whatever the hell they wanted with it and out came some really innovative and unique bands. nowadays most Metalcore really seems to just be At the Gates with breakdowns and overly poppy vocals or just boring breakdown infested Pop Punk with screaming. the only Metallic Hardcore bands that i really love are the more Mathcore related bands, really like the weird odd technical riffs of those bands.

    15 dias atrás
  • spineshank155

    I think most popular bands give out some sort of influence for upcoming bands.

    22 dias atrás
  • xVictimOfADownx

    Fit For A King and Gideon are ok, I just don't see where this mid-paced jump up and down, groove based breakdown bands will go. I can see Gideon's sound sticking around, because it has a large old-school background and I don't see that ever going out of style. I mean, I love breakdowns but there still needs to be good song-writing and not just the shoehorned inserted clean melodies/choruses for accessible appeal, for the sake of it. I mean, why aren't these post-hardcore influenced bands still using the varied approach of something like Poison The Well?

    22 dias atrás
  • bobo9390

    But hey, when I was 15 people in their 20s didn't really think bands like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall would ever be seen as seminal, yet it's happened. So maybe I'm wrong about that. If those new bands are impacting the new era of kids the same way, I'm all for it.

    22 dias atrás
  • bobo9390

    v I enjoy a decent amount of the straightforward bands currently popular in the scene (Like Moths To Flames, Gideon, Fit For A King) but I still don't think it has the power or lasting value that the genre did a decade ago. And when I go back and revisit albums from that era, I'm more convinced it's not just nostalgia talking.

    22 dias atrás
  • xVictimOfADownx

    I don't know why anybody listens to anything else besides progressive metalcore for modern metalcore these days, unless it's Converge or Misery Signals based it's usually dated as fuck.

    24 dias atrás
  • spineshank155

    It's that metalcore changed so much that really the newer bands should be under a different genre, but since the more popular metalcore bands already kept the name the older metalcore bands (or fans of the genre) wanted Metallic Hardcore name instead. It's pretty much the same problem with modern melodeath bands. Some old school melodeath fans want modern melodeath to be named 'melodic metal' because there's no 'death metal' in those bands, it's usually easier to call the early melodeath style, 'old school melodeath'. Same problem is with emo. I blame the artists who claim their style is something that is not clearly what it is. That's one reason many melodic metalcore bands are often mislabeled as melodeath, the other would be because there are melodeath influences. I'm a fan of both the new and old, but i think there should be a better way for a style to be labeled so you don't get a bunch of bands that don't sound like anything what you want to hear.

    Mês passado
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