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  • penginjidai

    はい、元気です。花子さんは? イギリスはまだ寒いかな。。。レストランでいいいけどね。

    8 horas atrás Responder
  • Lifunia

    Ahh that's so nice :D I love the sun it makes me so happy ^__^ It's been raining and snowing non stop for about one week until yesterday.. when the sun finally showed up *__* Yes I do hehe ^__^ Do you collect them too?

    Ontem 19:21 Responder
  • spiceforcefive

    ahh sorry for the late reply back too! i'm definitely going to listen to akb48 ^^ i like snow for a little while but not for too long... it's been too cold >.< yay for spring~♡ thanks so much for the recommendations!! i'm gonna go listen to all those songs ^^ i see you like bts too~ who is your bias?^^

    Ontem 18:31 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    i like many many many music, from all kinds :D

    Ontem 18:26 Responder
  • kubrraa

    I love Jung YongHwa.. I forget it :D ''because I miss you'' very beautiful song. I can't watch I'm trying to university exams. I recently watched the city hunter. its very great.. but I watched so many. My favorite playfull kiss, i need romance, city huter, reply 1997, doctor stranger, personal taste, scent of woman, the heirs, love rain, just you...

    Ontem 11:10 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    heard of the last one, but i'm not that much into it. i like dir en grey a little, but the most japanese bands i like are metal bands :D

    Ontem 00:10 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    thats a pretty unusual mix i guess, but ive never been to japan or greece, but id really like to visit both, especially japan ^^

    Ontem 23:53 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    haha, youre cute! yeah, youre half japanese? whats on the other half? :D

    Ontem 23:46 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    ah, cool cool! if its okay to you we could talk a little more private, like chatting in skype or something. i usually dont want to feed publicity with all informations about me xD if thats okay to you, we can chat over skype, thats the messenger i use when im on the computer :)

    Ontem 23:42 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    yeah, i work, i finished schools some years ago. do you like it then over there in england?

    Ontem 23:38 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    oh thank you ^^ ah we're not that famous, we just look pretty cool xD and unfortunately we just play gigs here in germany, maybe when we're touring across europe, or further, you can visit us at a concert, or you just come over to germany xD ah, you work too in england. but you used to live in japan right?

    25 Fev 23h31 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    oh, i forgot. is it cool over there in gb? why are you there, and for how long will you stay there?

    25 Fev 23h13 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    haha, yeah thats me in that pic. was actually a great moment. we had a gig and one of our guitarists stood beside me. i saw the camera man and looked into the cam, like our guitarist did. if you want to, i will send you the full photo. know, unfortunately i dont know them :/ yes, 200 euro is pretty much, but it was for my favorite band, got a meet n great, shirts, a nice talk and much more ^^ also had a special place for that concert xD

    25 Fev 23h09 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    oh really? which one did you see? concerts are also expensive here sometimes, one ok rock would have been also very expensive, and like for the 2 times i met my favorite band i paid about 200 euros for ech (!) concert..

    25 Fev 22h47 Responder
  • Lifunia

    It's okay the sun finally came out today yay ^__^ But it's still pretty cold :/ How about in England? ^__^

    25 Fev 18h41 Responder
  • takaminas

    thanks :) yeah everything went well, there's nothing wrong with my eyes after all yay :D

    25 Fev 14h26 Responder
  • drtobiornottobi

    yeah, though one ok rock is not exactly my kind of music i think they're pretty cool. do you have seen many japanese bands? i guess so, right?

    24 Fev 23h07 Responder
  • Lifunia

    I have a drivers licence but I didn't drive ^__^ Yeah I had a good time, even though the youngest besides me was like 40 hehe :3 Ohh sounds nice too ^__^ So i'm guessing you had a nice weekend :3

    23 Fev 18h46 Responder
  • takaminas

    same for me haha :D yeah i guess so, also the eye doctor is on wednesday ugh :/

    23 Fev 11h59 Responder
  • takaminas

    nice :D how was your week? :)

    22 Fev 14h29 Responder
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