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  • Hurls

    Thanks for the visit - interesting lists

    39 minutos atrás Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Hi J! Someone's got a BDay coming up... and I'm not talkin' about me :) TGIBF! This will be a busy weekend for me. We're having cake at beer30 today. I've got a poker game scheduled for the weekend of your BDay. You know, after listening to the JH album again, I picked up on the cello more. Anyway, have a good weekend. Cheers!

    24 Out 18h54 Responder
  • sodom_666


    21 Out 13h03 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Hi J! Nice lead on the new JH album. They put out a quality listening experience. I was a little bummed that it seems they steered away from the cello in this album... well at least it isn't as prominent as in their last album anyway. Only 9 days left to my BDay! Have a good weekend and stay awesome!

    17 Out 16h30 Responder
  • OdinsGhost

    Just droped by to say hello, how are you ...and steal some music ;) ...have a great fall, helloween and and and...

    14 Out 10h48 Responder
  • M-e-r-r-i-c-k

    Hey you. Just wanted to say hey. Dropped off the radar again. Guess you are avoiding ComicCon while it's here in NYC. Don't blame you. Any plans for your BD on the 31st?

    12 Out 2h00 Responder
  • weazel74

    Haha Yeah, ya done good on this one! Still got some digging to do, though.

    9 Out 19h11 Responder
  • Azathoth_Circle

    Greetings from Ukraine !!! Thank you for joining us and greetings from Ukraine \\m/ Check out our music and get free download of our first s\\t EP ! Azathoth Circle Also сheck and like us on: Facebook | Soundcloud to stay tunned for updates \\m/

    6 Out 15h42 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    ohh..thanx Jenna for your psychedelic suggestion ...I like it...!!...we're living a trail of summer here.. ( perhaps the only summes days of this meterelogically crazy year..) still on the beach... i wish you a terrific weekend..hugs xo ;-))

    4 Out 19h00 Responder
  • weazel74

    Definitely. What I like is almost totally different than most people, but I think you gave me a good pick. The Russian trip-hop I'm gonna have to look into. Score one for you, huh?!? ;-)

    3 Out 18h35 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Hey, I still appreciate it though :)

    2 Out 21h43 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Man, I just popped off 37 plays from that guy yesterday. Don't know how you came across him but I think he was on a list of recommended artists for me. Lately I have been going through various peoples loved tracks... and finding some awesomeness along the way.

    2 Out 20h56 Responder
  • Titorsbrother

    ohh..hi Jenna ...nice to see you again...I hope everything alright on your side...hugs..xoxo :-))

    1 Out 11h00 Responder
  • weazel74

    Hahaha Hey, that's funny. Don't worry about the troll thing. Let's just keep it our little secret! I'll take whatever suggestions you throw my way. I know you know it's hard to turn me on, so let's see what happens. :-)

    30 Set 0h39 Responder
  • grimmless

    Actually, it's a quote from Trainspotting. (:

    27 Set 1h01 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    I have my Is it beer 30? sign out... so you know I'm ready. Everyone in the office expects that to be hung high each Friday. Man I just found out Beck is playing here on the 7th of October then Broken Bells and Phantogram on the 8th. That's a good way to start off BDay month IMO. Busy weekend planned for me. The Sooners have a bye this week so no football for me... it's time for the Tulsa State Fair anyway so I'm sure I'll go out on Sat night and check out the freakshow; and it is a freakshow... even in Oklahoma :) A good welcome to fall. I love it ;)

    26 Set 20h28 Responder
  • johnTMcNeill

    *_* ...lurk away- I get lonesome out here sometimes. Gives me a reason to peek in on you, too :D

    26 Set 17h07 Responder
  • grimmless

    "Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed- interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose a three piece suite on hire purchased in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing spirit- crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pushing you last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up brats you have spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that?"

    26 Set 14h08 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Sorry, been out to lunch. No crashing here today... although now that I think about it, the site has been struggling a bit today. Nothing major has happened on my end though.

    23 Set 19h00 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    You look angry/annoyed... LOL Makes me want to ask the rest of the story :) *hugs*

    23 Set 15h10 Responder
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