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  • Melon-Juice

    Hey hon, sorry for the late reply again ;-; I am happy to hear you're doing good hon ♥ Ohhh waaa, congrats on the Job!! ♥ What kind of job did you get? c: I haven't gone to the beach yet, it's sooo hot over here >< I hope it cools down soon, but it's been storming a lot as well so idk when I'll be able to do any outdoorsy things x3 How about you, have you gone to the beach?

    Ontem 03:28 Responder
  • spiceforcefive

    Hi hi♡ I hope you're having fun on your trip!! How was your flight? NY isn't my favorite, but a lot of people seem to like it lol I really miss exo's old music honestly and I was always a fan of just exo-m and now that all the members have been leaving, I've pretty much stopped listening to them >.< My trip was so much fun, it was the best~~^^ It was so nice to escape from everyday life and get to be somewhere else for awhile! I can't wait to hear how your trip was/how it's going hehe♡♡ Still so many comebacks are happening and I'm excited for so many of them yay~ but at least Infinite has announced their comeback date and I can't wait ahhhh :D

    Ontem 03:18 Responder
  • DjNinja88

    thanks for the friend request! even though we have low compatibility, always happy to have new friends! and i see your from Japan. that is so awesome! i've wanted to visit japan all my life

    Ontem 22:38 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx

    I saw PTV AND PVRIS ... gdsjhnftshdfudhsiu They were together with Sws njbcgthdsbji It was mjfcognsofjhtoiufxd Amazing jdhngsjdh !! I wish to see more bands live c: ~ You like shinedown!?! That's ammazing T-T REALLY!!! That touched my heart. You Live In Japan? fdfjdohg

    22 Jun 16h20 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Yeah I know right, it really is tropical and I find it so fascinating that the climate is totally different from rest of Japan. Hahaha yeah it's the story of a kpop fan ^__^ I'm great thank you, and you? Did you have a nice flight btw?

    22 Jun 14h39 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Aw thank you dear! ♥ I wish we could, we would go together. Actually we got engaged in Spain 2 years ago, that's why I want to go there :) I know right, Reina's rock-style is just so gorgeous, and she is so cute in the video omg ♥♥ Oh I also love 僕たちは戦わない! i love to see so much princess Paruru in there ♥♥ I will tell you if I have something in mind hun xx I will watch your video now sweetheart ♥ I always watch your videos when I visit YT :) I hope you arrived safely my loveliest♥ I hope you're doing fine, and also remember that I love you very very very much too! ♥ Tell me something about your trip when you find wi-fi ♥ CHUUU ♥♥

    20 Jun 20h30 Responder
  • Angluvsmusic

    Hello I'm doing good how r u?

    20 Jun 2h52 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx

    Great taste in music!! My favorite band is Shinedown, but from what we share Sleeping With Sirens! YES I've seen SWS live!!! WOW Kellin Quinn is a beautiful man LOL, Which bands/artists have you seen Live?

    18 Jun 1h12 Responder
  • Isaaa_cx

    Hai c: I'm doing good, How Are You? ^_^

    16 Jun 18h47 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    I have to do it alone, poorly :( It would be so much easier with a partner haha ♥ I was a bit scared too, but I kept my eyes closed lol. Thank you dear ♥ Good luck with the rest of the packing! Remember to save space for make-up too ♥ I am not going anywhere this summer poorly, but if I get a job after i graduate in September I will go to Spain for Christmas :) So looking forward to it ♥ I have been listening to LoVendoR's new song いいんじゃない? :) I love it, I love it that Reina has continued singing even after Morning Musume. What have you been listening to dear? ♥ Have you got any recommendations for me? Yaay I am happy you had a relaxed weekend ♥♥

    15 Jun 8h45 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Me too hehe ^__^ I like both dangerous ones and light ones. But I like the thrill you get out of the scary ones a bit more :P How about you? Ohh that's awesome ^__^ I have never been in Japan, but I really want to go :D And Osaka's actually one of the cities i'd like to visit ^__^ Hiroshima would be nice too, and ofc Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Okinawa.. ahh there are so many places in Japan that i'd like to visit haha xD At first I didn't like their comeback at all but now i'm addicted to Bang bang bang haha but I really didn't like We like 2 party :/

    14 Jun 19h55 Responder
  • Melon-Juice

    Hehe yes! I am here ♥ *huggles* I am doing pretty great, thanks for asking hon ♥ How are you doing? :D I am definitely enjoying my summer! I am so happy to not have any essays to worry about it haha. How about your summer, are you enjoying it so far? ♥ Missed ya too c:

    13 Jun 23h20 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    My project has 4 different parts, and after each period I will start a new one. I have 2 parts left, and I should correct the previous one too *sigh* so much to do but I'll manage dear ♥ you're the sweetest ♥♥ chuchu~ Yes I went to the rides haha, so much fun. Yes I love the dangerous and wild one very wild one, which turn you upside down xD yay so nice, you deserve summer there since you are a sunshine yourself ♥♥ Have you got everything packed already honey? ♥ My weekend is great, I got some stuff taken cared of and now I am just enjoying with good music ♥ how is your weekend now my lovely? ♥

    13 Jun 17h57 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Thank you ^__^ I'll go there with a friend of mine, we're also going to the amusement park hehe i love amusement parks xD Wow it's pretty close then do you miss Japan? Btw if you don't mind where in Japan are you from? I'm going on monday the 15th and staying to wednesday :D Yeah EXO changed their sound quite a bit :P But I have to agree my fav songs are still their older ones ^__^ Did you like Big Bangs june comeback?

    12 Jun 13h08 Responder
  • spiceforcefive

    Hello♡ You'll have so much fun when you come to the US^^ especially if you get to meet your friend~♡ I''m from NY! but I've visited LA before hehe yay for having the same biases♡ I don't understand why so many people dislike them t_t I think they should give them a chance since they'll realize that they're so cute and lovely waah~ ahh I love that we love all the same people haha♡ I'll make a point to listen to your fave Lovelyz songs when I listen to them again♡ Yep I've heard exo's comeback song and I can't lie, it reminds me of SHINee haha It's not bad though! What did you think? I'm going to canada next week!! I'll be gone til July 1st yay I'm so excited to go especially since where I'm going has a really good koreatown with an amazing store that sells so much kpop stuff ahhh ♡_♡

    12 Jun 3h02 Responder
  • Takuya_Seita

    ハロー!!!最近いかがお過ごしですーかぁ~?xD 寂しかったよっ。T_T

    11 Jun 16h44 Responder
  • Takuya_Seita

    ごめんね、最近すごく忙しくて >_< 宿題がたくさんあった・・・ 僕に会いたかった?笑 今日はいかがですか?ww

    11 Jun 16h34 Responder
  • Lifunia

    The only thing I have planned is that i'm going to Stockholm next week but nother than that nothing. I'm broke lol xD Ohh that's so nice :D When are you going back to Japan? ^__^ I probably asked you this before but my meory can sometimes be pretty bad haha. I really liked it ^__^ Somehow it reminded me a bit of SHINee's View which I loved :D Or well it could easily be a SHINee song from their album Odd ^__^ It's not their best but definatley worth buying the repackage :3 What did you think about it?

    9 Jun 12h27 Responder
  • Melon-Juice

    Heeeey there! ♥ Yeah it has been such a long time XD I have been all over the place x.x Missed you too ♥ Oh that's great! I hope you enjoy your time in Japan with your family and friends :D I have been doing pretty good, just been taking it easy now.

    7 Jun 21h11 Responder
  • Waterdance

    Likewise my baby angel ♥♥ Yes you're right, i will be free then hihi~ I actually have no idea, I don't like this profession so I have to study again maybe :(( But I don't want to study anymore, because when I graduate I will be 22-years-old and then it would be minimum 1 years of studying again :( OMG SO COOL! ♥♥ Have fun in japan my baby! Are you seeing your family there? :) I will be working this summer since I have to pay for my apartement, i can' have a holiday this year *sigh* How about you my dear, what other plans do you have except Japan? ♥♥♥ Aishiteru gozaimasu! ♥

    7 Jun 11h16 Responder
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