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  • WerBack

    Wrong Fest?

    19 Jun 6h46 Responder
  • rOnieAirhead

    My granddad was in Bulgaria last summer :D

    17 Jun 0h33 Responder
  • bardofesgaroth

    I've got two of their albums, but I haven't listened to them in ages. My taste in melodic metal has changed considerably in the past year so I dunno if I'll like them anymore, but I won't know if I don't listen to them.

    11 Jun 9h53 Responder
  • bardofesgaroth

    "Soilwork-ish" pls no. I like Sweet Vengeance, Gus G's bands overall aren't too special, but the man can write some really sweet riffs. When it comes to melodeath, I can't really stand that metalcoreish Slaugher of the Soul-esque mechanical crap. I like melodeath with balls or melodeath that is really just power metal with extreme vocals.

    11 Jun 9h22 Responder
  • Cousin_Eddy

    Helllo! Radical charts!

    8 Jun 13h09 Responder
  • Romulus666

    I'm intrigued by your charts. Kinda wish I didn't reset now so I could compare them better but still I like what I see

    6 Jun 18h02 Responder
  • maxxy

    So I take it from your statement and a glance at your charts, that you're not a big black metal fan?

    3 Jun 8h02 Responder
  • maxxy

    Yo, what's your favourite Enslaved album?

    31 Mai 11h19 Responder
  • WerBack


    28 Mai 22h15 Responder
  • AnthemPartThree

    I'm a Soilwork fan as well! My brother (his username here is supahshadow) introduced me to them several years ago. Their albums vary in quality but they're all solid

    26 Mai 21h04 Responder
  • AnthemPartThree

    I've always enjoyed melodeath more than a lot of death metal subgenres. I'm a sucker for melody.

    26 Mai 20h31 Responder
  • AnthemPartThree

    A lot of lo-fi indie rock/pop, more emo as always haha, and plenty of hardcore and black metal. oh and have you heard of the melodeath band Edge of Sanity? I think you would like their album Crimson.

    26 Mai 18h31 Responder
  • AnthemPartThree

    Good! Been doing school part-time for awhile but am moving up to full-time credit hours in a little over a week. Been discovering a lot of cool music too. How about you?

    26 Mai 16h24 Responder
  • jonowev

    Hmmmm... yes and no. It's an okay album, but they're absolutely terrible live these days. For this reason, i'd say In Flames is a dead band! Exit Ten, that's a fucking great band!!!

    13 Abr 17h16 Responder
  • jonowev

    Really varied taste, well done sir

    11 Abr 21h45 Responder
  • chokeboke

    :)) Има, има! Тъкмо го почвам де. После малко 'Providence' за сравнение и тогава равносметка.

    14 Mar 20h39 Responder
  • radio_telescope

    Greetings from Ukraine! Listen our post-rock/post-metal band: Way Station. And our new single: 2 Million Light Years Hope You enjoy it!

    9 Mar 11h31 Responder
  • Kaazt2010

    Thanks and No Prob.

    8 Mar 20h19 Responder
  • Stepsen

    Enter Shikari is amazing live !! The leadsinger has such a beautiful voice. If you are getting the chance to see them live, you should take it. I don't like the new album as much as i like the older ones ^^ sssnakepit is my favourite song so far ^^

    12 Fev 11h49 Responder
  • Boychev

    Мноо як албум тоз Deathtrip.

    4 Dez 2014 Responder
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