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  • Slammingoveryou

    I have a lot of favorites, but right now I am really liking Gideon, Kingdom of Giants, Mouth of the South, To Speak of Wolves, and Sworn In.

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  • Pheebs-

    Ohh candles are so pretty, especially in the winter I can't have them since my cats can drop them and cause a housefire :( I haven't watched any Christmas movies yet, but I will watch some at the Christmas eve :) How about you princess? ♥ *hug*

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  • davedim

    I could perhaps also visit Fukuoka at some point if only Sakura_K rejects the リア充 illusion of a supposed world beyond idols. Cute pill is the only pill.

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  • davedim

    My intention is to visit Tokyo and Nagoya in a few months but some family issues might switch the plan up a bit. Ultimately though I'll do something SKE-ish and something Nogizaka-esque at the very least. If my friend and I do things right there should be some sort of concert somewhere in our trip. More on this when I've figured things out. :V

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  • davedim

    Ah, yeah, I know about the murder of that rapper and so on. It's best not to take sides in all that though as, unfortunate as the death of a man always is, he was pretty much part of the other side of the street brawls and mindless thuggery that goes on between fascist idiots on one side and antifascist idiots on the other, neither of whom really understand the ideologies to which they pay lip service. TL;DR leftists who fight in the streets unprovoked are idiots and rightists who fight in the streets unprovoked are idiots. Everyone is just awful. I'm glad you don't have to be in Greece while things are falling apart like that.

    Ontem 09:21 Responder
  • davedim

    Χρυσή Αυγή = 右翼団体

    Ontem 00:10 Responder
  • davedim

    "Fascist" or perhaps more accurately "nazi" is a better description of them really. They fight with anarchists in the street. Both sides are comprised primarily of working class thugs just looking to cause trouble.

    Ontem 00:08 Responder
  • davedim

    Oh I know of Golden Dawn. "Nationalists" who try to emulate the Germans who invaded and occupied their country during the war. Some patriots huh? My views are on the right of the political spectrum but definitely not in that way as I really can't stand bullies and thugs. I once saw a video of them pretty much bullying vendors in a marketplace, wrecking their stalls etc, if they wouldn't show them their papers. Many of these people were in fact Greek after all. Skinheads are geniuses like that.

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  • davedim

    I can totally understand "Κύριε ἐλέησον" or like "Χρυσή Αυγή" because religion and watching the news respectively but I doubt we'll be discussing these topics much. lol. :V

    Ontem 23:40 Responder
  • davedim

    I can read it but wouldn't understand it beyond that unless I recognise some words. I learned Latin for religious reasons and doing that made me realise how easy some languages are to learn compared to the struggle that was Japanese. Also, three languages is pretty impressive already! The languages I actually use regularly are English, Japanese, and Latin so we're not all that different in this respect. この冬はまだ雪が降っていません!Soon though~!

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  • davedim

    まだまだ で~す♪

    Ontem 23:29 Responder
  • davedim

    So basically if you want to leave me shouts in Latin you totally can. lol.

    Ontem 23:27 Responder
  • davedim

    Ohh I see. We're closer than we thought. Just a River Tweed apart. I can actually read Greek too by the way. I just can't speak it. lol. I can speak Scots, English, Japanese, Latin, German, a little bit of French and Mandarin, along with bits and pieces of Slavic languages, mostly Polish and Croatian, while I can read hangul, Hebrew, Greek, and Cyrillic yet barely speak the languages that use them because I'm silly like that. I like languages a lot and have spent way too much time on them over the past few years in particular.

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  • davedim


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  • davedim

    いや、アイドル好きなスコットランド人です!日本語でおk(笑) 日本人ですか?日本語で書いてみましょう?あと、実は26歳ですよw

    Ontem 23:17 Responder
  • Slammingoveryou

    Yeah I dont listen to deathcore as much anymore, but my favorite deathcore band is Impending Doom. Lately I have been on a big Kpop listening phase haha, but I have times where I listen to mainly metal/hardcore. What is your favorite metalcore band?

    Ontem 16:48 Responder
  • Slammingoveryou

    Really? That actually sounds good to me because I like spicy food haha.

    Ontem 15:19 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Thank you so much ^__^ Oh so awesome :D Yes I know Brighton, I actually stayed there for three weeks when I went for a language travel over summer ^__^ Really loved that city it's very beautiful :D

    19 Dez 12h11 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Ohh cool :D btw where in England did you move to? ^__^ Right now i'm studying a bit at the same time as listening to music and helping my mom haha and you? :3

    19 Dez 11h57 Responder
  • Lifunia

    So nice to celebrate christmas with the family ^__^ Not so cold where I live the weather is rather strange today we got +6 C and this weekend we're gonna get -2 C haha I will keep warm ^__^ How about in england is it cold there? You should also remember to keep warm ♥

    19 Dez 10h03 Responder
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