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  • YasaiMashiMashi

    Thank you for adding me!

    9 horas atrás Responder
  • SouthernSkies-

    Hi!! Thanks for adding me.

    12 horas atrás Responder
  • TomLeeSixxxxxxx

    Ty for invite :)

    Ontem 18:45 Responder
  • Lyapon

    Hii, i'm fine and you?

    Ontem 14:05 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    I LOVE YOUR SIDEBAR DARLING ♥ Looks amazing! Thank you so much, you're so sweet for helping ♥ Ah good to hear that you can finish soon, try to manage ♥ I have been just fine, very tired since I haven't gotten much sleep and I should improve it but I am bad at going to sleep early ;^; Unfortunately I don't have any breaks from school, I had one last week, I had 5 days off which was nice, I could do some homework in peace ♥ Have great holidays my angel! ♥ What will you do while you are having your holidays, anything special? You're special to me ♥ 私はあなたがとても大好きです :* ♥

    26 Mai 20h13 Responder
  • spiceforcefive

    ah i'm just stressed cause i was finishing up the school year, i was sick, work is always stressful lol, and then i have to decide if i wanna take a summer class t_t but i'll be okay too cause i'll be traveling soon too~!! yay for us! i'm so glad you'll be getting a break + going to travel^^ where will you be traveling to? yep i saw big bang when they came to america; it was so surreal and amazing *_* i've been loving their comeback especially loser♡ i'm excited for their next release on june 1st :D are you excited?! ooh how was ledapple? you're lucky you've seen them♡ i've never listened to 100% but i should since so many people like them... what songs do you recommend? there are so many more comebacks coming up, it's been hard to keep up this year lol especially since some groups are having 2 comebacks this year T_T taking all my $$$ omg and i just saw that you listen to pvris~ i just discovered them a few weeks ago and have been loving them♡♡

    26 Mai 17h18 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Exactly ^__^ And they're so curious too :D I was in Finland because of a concert with the korean band Boyfriend if yoou heard of them? ^__^ I had a wonderful time, Helsinki is such a beautiful city and everyone there is so nice :D Ohh I can only imagine that you're busy, but soon you'll have a vacation :D Soon i'll have the last exam before summer.. wow it feels nice :D

    26 Mai 7h55 Responder
  • fuki-suzuka


    25 Mai 22h01 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Yeah but they're a lot easier to handle than the ones i was a substitute for xD When I'm finished i'll teach kids aged 6-10 now when i was a substitute I had kids aged 11-13 phew it was a handful xD I'm fine thank you, I just got back from Finland, and you? ^__^

    24 Mai 20h09 Responder
  • fuki-suzuka

    (^o^)/ 花子さん。はいそですね(*.*)はい、日本人です!鈴華「すずか」です!初めまして

    24 Mai 19h33 Responder
  • fuki-suzuka

    こんにちは (^.^) いえいえ。よろしくお願いします

    24 Mai 2h51 Responder
  • Yukiiiimit

    そうだよー ボーカルやってるよ笑

    22 Mai 21h49 Responder
  • spiceforcefive

    hello my love~♡ ahhh my life got super crazy and stressful and i couldn't reply to any messages, sorry for not being around for so long~ i feel bad >.< but thanks for adding me back, i missed talking with you♡ i hope you're not stressed and sad anymore!! although i have been lately t_t how've you been? i have seen some kpop groups in real life! i've seen the wonder girls, 2ne1, and big bang, what about you? omg so many amazing comebacks have happened *_* which has been your fave? i'm still so in love with bts, big bang, and sunggyu's comebacks hehe^^♡

    22 Mai 14h11 Responder
  • Lifunia

    It went well, it was kinda hard to handle new classes xD and some of them were really hard to get to liten and they tried pushing my boundaries. They were 12-13 years old so I got to teach a level above what i'm educating myself to be. Yes I know RV :D I really liked their comeback Ice Cream Cake too but I'm not a fan of their debut :P What about you?

    18 Mai 5h14 Responder
  • Lyapon

    you're welcome darling ;D

    15 Mai 15h34 Responder
  • X__Truthiness

    Yeah, I adore Sunggyu :)! The music videos were amazing, I'm partial to 'The Answer' though. Have you given the mini album a listen yet? It's just as solid as his first. He never disappoints.^^

    11 Mai 21h10 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Aw I will remember that if you will remember that you are too ♥ Wow you have so early mornings! and the job really sounds hard :/ Good luck my dear, you can do it! *hugs* ♥ Are you trying to look for something else darling? ♥ Thank you so much for the link dear, you're the best! ♥ Love you ♥ どうもありがとうございます ♥ あなたは完璧です!

    10 Mai 20h36 Responder
  • Lifunia

    Right now it's the same as i'm educating myself to be :D So teaching jobs.. I got one on tuesday yay ^__^ Big Bang's comeback was ok, I think it was a bit boring.. especially Loser but Bae Bae was ok :D Maybe it'll grow on me hehe. Can't wait to hear their next comeback though ^__^

    10 Mai 19h37 Responder
  • Waterdance

    Hey baby, I know you would understand chuchu ♥♥ I will send you the link for the album as private message ♥ Yes, at fall I will graduate ;~: Finally!! ♥♥ ^^ Oh noo, I am sorry to hear that you don't like it :( Have you tried looking for something else? My dear.. ♥ *hug* I have been fine, busy with school but I have also had fun with friends so I am happy ^^ ♥ How about you angel? ♥ Love you + miss you tons!! ♥

    10 Mai 10h19 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Thank you my gorgeous princess ♥ You are so sweet dear, I hope you will find him too! But he has to be perfect, you deserve nothing less ♥ School and work are going well, I should start one project but today I am so lazy haha. I only have one week left of work poorly :( but after 7 weeks I will go back there, yaay ~ ♥ I haven't found that drama with english subtitles! Do you know where I could watch it dear? ♥ I bet baby mayuyu is great :) Oh what do you do in your new job? ♥ がんばって! 私はあなたを愛しています ♥♥

    9 Mai 19h08 Responder
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