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  • luis_amadeus90

    I dont remember, are you into black/death metal? extreme metal that is. I mean it seems that you dont listen to much metal anymore since a few years. Honestly i dont know wich style of music if my favourite. A few months i thought that it was classical but now i feel like listening to black metal... wich is wierd since i was never a fan of the genre. But if you listen to bm, it has some nice classical music influences. However i havent give up at all on classical, no way. I think that classical is not music that you listen in 15 min like a pop song, you have to pay full atention into it.

    ontem à noite Responder
  • rOnieAirhead

    I'm studying German dude. any tip? :D

    Ontem 09:36 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Yeah its true. Maybe music as a hobbie and for peronal growth is better. I mean no way i want to make a living out of music. Living in Mexico, trying to live out of music is like getting ready to be homeless. Musicians are starving here, is not really a good carreer choice. However as a hobbie, and forming a band as a way of relieving stress is awesome.

    Ontem 21:10 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist Tried my hand at weird, experimental classical improvisation today. Unorthodox scales were used, curious what you'll make of it. No metal to it and very dynamic.

    22 Jul 23h43 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Yeah i know, not everyone can, not even people who start young, but he is a proof (among other famous achievers) that is possible even if you start late. Besides, consider that we are living in much different times that the classical era, being 25 today is very different that centuries ago. Anyway i think that sometimes when you start doing something as an adult is better because you may have more discipline than when you are a kid. Anyway thats why i went to law school in the first place, i wanted a professional degree first, then try to find luck in other areas. I dont know if i will ever get into an orchesta, band or whatever, but at least i would like to give it a try. The older you get the harder it is, i agree, thats why i want to start now.

    22 Jul 17h58 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Yes... classical music, or music theory overall, i dont know yet. I play guitar but mostly for myself and my skills are low, i consider myself a raw guitar played, i mean i started guitar at 21 and havent practiced that much honestly. But i want to get serious about music, for now i have enough free time. I used to think that my dream about being a professional musician was over, but when iread that Piotr started at 25... i feel that i can too. I am not aiming to be a rockstar or any shit like that, but maybe just maybe i could make something out of it. It´s a risk that i will to take.

    22 Jul 0h54 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Ok. Yes i live in the same city, i dont know if i will live here all my life tho. About how i been, i have been considering studying music on a serious level. Did you knew that Tchaikovsky got into music around my age? and those were different times when people didnt lived as much as we do. I want to be a professional musician toh, i went to laws school but is not wht i wanted to be, i dont think its too late haha

    17 Jul 0h10 Responder
  • DrStrangeIove

    eh nicht aber hätte halt lieber swans gesehen... bei bohren hatte ich nicht das gefühl dass ich gerne 20 euro ausgebe kp xd

    16 Jul 11h10 Responder
  • Kilgorer

    Von russischer armee weiss ich nur dass hier erniedrigungen seitens höherrangigen, rassismus und alles was sonst unmenschlich ist und in europa undenkbar wäre, gang und gebe ist. Jeder ders kann versucht dem dienst auszuweichen.

    15 Jul 22h10 Responder
  • Kilgorer

    Ich selbst bin nicht wehrpflichtig und das weil ich chechener bin. So, chechna ist teil von russland und wieso dann ein russischer bürger anders behandelt wird als andere russische bürger wäre hier ne gerechte frage... Ganz einfach, chechnya genießt einen sonderstatus weil das immer schon eine konflikt region war und seit hier ein marionettendiktator an die macht gestellt wurde (gestellt, nicht gewählt) hat sich chechnya in eine vorzeige gegend verwandelt. Vorzeige gegend allerdings wenn man das ganze oberflächlich betrachtet und nicht hinter die fassade guckt und alle menschenrechtliche und ökonomische sachen ausser acht lässt. So, warum werde ich als chechener nicht einberufen, ganz einfach, weil chechnya eine eigene armee hat (ja, richtig gehört) Ein staat der eigentlich zu russland gehört, ignoriert jedes russische gesetz. Warum wird das dann von moskau nicht eingestellt? Naja ganz einfach weil ruhe herrscht, wo einst mal krieg war. Was diese scheinbare ruhe fürn preis hat ist egal

    15 Jul 22h07 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Hey man, whats up? you are listening to Paramore? lol world´s gone mad :p

    14 Jul 19h17 Responder
  • Kilgorer

    Naja, jeder ist vielleicht übertrieben. Was viel kranker ist, ist dass jeder der berufen wird und in der ukr landet und stirbt, von dessen tod wird den verwandten nichts mitgeteilt und der jenige wird heimlich von aller öffentlichkeit begraben. Coolste ist dass es son friedhof gibt, nennt sich das friedhof der namenlosen soldaten. Namenlos weil jedem russen der in die ukr geht um krieg zu führen, der pass weggenommen wird und er identitätslos ist. Im falle von geiselnahme wird auf diese weise unmöglich sein für die ukr seite ihn als einen russen zu identifizieren...

    12 Jul 12h04 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist

    7 races in RPGs are actually common in the good games, at least to my knowledge...Dawn of War is a RTS game, so it's basically unheard of there. I reserved my copy of WIndows 10 and am waiting to see how WIndows 10 is before upgrading, you? If I were more of a computer nerd I'd go Linux, but that's so much set up lol.

    10 Jul 15h29 Responder
  • MonarchKingdom

    I really do get sick of Wagner once in a year. It usually takes at least several months to get over it. :) I listen to his music in bursts. Other artists are similar, though most are not nearly as extreme. The interesting thing is that when really tripping on an artist, I can barely imagine how I could listen to anything else for the rest of my life. :)

    9 Jul 9h13 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist

    YOu mentioned offhand that you were running (I think) Windows XP when we last talked. Offhand computers for Windows 7 will become very inexpensive as soon as Windows 10 comes out, and that's plenty to run just about any program for the keyboard idea/play a lot of games in gaming modes. As far as Mass Effect's art style, that's entirely understandable. It actually got me a lot more into both sci-fi and comic books. It's very story focused, so it could be worth it for the characters and stories during the missions. The loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2 are especially awesome for character building. Speaking of classic games, I've actually recently started playing Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. 7 races is STILL impressive these days!

    6 Jul 20h38 Responder
  • DrStrangeIove

    n kerl sagte mir dass er die in moskau live sah und es ihm zuhause besser gefällt... dazu bin nicht sicher ob bock habe sowas live zu sehen. mal schauen aber denke werde eher nicht hingehen

    6 Jul 10h50 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist

    If you ever get a nice PC upgrade, I highly recommend the Mass Effect series. It's very story driven and heavily inspired by STar Trek, and the gameplay is far more RPG and team building based than it is a shooter game. The Geth in particular are heavily inspired by the Borg, who were in turn heavily inspired by Doctor Who's Cybermen. The archetype had a pretty awesome progression.

    5 Jul 18h47 Responder
  • DrStrangeIove

    hahaha nett nett ... swans war leider ausverkauft die hätte ich 100% live gesehen... bei bohren bin ich mir nicht so sicher ob es sich lohnt

    4 Jul 20h17 Responder
  • Kilgorer

    Ich gehe seine mutter live sehen btw, willste mit? Wird ne höllische show bestimmt.

    4 Jul 19h19 Responder
  • KingsAndQueen

    I had an US friend who was pretty big into movies and he loved Netflix... wow.

    4 Jul 17h07 Responder
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