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  • LuKasFagundes

    Tudo sim e com vc? Avatar iconico vai ser dificil bater ein\\

    26 Set 14h33 Responder
  • LuKasFagundes


    24 Set 11h34 Responder
  • vote_up

    up? thanks!!!

    11 Set 22h04 Responder
  • ThePopZone

    Hey :) Check out our forum The Pop Zone! We always have the latest pop music & culture news, free downloads to all the most recent releases/leaks and a great community for music lovers. Hope to see you there :)

    10 Set 21h36 Responder
  • heldx

    desculpa o incomodo, mas você pode votar pra mim?

    7 Set 18h29 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    I’m sorry for taking this long to reply, bro :( How have u been lately? Ur studying & stuff? Ur avatar looks nice (y) R u a big fan of him? I can’t wait to watch The Maze Runner although I have no idea what it is about, lol :)) Do u know that Hilary decided to delay her comeback album :( What’s ur thought n that? Have u ever expected such scenario? Btw, if u ever go abroad for traveling after graduating, pls pick Vietnam, ok? I’ll be ur tour guide for free ^^

    6 Set 15h20 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    I think Iggy’s ok, but totally not a fan, u know? Do u like Hilary’s All About You? How does it be compared to Chasing The Sun? Do u think she could earn another hit this time around? First Love is my fav track off JLo’s latest album too :P Yay for another similarity that we share, bro ^^ Good luck with ur 4 months left @ school, dear :) Enjoy it to the max, u’ll remember these days for the rest of ur life, esp when u have to work ur ass off for living like me atm, lmao =))

    13 Ago 15h39 Responder
  • Will_rebelboy

    UP PLEASE?? Vas a Querer Volver - Videoclipe <3

    8 Ago 18h18 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    I love Anaconda too ^^ Come back & show Iggy how it’s done, girl ;) How long was ur vacation then? Good luck to ur new school year, bro :D It’s ur senior year in high school huh? JLo is slaying ur charts atm which I extremely like, bro :P I really enjoy her latest album & have no idea why it’s such a flop :(( What do u think? What’s ur most fav track off it then?

    6 Ago 14h08 Responder
  • WitchUp

    Hey. Britney *_____* What's up?

    3 Ago 22h11 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    Ok, I’m waiting ur good news then, bro ^^ And hey, what makes u think u r boring, dear? Yeah, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Hilary, lol =)) U gotta give Ed Sheeran’s latest album some spins, dear :D It’s amazing & imo one of the best album ever released this year :P Btw, whataya think of Nicki’s Anaconda?

    3 Ago 11h07 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    Say what :O How come we r not friends after all those messages, my lil bro D: I was in shock seeing ur friend request, u know? I thought u unfriended me somehow :3 As for ur upcoming graduation trip, don’t forget to keep me updated on ur “great and/or dirty stuffs”, ok :v I’m here for any advice giveaway btw :P I’m not a huge fan of Bang Bang, too! It’s ok for me though ;) I love Hilary & enjoy her new song ^^But honestly, I don’t think it’ll be a smash hit :/ What about u? I’ve heard that Ed Sheeran wrote & produced some tracks for Hilary’s upcoming album, so I hope there’ll be some smash hit material off it :D Do u like Ed? Have u checked out his latest album, bro?

    1 Ago 14h58 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    Enjoy ur trip to the max, bro :P Makes some good & dirty memories then, lol =)) Tks so much for ur words, my job gotta be fine then ;) Btw, have u checked out Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj? I also see u listening Hilary’s Chasing The Sun ^^ What do u think of it? Do u like its MV?

    30 Jul 14h54 Responder
  • infini13

    Ah sim, entendi haha. UAHAUHAU Pois deveria escutá-la.. Enfim, vc ouviu a nova da Hilary?

    29 Jul 2h08 Responder
  • infini13

    Da um UP aqui? Obrigado!

    28 Jul 17h36 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    Tell me more about ur upcoming graduation trip, bro :v Where will it be? What r its highlights activities? There’s no such thing like that in my country :-S As for myself, I’ve just quitted my old job & worked for a new company XD It’s a higher level with way more challenging job description :/ I still feel nervous on such career change, u know?

    28 Jul 15h28 Responder
  • infini13

    Pois é.. Vai me dizer que você é do interior de SP? AUHUHAA Então deveria baixar o Pure Heroine sério, é o melhor cd que eu já ouvi <3

    27 Jul 0h31 Responder
  • whyperroni

    ahh sim, verdade o live ia ser tão lindo, agora só esperar quando ela quiser voltar, dizem que o cd dela tá pronto, mas não sei não hein..

    26 Jul 21h34 Responder
  • khanhtoan1611

    How have u spent ur school vacations so far, dear? Travel or else? Anything u wanna share with ur lost twin bro :P I feel u on such World Cup thing, I was broken-hearted watching the match between Brazil & Germany, u know? I have no idea that football mean that much to ur ppl, seriously :(

    26 Jul 9h58 Responder
  • infini13

    Nossa, finalmente alguém de SP AUHAUHA Parece que é fácil, mas eu nunca acho alguém de SP aqui, você é um dos poucos.. Olha, não me diria fã mas eu gosto muito mesmo kkkk tipo muito

    26 Jul 0h07 Responder
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