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  • JoinTheBluR

    Also i heard some of the new BBNG i could find and IM SO HYPED they could be the best

    21 Abr 4h20 Responder
  • JoinTheBluR

    i strictly say anything and taking back sunday cover band haha. and i dont even know what to think about for this rate your music website, ill have to look into it more!

    21 Abr 4h12 Responder
  • JoinTheBluR

    holy shit you have one more artist til 2000, so jealous, throw a sweet party or something

    20 Abr 22h18 Responder
  • rien333

    Yeah, I love her track with Algernon Cadwallader. <3 Some people like her first project more, named Hop Along, Queens Ansleis which more of cute indie folk thing. Sort of recommended that if you can't get into her later album. I tried to do that cool html thing you do, but it went wrong a couple of times so I left you a big bunch of now deleted shouts which probably amount to a lot of emails. (if you've shout email notifications on)

    20 Abr 16h16 Responder
  • rien333

    fuck I hope i haven't screwed up your email inbox thing because of my sucky markup skills :(((

    20 Abr 15h20 Responder
  • rien333

    Thanks dude, these all look really interesting. Uhm, cool, lets see. I see you haven't listened to Hop Along yet, def check that out. It's female fronted indie folk ish shit, with incredibly interesting and good vocals. Has a bit of an emo vibe to it. Uhm and yeah, Lord Snow is super rad as well. Female fronted post-hardcore/screamo stuff, hits really hard. Probably screamo AOTY 2013 for me, if it wasn't for Father Figure. I see you dig some pretty cool classical as well, so check out Rachel's - Music For Egon Schiele as well, really pretty stuff

    20 Abr 15h18 Responder
  • rien333

    Yoowh, that Dangers show must have been sick. Any recs dude?

    20 Abr 13h48 Responder
  • davygrohl

    They closed with Wasted Days at my show as well. I don't think I've ever screamed so hard during a show as I did during the last minute of WD! Cloud Nothings is definitely a good grab for a college, I'm jealous! TWIABP played my little podunk college town about 6 months ago, which was about the only time any band I'm remotely interested in has played at my college. It turned out to be a great deal, as only die hard fans ended up making the drive to the show, so it was just 30 people and the band jammed into a tiny bar singing and moshing along. It was definitely one of my favorite shows ever. Besides that, we had, um, Lupe Fiasco come to our college fest a few years ago haha

    14 Abr 2h14 Responder
  • davygrohl

    Sorry I never responded, I didn't see your shout until the next day, and last.fm hasn't been letting me post on people's walls? Anyways, when I saw them they played all 8 songs off of HANE and the first 5 songs off of AOM. How was the show?

    13 Abr 18h11 Responder
  • thetenthlisten

    yeah man! thanks :D

    20 Mar 22h37 Responder
  • thetenthlisten

    ya dingus

    20 Mar 21h55 Responder
  • Vincent-Shore

    All those bands blew my mind, still gotta find the cabs EP's though

    17 Mar 15h00 Responder
  • Vincent-Shore

    I am here for a new fix of japanese screamo/emo, any recommendations?

    12 Mar 20h50 Responder
  • Vincent-Shore

    It scares me how often I see you on the internet

    12 Mar 20h42 Responder
  • HebraicNeuroses


    8 Mar 17h45 Responder
  • HebraicNeuroses

    the more i listen to it, the more it resonates with me and makes me really emotional also, thanks maybe we'll see you at the CMFP soon ;)

    8 Mar 17h45 Responder
  • HebraicNeuroses


    8 Mar 15h08 Responder
  • rootertunes

    holy fuck, just stop posting

    5 Mar 0h06 Responder
  • jdscranton

    You're on the shoutbox or already a listener of every cool twinkly band I ever find on last.fm

    27 Fev 22h20 Responder
  • xVictimOfADownx

    Yeah I know Martyr, they are pretty decent yes.

    20 Fev 4h00 Responder
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i play music in Balloon City

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here i am on the rateyourmusic and youtube

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