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Giuseppe VerdiOtello, Act II: 'Si, per ciel' ontem à noite
Giuseppe VerdiOtello, Act II: 'Era la notte' ontem à noite
Giuseppe VerdiOtello, Act II: 'Ora e per sempre addio' ontem à noite
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Giuseppe VerdiOtello, Act II: 'D'un uom che geme' ontem à noite
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  • DrStrangeIove

    komm skype xd

    Ontem 23:25 Responder
  • OG-Gurda

    Ja das habe ich probiert, obwohl nicht viele Werke. Doch beide sind exzellente Pianisten. Außerdem, ich kann nicht wirklich etwas über Cziffra sagen.

    Ontem 16:26 Responder
  • lvanb4evr

    Hey! I'm also a fan of LvB! Do I qualify to join your group? Thanks!

    26 Mar 23h02 Responder
  • OG-Gurda

    Stimmt. Aber Ich bin mit der Bolet-Interpretation äußerst zufrieden. ich hab dir auch eine Freundschaftsanfrage geschickt. ;-)

    26 Mar 22h44 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist

    I meant the way they bring up the franchise again seemingly randomly...nothing specific.

    26 Mar 15h37 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    I found the movie in youtube with english subs, i´l watch it in home later :D

    25 Mar 18h09 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Verdi is the author of "La Donna e Mobile" right? it is one of my favourites opera pieces (for what i heard so far) since i saw it in The Punisher lol

    25 Mar 18h04 Responder
  • Sanity_Theorist I really don't know what the hell FOX is thinking's like they just periodically bring it up again just to screw with fans.

    25 Mar 15h23 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Well, i wasnt thinking that i was having a pointless discussion. Nevermind anyway. I dont understand Italian, except for a few words, i dont think that is that similar too Spanish, when i hear Italian people talking i cant understand them, Portuguese is quite similar to Spanish, but by reading it, by mouth is harder to understand. Anyway i would like to speak Italian, is a language that sounds so classy, like French.

    24 Mar 19h32 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    "Have you seen La Dolce Vita? You said you were interested." Yes but i dont have a medium to see it, maybe i will download it later.

    24 Mar 18h56 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Hahah calm down cowboy, it´s just a movie anyway, based on the rumors, its a fictional story, period.

    24 Mar 18h55 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    I havent seen many remarkable films lately. Anyway im not that picky when it comes to movies, but i dont watch just any crap. I have avaible whats on Netflix, wich is mostly popular films, and maybe some cult classic, but its great for what it is. There was a movie about Paganini on theaters last year, i wanted to see it but couldn´t, it didnt had great reviews anyway.

    24 Mar 16h39 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    "You just said it yourself. There is not enough evidence about Mozart's character and attitude to assume that he was like portrayed in the movie. " Like i said, it is how the movie director liked him to be, i think its pretty obvious that he wanted to portray him as some kind of pre-rockstar, with the bad behavior and easy going attitude. "A grown up professional composer from a noble family" So what?, i dont see how it is any impossible. It is impossible that he could had, lets say, wings. But is far from impossible that a young man from a noble family acts like, well, a young man, he is only dead serious when it comes to his music, as he said it himself. Many big artist, scientist and other geniouses are know for having an excentric attitude, like Albert Einstein. Im not saying that he was like that, but yeah its perfecty possible.

    24 Mar 16h31 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    We couldnt know by any means what was going on with Salieri´s mind, could we? im just suggesting that he could secretly hated Mozart, just as it is seen in the movie. I mean ,how the idea for the opera came in the first place? im reading wikipedia (wich my be or not a reliable source) and it hints on more than a friendly rivalry between them, and there is a rumor that he indeed poisoned Mozart, LONG before the opera and the movie, so, it is HISTORIC, it doesnt matter if it is a rumor that has not been proven, it was talked about between people during that time.

    24 Mar 16h28 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    "I was obviously talking about historical accuracy considering Salieri. Humour and vulgarity is one thing (which Mozart had anyway) but he was portrayed as a complete idiot, like some spoiled brat without any manners who's contantly giggling. That's just not believable at all and there is no shred of evidence Mozart was like that. Even if I take the movie as complete fiction, it's still not very good. It's just like a cheesy Hollywood version of Mozart's time, well that's what it is indeed." Again i dont think that there is enough evidence about Mozart personality, specially his strange laughter, i think that is just the director vision and how he liked Mozart to have been. I dont see how is that any unbelievable, because he played classical music? remember that the Mozart of the movie was relatively young, around 25 or 26, so he wasnt mature enough compared to most of the older men in the movie, he was interested in sex like most guys of that age anyway.

    23 Mar 22h23 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Maybe it was supossed to be a work of fiction since the beginning , with some true facts. We will never be entiretly sure about what happened there, as with any historical event. How do we know how Salieri felt about Mozart and his music anyway? maybe history talks about him as a kind man, but in reality he could have been different, besides in the movie he seems to be the kind of man that is smart enough to not speak his mind, many times you can see him acting gently, specially alongside Mozart, yet in his privacy he seems mostly pissed off. Overall i think that the myth that Salieri killed Mozart due to jelaousy (wich even in the movie was not proven if you pay attention, you could say that Salieri just went insane) makes it very appealing and makes of a great story. Remember that as a movie it has to be interesting enough, a film about a classical composer doesnt sound as exciting, yet with a bit of drama you can make it better, but like you said to each his own.

    23 Mar 22h19 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    " That's also not true." How is not? at first Saleri seemed so proud of himself, then he starts to hate Mozart and even himself for not being able to be that good, you can see the dissapointment when the priest doesnt know his name yet he recognizes Mozart works, even if he should be used to already. He even curses Jesus and declares him his enemie, when he used to be so devoted. And about Mozart personality, i liked, i like how they portray him as a goofy and vulgar guy, in contrast to the severe image that people have about classical composers and musicians, that you can see in Salieri. Even in the concerts that i went, the directors liked to goof around with the audience a bit, because is suposed to be an enyojable concert, not a political conference.

    23 Mar 21h10 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    Because im sure that the movie was somehow based on the opera, wich seem to be already very popular. In any case is suposed to be a movie, therefore a work of fiction, not a documentary piece or an historic film. Is not different in that sense to the parody of The Simpsons when Bart is Mozart and Lisa is Saleri. I think they did a great job, honestly the movie is great in my opinion, as im not a Mozart fanboy i dont care too much if it is historically inaccurate. Most history movies are not, be it Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander The Great, Titanic, Braveheart, Spartacus, and many others, they all have a doze of fiction and are adapted for massive audience. If they wanted to made an history lesson they would just record a documentary for History Channel.

    23 Mar 21h10 Responder
  • KingsAndQueen

    I think Othello was the most interesting, but I need to listen to him way more. All of it has been good so far :)

    23 Mar 16h55 Responder
  • luis_amadeus90

    I knew that it was historically innaccurate already, i remember reading about it before watching the movie. But before the movie, the drama between Mozart and Salieri was already portrayed in operas (Mozart and Salieri) long ago before the movie. Anyway i like the rivalry between them that is seen in the movie, even more than the real story, and the fact that Mozart didnt even considered Salieri his rival at all makes it more ironic, i love this scene: what i meant is how Salieri saw himself as being too mediocre and incompetent, because Mozart was so magnificent.

    23 Mar 16h26 Responder
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