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  • marcelocic

    Hey babe! Check out this quiz: even thinking is pointless I'm showing you cause is related to what we were talking about, and there's even some questions on it that we discussed before... I took 8 of 100m, do it and let me know your result!! <3

    20 Abr 5h22 Responder
  • rehevans

    I'm not used to buy CDs... I prefer live shows :) I dont have space for keeping Cds, books and DVDs HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH So, I left CDs. I have only 3 CDs... Lotus, Green Day's greatest hits and Celebration (Madonna) rs And these three, I won. hahahahaha I dont know, CD, in these days, it's kinda desnecessary :/ I dont know, I dont feel the same magic, u know? It's not like buying a movie/live show or a book... But only my opinion, of course xD What about u? Do you buy CDs?

    19 Abr 21h12 Responder
  • Atthene

    Shoutbox worked fine fo me. ;D I have found better page than, which is goodreads. com ;D Oh, I like that part, because it's very good, not bad. :P Yeah, I was a fan of Shakira 10 years ago. ;D I was collecting her posters and stuff like that. :) Happy Easter!

    19 Abr 19h09 Responder
  • addick9898

    They mostly listen to rap or top 40 radio. I have this one friend who listens to nothing but Insane Clown Posse, and anything related to them. He sometimes jokes around about the fact that I listen to Demi. One night I was talking about how ICP used to be on Demi's record label, Hollywood Records, so that would've made ICP Disney music at that time, etc, etc. It was funny. hmm Unbroken? I guess your charts don't lie. wow i didn't even realize you liked avril lavigne. cool :). i liked her ever since i was a teenager.

    19 Abr 3h35 Responder
  • marcelocic

    No!! I don't know other languages, only portuguese and a bit of english (I couldn't say I could speak normally cause I couldn't) and well, I think it's important to learn spanish but I don't have money for it! In the future I'll like to learn more languages YES, but I don't know the ones yet..

    19 Abr 0h50 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Well, i think that if you're feeling well and if you think that this suits you better no one have nothing to deal with it! Right? I'm anxious to see! :-) <3

    19 Abr 0h48 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Bublé is very talent, and charming, and his voice, omg!! I don't get what he don't do a huge sucess too, maybe because he's british and british artists have a fewer change to do sucess worldwide, for american ones is easier, do you think that way too? Good you don't think I'm snob, I'm affraid that sometimes I can sound like this... Maroon 5 nowadays do only "Moves Like Jagger sound-like" songs... I think they want to get again the sucess of the previous songs so much that they sounds only boring, nothing new or relevant. And I think it's a negative point when the artist get stuck on something just because worked previously (as P!nk that is doing the same circus themed tour she already did: BORING)! I don't know if I'm so good at it as you're saying, but at least I think I can handle! But I don't want to spend my whole life on it, you know? IWhen I start to work I think I'll figure it out more easy. HAHAHA I LOVE when you said I made you smile, I feel like a super hero :D <3 <3

    19 Abr 0h46 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Ok ok, I decided I'm a fan xD I don't think knowing everything about her is boring, I think I expressed myself wrong: some fans think they know more cause they're fans for a longer time than others, so they snob on the youngest fans, saying they know more, and etc etc, this is annoying, boring, and they're just cunts! hahaha get it! Yes, I think you can be a fan of everyone, but for me be a fan is somehow different, you know? I consider me a fan only of Madonna, Annie Lennox and Christina Aguilera, they're the ones who I actually get excited when I heard of a new release, the ones who I hope they can release a video like this or like that, an album of some genre and etc! Do you know what I mean? Don't get them wrong, darling, 1D have their stylist team, hair and make up and everything!! AND MONEY so they can be and wear whatever the team wants!! I don't consider that as soul! Have some excerpts from Soul and R&B I think, but it's a very easy listening song as pop music generally is.

    19 Abr 0h40 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Hmm, get it! So I'm waiting till u send me those pictures so I can judge by myself!! <3 I love you <3 and I remember you, don't say that I don't ever again :')

    18 Abr 22h01 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Don't be so unffair with me, I already remembered your birthday before, but as happened last year I thought it was 22 not 12! Next year I will remember!! Administration is really boring, for real! When I'm in class I always think "oh this is such a boring class, and the next, and tomorrow's class", but is an area that I'm used to it, you know? And I pretend to do something else after it, I just think I'm wasting my time there... and I had a dream and I search the meaning for it and it said exactly the same thing: that I'm wasting my time on superficial things for me and that I need to change! I'm just affraid of that change! :/ The nice thing with groups is the style that always change by the member, you know? So they put all of that together and BOOM something nice is out! :) I think we'll do well Cheeza! :D

    18 Abr 22h00 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Timbaland, that's not a negative point, the point is the thing he does is just very poor, everything is just too basic, when he tours all I can see is an american doing something that Michael Bublé does and used to do it before Justin start a new solo career. Not even mentioning the "sinatra thing" he forces. HAHAHAHA glad I made you laugh! And I'm not snob, cause I don't snob who listen to them, but I got my reasons, I can tell if you want to! I don't see Maroon 5 as a rock band, they were always pop rock for me, which is very different, lately they found a new style that can be even classified as rock or pop, lame would do well, I guess xD

    18 Abr 21h54 Responder
  • marcelocic

    But I still like her old songs, this makes me a half fan then? :) Yes, but I wouldn't call me wise cause I know a lot of M's fans who think they know everything bout her career, and they know so much more than the yougest fans knows and this is really boring! I just don't give her applause (haha) for everything she does! I think she had more clever highlights in her career than she have now. HAHAHA I think exactly the way I think! people get all of like "ziam, liam + zayn" and etc and I stay so jealous cause Liam is mine wtf?? hahaha The only thing I'd change bout Liam is that he always tries to look like Justin Timberlake, and that's just no work, you know? It all gets like a bad copy and he is so much better than a bad copy, did you watch their last video? I think it's very poor, they could come with something better. Liam Liam Liam ♥ ♥ ♥ You know, I don't think Justin tries new things on his career, he does always the same thing with

    18 Abr 21h49 Responder
  • rehevans

    Really? I love the new album... I mean, Light me Up is awesome, but, in a way, it gets too repetitive... Going to Hell, I dont think so... And I looooooove the lyrics. Taylor has grow a lot since Light me Up, and we can see that in her lyrics. Such a good work <3

    18 Abr 16h07 Responder
  • addick9898

    well you're welcome. happy late birthday then! it was just a lucky guess, partly based off when you said "Most of Demi fans are 14/15 years old and I don't know anyone who likes her". Yea I feel the same, and it being even worse for me since I'm 28 ha. that's a very hard question. if i had to choose, i guess my fav album would be hwga, and as for song, i don't really have one. i guess it depends on what mood i'm in. what's your favs?

    17 Abr 20h49 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Bout your photos they're on camera or on cellphone? If you have an android system on your cellphone u could try "dropbox", so you could see them pics on your computer by dropbox, you know? If you google it you get better than I explained to u right now xD About your hair collor: OH NOOOO! :'( I think you're so beautiful with redhair!! Stays so natural... you're very white so I think it's very dark for you, don't you think so? I want to see so bad right now xD I have to update u with pics of mine too!!

    16 Abr 16h56 Responder
  • marcelocic

    I'm thinking I forget about your birthday? It's day 12 or 22 of april? I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT, second year consecutive this happened :x That's not "nice for me", it'd be great to spend a whole day with you, you know? Just walk around on shopping, and then take some ice cream and etc etc, hahaha would be a full day of spending and getting fat! xD And no, as I told u I have those financial issues, so I don't have money to spend on CDs :/ Too bad! CD records here in Brazil can be very expensive, you know? So isn't a thing that I just go out and buy very often. My work wasn't so difficult, you know? It was everything that we learn on classroom, so it was just ok, I'm affraid cause I just delievery a piece of paper, and sent on the professor email the powerpoint presentation, and they're a bit empty of meaning (since the presentation would do the whole work, do you know what I mean?) I hope I receive a full mark! You can call me "Nuhdeen" hahaha xD We should start working on our debut album!

    16 Abr 16h52 Responder
  • marcelocic

    I am this childish too, some of my twitter friends are fan of them (1D) and I always stay like "omg liam liam liam omg omg" hahaha Do you know what ship means? They use to ship Liam + Zayn = Ziam and I'm jealous of that?? wtf? haha I don't know bout their Debut album, only "What Makes You Beautiful", and it's a just ok pop song, I guess. Now, about Justin Timberlake, he forces an image that I think he doesn't really have. He tries to be this Frank Sinatra of our genaration, and for me all sounds just very lame, I tried to listen to his first album of last year and I couldn't make it! And Adam, as Maroon 5 are all lame haha that's the only word I can find for them, I hated when Xtina recorded that song! How I wished that could flop everywhere!!

    16 Abr 16h46 Responder
  • marcelocic

    You're very right! And when I said that about her it wasn't my intention to sound "shading" or "hating", I don't judge her change eighter, I just don't like it that much!! I AM the biggest Madonna's fan in this whole world, but she's not paying attention to some points she needed to see, or maybe that's a new Madonna and I'm just not used to it yet, I don't know.

    16 Abr 16h37 Responder
  • addick9898

    Poland? I'm a bit surprised. You probably speak english better than I do lol. I figure you're either 21 or 22? Yea, It's more of a twist on what one would consider "bad taste". Basically, I tend to like what most people don't like. Not to say that I'm a hipster or something. But if I don't like what most people consider to be good(like artic monkeys for example), or if I don't like a certain song, then I must have bad taste. You feel me?

    16 Abr 6h59 Responder
  • marcelocic

    My mom was right here behind me when I was looking your profile and she wondered (I wonder it myself too) who's the girl on your avatar? Mom thought it was you and said "omg, she looks so much better as a red hair girl, don't you think so?" hahaha

    15 Abr 9h55 Responder
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