Nu metal

Nu metal, também conhecido como new metal ou nü metal (em português novo metal), é um gênero musical desenvolvido em meados da década de 1990. Segundo o Korn, pioneiros do estilo, o nu metal foi “o novo rock alternativo”. Desde sua incepção esse gênero têm tido imenso apelo popular. Algumas características do gênero Ler mais…|Editar Foto do artista: Pleymo

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Screaming for SilenceConcert
The Afterlife Lounge
Algona, IA, Estados Unidos
43.068721 -94.234931
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AnakaConcert Blackthorn 51
New York, NY, Estados Unidos
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Sexta 6 de março de 2015
Coal Chamber, Combichrist, American Head ChargeConcert
Marquee Theatre
Tempe, Phoenix AZ, Estados Unidos
33.436787 -111.944002
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Sábado 7 de março de 2015
Defending Cain
Bad Seed Rising, Hate Grenade, Breach the SilenceConcert
The Blue Fox
Winchester, VA, Estados Unidos
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Coal Chamber, Combichrist, American Head ChargeConcert
House of Blues (Sunset Strip)
West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, Estados Unidos
34.095001 -118.373663
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Domingo 8 de março de 2015
of Beauty and Rage Tour
Red, Three Years Hollow, Islander, CathercistConcert
Kress Live
Biloxi, MS, Estados Unidos
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  • PetitSagittaire

    Wiggers' last hope.

    14 dias atrás
  • chino_moreno22

    i don't get why there is tag nu metal and tag nu-metal

    dezembro 2014
  • Lsm1995

    Evanescence, really? they only have nu metal influencies on their song "Bring me to Life"!

    dezembro 2014
  • CriticalSwitch

    Slipknot were far better than SOAD.

    dezembro 2014
  • LCDnewOrder

    Real talk, Nu Metal wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. But there were plenty of terrible bands in the scene (Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, etc.) and the good ones (Deftones, SOAD) got drowned out by all the crap. In a way, I'm glad people are re-assessing the genre now from a different perspective.

    dezembro 2014
  • abipolarninja

    It's like the local non-classic rock station, but as a tag! It's got almost all the bands I love to hate. Fuck you korn and slipknot. Fuck you papa roach for me liking a song of yours as a child, chances are that you are right the world is better without you. It's like I'm a kid in a candy store, but with things to hate instead of candy. :'D thanks for whoever ironically tagged funeral mist, you've brought much catharsis to my jaded heart <3

    dezembro 2014
  • spineshank155

    Traditional/metalhead elitists are generally l haters when artists experiment with metal, a classic example here Babymetal. The funny thing is, isn't there some traditional heavy metal bands that actually like nu metal and/or the experimentation with metal? It doesn't stop though with metalheads hating nu metal (it was widely bashed during the myspace days), there's also metalheads bashing on Metallica, Megadeth, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Plenty of other bands but i think these people have nothing better to do than to hate on popular bands or whatever it is they feel is necessary. Oh and also Children of Bodom. These metalheads on myspace was typing stuff like, "why are you listening to nu metal junk, listen to Dimmu Borgir or Children of Bodom!" Then you got people on bashing Bodom for being generic. It doesn't stop at metalcore or deathcore either. "As I Lay Dying are for pussies". It's a vicious cycle.

    dezembro 2014
  • Velvet_Myx

    Nu metal is about real things in real life, most of the "true metal" is about imaginary things and fairytales. I think the reason so many metalheads hate nu metal, is because the genre name has the word "metal" in it. If it was called something else, metalheads wouldn't have to feel like their precious genre of music is being raped by people like Fred Durst. Any of the arguments presented by metalheads don't have any value since it's all just excuses to cover up their insecurity about their selves and how they need their "metal" culture to feel important and/or loved. Of course not all metalheads are like this, but most of them are.

    dezembro 2014
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