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  • MarieZoa

    Hello, If you like Korn and metal music, go to : Thanks.

    22 Jan 11h17 Responder
  • marceloafonsosj

    What is the playcount and why and how is broken?

    18 Jan 23h33 Responder
  • marceloafonsosj

    Nina Simone was kinda...controversial HAHAHA how are you?

    18 Jan 15h32 Responder
  • marceloafonsosj

    whats uuuup :) <3

    18 Jan 14h02 Responder
  • dunklekaiserin

    *hugs* No, no feeling angry all the time *shares chocolate*. Lately, I just feel withdrawn and numb...not sure how to get where I need to be.. Here for you hun. Take good care ♥

    14 Jan 15h03 Responder
  • DevilDave59

    Greetings from Nottingham UK, impressive library.

    12 Jan 21h09 Responder
  • roanafer

    A little sad, I hope next year will be different, I hope to be in a big city or with someone very important, is what you want too? Thank you :D

    11 Jan 20h55 Responder
  • rehevans

    I'm good. Just enjoying my free time. It will over tomorrow, but okay! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA are listening some good new artists?

    11 Jan 17h45 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    Yeah, a bit o' a belated happy New Year to you *dark* friend. Yeah, it's summer here & everyone's supposed to be having fun, but playin musical furniture ain't :(. How's life treating you in your neck of the woods? Or is that a dumb question? Playing A Fine Day To Die on endless repeat should give me a good clue (:'>. Oh yeah... that's one hell of a wicked avi pic. Ya don't walk round the street with a mask like that on do ya?

    11 Jan 11h18 Responder

    b l e s s

    9 Jan 3h57 Responder
  • dunklekaiserin

    Hey hun...hope the new year started good for you. Nah, I'm not mad...anger kills your heart and makes you age faster :p. Take your's nice hearing from you. How are you hun ? ♥ Take good care :).

    6 Jan 15h20 Responder
  • rehevans

    Happy ney year, my dear friend! <3 I'm good, and you? How was the holidays?

    5 Jan 0h36 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    sometimes i feel like i've died from social media lol i don't know what to do with my self :) i miss you so much and i just need to tell you all the things i want to say but i can't say them out in the open.. some of it is much too personal... :) but i miss you dearly.

    4 Jan 5h58 Responder
  • roanafer

    No, I was at home, I saw some fireworks near my home only :) And you how was your new year's eve?

    3 Jan 23h39 Responder
  • roanafer

    Hello :D Thank you and Happy New Year for you too *-*

    3 Jan 22h03 Responder
  • brunomoonchild

    thanks cute, for you too <3

    1 Jan 13h15 Responder
  • brunomoonchild

    Acc dear :)

    31 Dez 2014 Responder
  • Mikropark

    The Memory Of The Goze - Lisa Gerrard and Michael Edwards :

    5 Dez 2014 Responder
  • justdrivemycar

    Unfortunately I couldn't go on the Tarja concert, because I had afternoon-evening hospital practice. :( My friends went to see her and they said it was great . :D Yes, I love her new album, but I wish she was still in Nightwish. And sorry for this really-really late answer, I'm kinda busy these days. :/

    26 Nov 2014 Responder
  • roanafer

    I want to listen to Tuomas, but I always forget about it :/ hahaha. Yes, isn't a long time, and soon you'll get a job :) No, I was like a secretary, office work, I liked there so much, I miss that job. Yes, I like my course, I hope I get a good job with this. I don't really like maths :/ hahaha, but at the college was good, I like the subjects, and you, do you like maths? I like my new job, but last week I stopped to work there, some problems, seems like I wasn't learning, for me was normal, but I don't know exactly what happen :/ I was very sad about, but thank you anyway. Oh, I also don't know what I want to do, is hard to choose. Music seems good, I hope you can find a good job. :D

    25 Nov 2014 Responder
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