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  • GetBack_x

    okay, i'll listen to them and they i'll let you know :D oh really? but you live in japan, right? i know, kids around are all lazy and just... they don't care about learning because it's not "cool" or smth like -_- omg thats honestly so nice!! how's the character you're going to play? no, it's fall :) what about over there?

    18 Abr 2h23 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    And I am so happy that I have this little break from work now that it's Easter coming, so I can relax at home for 4 days now instead of two! Have you got any kind of a holiday now sweetheart? How are you doing? ♥ And happy Easter love! :* ♥

    17 Abr 13h55 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    I hate it when that happens, sometimes I cant leave messages neither :( Good that you can now ♥ *hugs&kisses* Omg really? I haven't checked H&M yet actually! I have to go there when I get my next salary. Oh so sweet, I hope you will be able to talk with him soon! You're so cute dear ♥ I know exactly what you mean! I think it's just so cute and nice to see people liking and loving each other, it gives me a warm feeling. Poorly the Japanese culture doesn't agree.. :( Oh yes I have heard about that style! Ain't the make up they use in ulzzang a little bit darker? I mean do they use black eyeliner more? I hope you can fulfill your dreams of moving to Korea one day, I bet it would be great! ♥ Wedding cost so much that my parents cant afford it now, but I will wait don't worry about it dear ♥ I am doing fine, I was a bit sick at the start of this week but now I am good as new!

    17 Abr 13h54 Responder
  • coletteng

    it was extremely windy and raining at the same time haha but the weather has cleared up now ^^ and wow, that must've been exciting, have you ever seen yourself on tv before?? or is just just the norm now hehe~ and yeah school keeps me busy, i have a huge workload now and then but at least i get a long weekend ;) and well i always listen to kpop when i'm studying, its kinda distracting but whatever hah recently i like 2ne1's new album and akdong musician's debut ^^ and really that's awesome!! i don't know exo very well but i'm sure some fangirls would kill to see them like that too lol~!

    17 Abr 7h29 Responder
  • coletteng

    actually i have heard of 100% i liked their most recent comeback! ^^ and that's cool~ good luck, i hope you get to move to korea and learn korean well! :)) and wow! what was the tv show about?? well i've been studying a lot lately, today is my day off but the weather is terrible here, you see winter is just starting lol are you getting some warm weather where you are??

    16 Abr 20h40 Responder
  • coletteng

    yes i'm from china but i'm back in new zealand now! and really... it's been so long sorry!! i haven't come on here in a while :/ it's good to hear from u though and really?? niceeee! i bet you had fun, who did you get to see??? and i'm busy nowadays, i'm studying and working part time, you must be busy too, what have you been up to lately?

    15 Abr 1h36 Responder
  • karemichika

    Yeah I couldn't send you any messages either couple of days ago :( I tried many times, but it didn't work :/ Yes it's probably the change of the weather, it's been snowing and raining too, and it has been quite cold, so I think I caught a cold again :/ But luckily it's going away, and I'm feeling a lot better now! Aaww thank for caring, I will keep myself warm and try to get well soon! *hugs* :3 How have you being doing lately? :)

    14 Abr 17h56 Responder
  • Melon-Juice

    OMG! Yeah I know them, you got to hug them all?! So lucky ♥ You saw him there, that is so cool~ That is so good that you felt so comfortable there and really enjoyed staying in Hongdae. I've heard something's about that as well. OMG that is so awesome!!!! :D Awe that is so cute that you found one of them cute ^^ That is such a cool event that you get to do with them, it's a great way to meet new people. Oh that sucks that you don't speak anymore that much :( Yeah I've heard of that place in Japan :D Yeah I also have heard of etude house! :) WOW sounds like such an amazing trip the two of you had! Even found love on your trip and you made out with him, that's just amazing! ♥ Yeah that is the sad thing about it, it's so expensive :( I really would love to study somewhere else, but it's sooo expensive, but one day I'll be able to do that and you'll be able to do it too ♥ I have been doing really well, and school has been good too ^^ MISSED YOU TOO HON :D

    14 Abr 1h54 Responder
  • karemichika

    Hi! <3 I need you is a very good song too! :) I'm a bit sick again :/ Seriously when will this flu leave me alone x_x Otherwise I'm doing really well :) Aaaww thank you! I followed you too :3

    13 Abr 11h22 Responder
  • Melon-Juice

    Heeeeeeeey hon! ♥ Glad to see you back :D I'm doing very well, how are you? ♥ I missed you too x3 I can't wait for you to tell me what you did ^^ School's been stressful these past couple weeks, but it's going well considering :D

    10 Abr 3h57 Responder
  • GetBack_x

    i've never listened to them but maybe i should give them a chance? :D aaaaww that's so cute! they must be really nice to hug, all muscular bodies and stuff... LOL yeah i wouldn't know cuz i've never traveled before... but i will in the future! hm i don't really know how to explain... like, it's nice cause we have an open-minded cuture in general but it sucks to see how many things are going wrong with our government and everything. and it's sad cause we still have many poor people, mainly in the northeast of the country and they have a low level of education so they always end up voting for bad politicians simply because they promise to help the poor... well they never do & they end up stealing popuilation's money -_- i'm in college already! i'm gonna major in translation/interpretation... i really love learning new languages and i love what i do! what about you?

    9 Abr 21h12 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    And I missed you so much too! ♥

    9 Abr 12h24 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Yes I do know Shibuya! I would love to visit there someday! I didn't now that Korea had a similar place! Must look very stylish. ♥ Is the Korean fashion like in Japan? Forever21 is in Korea too! I have always wanted to visit that shop, it has so cute and pretty clothes and jewellery ** ♥ Was the boy your friend brought Korean or did he come from Greece with you? That's not nice, I bet you wanted to stay with your friend :( But omg you have had a wild trip! I bet the movie night with the boy was a roller coaster in the stomach too! I am glad to hear you have found someone you like♥ I bet he is handsome! He lives in Korea right? Do you have his telephone number or e-mail or something? ♥ I hope his will turn good for you princess! You only deserve the best :* was he a good kisser? ♥ Would you like to move to Korea? Always follow your dreams! My life is going well, we both me and my fiancee are just fine ♥ I would like to get married but we dont have money at the moment haha.

    9 Abr 12h24 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Aw dear! ♥♥♥ *hugs even tighter* ♥ Yes time changed here too! we share the same timeline haha. I am actually looking for grey jeans, I would love those ;u; That sounds so much fun, I haven't heard about those but you can say some good songs from them and I will listen ♥ I bet the hugging part was the best, I am so happy for you and I am so glad that you had so much good things happening! :) Omg you ate ice-cream with him? Wow that's amazing, I bet many people can't do that in their lives! I like EXO's song "wolf" ♥ Did you party on the street too? Sounds like the athmosphere is great in there, I would also like it to be like that in here. Is it really like that, I mean don't they show their love towards eachother in Japan so openly? I didn't know about that! I have always imagined otherwise. It's nice that Koreans know how to love and party ♥

    9 Abr 12h17 Responder
  • GetBack_x

    wow that's amazing! have you seen any idol groups while you were there? well brazil is... i can't really complain LOL i mean, i like living here but... sometime is a pain in the ass.. hahah besides, i want to go to china/japan/korea soooo bad but it's just too far! hopefully i'm going to china at the end of next year, as soon as i'm done with college :D i'm gonna be broken, though... so... expensive... lol

    8 Abr 22h52 Responder
  • GetBack_x

    i'm fine! oh you're from japan... that's so nice... T_T isn't it a little bit late over there though? haha

    7 Abr 15h57 Responder
  • karemichika

    I didn't used to like kpop too much either, but these days I'm obsessed with it, as you can see.. :'D I think Skool luv affair is absolutely their best album so far, and my favorite song from them is Tomorrow :) And I also love Boy in luv! :D Oh I like Kim sung kyu too! I like especially his song 60seconds :) And yes I had school today :) How are you doing? :)

    7 Abr 15h55 Responder
  • GetBack_x

    thanks for accepting! :D and nice to meet you :)

    7 Abr 15h40 Responder
  • karemichika

    Oh you poor lil' thing, I wish you could've stayed in Korea longer :( And I hope you can keep in touch with all of your new friends! :) Oh that must've been so much fun! :D Lately I've been listening a lot of jrock, mostly the GazettE and Girugamesh, and lots of kpop, mostly BTS, 2NE1 and MBLAQ :) And I love bap's angel, I loved the whole new album, but angel is definitely the best song on it! :D How about you, what kind of music have you been listening to? :) And have you heard any songs from BTS, 2NE1 or MBLAQ's new albums? :)

    6 Abr 16h41 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Hey my love, so glad to see you're back! ♥♥ :* *hug* thank you so much ♥ I have been doing great, work has been a little tiring but now the next week should be fine. I was shopping today but I didn't find anything good, only a fake leather jacket. I was looking for a pair or nice jeans but all were the wrong color. Next weekend I will spend with my sister and her boyfriend, going to be so much fun! They're so cute together omg ♥ Here's spring too, except for today, it was a bit cloudy but yesterday the sun shined so beautifully! I am glad that you have spring too honey ♥♥ But now tell me about your trip my love, I want to hear everything you saw and did! Will you make a video about your trip hun? ♥

    6 Abr 15h59 Responder
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