Random List of Good British/Irish Artists


Fev 10 2011, 0h26

It seems kind of redundant to list the REALLY popular artists from the UK (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Cure, Radiohead, etc.), so this is primarily composed of lesser-known (in North America) artists or artists who had one or two hits and deserve a second glance.

65daysofstatic (post-rock, electronic)
Adebisi Shank (math rock, experimental)
Africa HiTech (future garage, IDM)
Aphex Twin (IDM, ambient)
Architects (mathcore, post-hardcore)
Autechre (IDM, experimental)
Biffy Clyro (post-hardcore, alternative rock)
Blondie (new wave)
Blur (britpop, alternative rock)
Boards of Canada (IDM, experimental)
Brian Eno (ambient, experimental)
Bring Me the Horizon (metalcore, deathcore)
Burial (dubstep, ambient)
Cocteau Twins (dream pop, shoegaze)
The Creatures (post-punk, new wave)
Devil Sold His Soul (post-hardcore, ambient metalcore)
Engerica (alternative rock, post-hardcore)
Four Tet (IDM, experimental)
Frank Turner (folk, former vocalist of post-hardocre band Million Dead)
Fuck Buttons (experimental electronic)
Funeral for a Friend (post-hardcore, alternative rock)
Future of the Left (noise rock/punk)
The Go! Team (alternative rock, funk)
Hell Is For Heroes (post-hardcore)
Hood (post-rock, electronic, indie rock)
Hundred Reasons (alternative rock, emo)
The Hurt Process (post-hardcore)
Idlewild (alternative rock)
Jairus (post-hardcore, metalcore)
James Blake (dubstep, R&B)
Jesu (post-rock, drone)
Jethro Tull (progressive rock)
Johnny Truant (metalcore)
The Joy Formidable (shoegaze, alternative rock)
Kate Bush (experimental pop)
King Crimson (progressive rock)
Los Campesinos! (indie pop/rock)
Massive Attack (trip-hop)
Million Dead (post-hardcore)
Missiles Of Uncertain Destinations (mathcore)
Mogwai (post-rock)
Mount Kimbie (dubstep, minimal)
My Bloody Valentine (shoegaze)
Nick Drake (folk)
Oceansize (progressive rock, post-rock)
Placebo (alternative rock)
Professor Green (hip-hop, UK garage)
Reuben (post-hardcore, alternative rock)
The Ruts (punk)
Secondsmile (post-hardcore)
Slowdive (shoegaze, dream pop)
The Smiths (alternative rock, post-punk)
Squarepusher (IDM, experimental)
The Stone Roses (britpop, Madchester)
The Streets (hip-hop, UK garage)
T. Rex (glam rock)
Talk Talk (post-rock, new wave)
Talking Heads (post-punk, new wave)
This Mourning After (post-metal)
This Town Needs Guns (math rock)
Throbbing Gristle (industrial, noise)
Travis (alternative rock)
The xx (indie rock, experimental)
Yes (progressive rock)
Zomby (dubstep, post-rave)


  • Watts13

    This is a great list, but I do think you should be aware Lou Reed is an American and from New York and My Bloody Valentine is an Irish band from Dublin so technically they're not British.

    Fev 15 2011, 9h12
  • Adrian347

    Fuck! I guess I mentally associate all glam rock with Britain. Thank you for pointing that out!

    Fev 15 2011, 21h59
  • _lazarus_

    God Is an Astronaut are also from Ireland.

    Fev 19 2011, 9h37
  • Adrian347

    I must be some kind of dumbass. Regardless they still deserve to be heard more, so I've amended the title accordingly.

    Fev 19 2011, 20h30
  • Goomba4001

    It's funny how many great artists can come out of such a relatively small country. I always thought back in the days (those horrible, unmentionable days), that America was on top of all the rock and pop charts, and that they dominated the music industry, when really, I don't even think I could list this many bands that I like that are American based. :\

    Fev 27 2011, 17h13
  • Adrian347

    I have to agree. There's a lot of great American artists, but I wouldn't say I love as many of them as I do UK artists. I think part of it is the fact that I grew up in the UK. Great avatar by the way.

    Fev 27 2011, 23h24
  • Pizik

    Awesome! I've been looking for some "new" stuff, gonna work my way through the things I had never listened to ;op (Gonna skip Fightstar I think, I just can't get past the Busted thing, but we all make mistakes in our youth so I dunno.....) BTW, how about Reuben for the list ;o)

    Mar 13 2011, 15h27
  • Adrian347

    Fightstar's first album is actually pretty great, especially if you're into that early 2000's emo sound (think Funeral for a Friend, Finch). Reuben has been added, thanks. :)

    Mar 17 2011, 21h27
  • kuromaku15

    http://britishacid.bandcamp.com even has british in its name

    Mar 21 2011, 7h51
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