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  • lelolelolelelo

    I thought about doing 2 or 3 with less songs, like 10 to be easier for you to listen. The only problem is that spotify don't have half of the songs I wanna show you so what to do ? :(

    29 Jun 0h41 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    The fact is: isn't delicate at all. The same for those R&B singers that put a lot of sweet voices balacing with each other and live is all just terrible. So, what's the reaaaal thing? And then they all go to talk about how Madonna can't sing. I don't get this!! :D For me is something that only works on studio. And if it works only at studio and not live it doesn't work at all! Hmmm, in 2012, when BFL released her album I heard a lot of it, along with Fiona's 2012 album, was the start of a-changing xD I really like brazilian music. I don't like the popular music scene Brasil is passing since some years ago (like 10 years or more). Some genres like "pagode" and "sertanejo" always existed and were popular, but now they're reaaaally popular here and is just sad xD But now there's some indie/alternative scene growing here and is really awesome, but they don't receive a lot of attention on the radios. You'll get to know some of these songs with my playlists!

    29 Jun 0h40 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    You said something very smart about Florence and Marina, but they "were born" with this 'new thing' with altern/pop music, right? It's difficult to picture Xtina in this position now after so many mistakes. She could enter easily in this group if Bionic followed the "initial project" it was meanted to be. Now I don't know. hahaha yep, 3 years are really nothing!! :D I have internet since the end of 2006/beginning of 2007. But I always entered at websites on my mom's work. I remember watching the video and music preview of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban :DD It was sooo cool and I was soo excited :) As for Madonna, I didn't mean she was dark on everything, but is very difficult she put out something with bright collors, you know? On her tours, for example, she always wears more black clothes etc and when she uses colors they're very dark too, so it'd be nice something colorful for a change! Janet's voice is "delicate" on studio but it just doesn't work live, that's the problem

    29 Jun 0h36 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    The composers on Lotus were many. In some of the songs there's like 4-5 songwrites and for what? The songs are just so simple and lame. Yes, Xtina use to write a lot of her songs and always did it perfectly with Linda Perry... now she hardly can relase 3 or 4 good songs on a whole album. So, she was good or Linda was good? That's the question! Not even mentioning the fact that she's now very hypocritical bout everything she used to say on Stripped era. About "doesn't matter if I'm seeling 1 or 1mi copies of my albums" but at that time she was really selling millions so it was easy to say that. Now she doesn't do much, right? People use to say on Bionic era that she was sad and depressed that's why everything was so bad but and then at Lotus? Things were even worse, all lame. What made her sad and depressed? hm. I don't think is the genre. I think is the quality. There's shitty soul music and there's shitty electro music. We can say that in a general way because is unffair.

    29 Jun 0h16 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Madonna to release a video like that, with happy colors and etc. She was always very dark, very black and etc even in her tours. I hope the tour get those vibes too, you know? Coloured clothes like this one: it's not full of color but isn't b&w too. I like Janet for this reason too, and cause the songs were mainly average-good, but I don't know if it works live (i've never seen a full concert by her and some live performances let me unsatisfied. I know ''Hopes and Fears'', but don't remember very well tbh, I'll hear it again and then I'll let you know <3 But The Haunted Man isn't a new record, right? :) but I like it, the photo cover is strange and I don't know if I like it... the rest is just great thought! I don't know if I already asked you this but: how is the music scene there in Poland? Do you have artists you like from there?

    22 Jun 14h07 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    It's funny to think about producers cause I always thought about her as being a co-worker that didn't let producers do everything by her. So, where comes their part in her failing? HAHAHAHA how older than me you are? You have like 24 or something? I don't remember very well, but yah, at some point you're right. But I don't think bout those times with nostalgic feelings or anything like that. Everything was so much worse at so many aspects and now things are (not good but at least better). I think I've missed and that I am missing a lot of things now and this hurts my heart sooo bad :'( we can talk about it on PM. Honestly when it comes to Madonna I never know what will you think xD I think it's nice but the "quality" of the video is terrible, like it's all blurry and it can't come to get clean or HD. You know? And since GMAYL I get this thing on her videos, even when is being showed in television. I hate that. In other hand is a very colorful video and I love it, I always wanted+

    22 Jun 14h02 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    I don't know what you're talking about. 😁 all I know now this is mine 😏

    21 Jun 15h59 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    I still love Xtina, but she's isn't "perfect" anymore, on music I mean, of course. She's blurried somehow to me. I don't know what happened too but I think she lost her touch and won't release another superb album again. I don't miss those times, I could never miss those times xD Internet for me is everything, my studies and songs and everything really. So I don't know that feeling! And while talking bout videoclips, have you seen Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna"? I don't need to ask what do you think (lol) but you were one of the many who disliked the video? :DD hahaha I don't miss Janet's music tbh. It was just a throwing back moment or something. But she was good for sure. I've never been so much into Keane. I love their song "Closer Now" that I know only because Annie recorded (wich is a great reason because it's an amazing song) and some other singles, but never a full album? What do you like of them??? And which album by BFL? "The Haunted Man"? She got a new one? :)

    21 Jun 3h40 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    CIARA's NEW ALBUM IS POPPING HAHAHA! but honestly it's a really good album but i know she won't get the recognition she deserves because lately her record company hasn't been promoting her so well. but ON A GOOD SIDE NOTE! HILARY DUFF FINALLY RELEASED HER ALBUM YESTERDAY!! I GOT THE NEW ALBUM THE DAY BEFORE IT CAME OUT! AND I PRE ORDERED HER FAN JOY DELUXE FAN PACK LOL it was like $50 all together omg it was so worth it! i'm so excited! SHE WAS #1 on itunes here in the U.S IM SO HAPPY FOR HER! NOW TO BE NUMBER 1 ON BILLBOARD HOT 100 SHE WILL SLAY THE CHARTS i'm sorry for the caps but as you know and majority of my friends, im in love with Hilary Duff <3

    17 Jun 13h47 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    I need more dark music to listen to, i've been listening to Ciara's new album and just so many new albums and i need to be dark again LOL

    14 Jun 1h45 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Ok, now I know how to follow people on spotify :p

    11 Jun 16h22 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    It's funny to see Janet here, I was watching some video clips of hers some days ago. Have you heard she's recording a new album? She posted on social media a snippet that she talks about "keep the conversation (between her and fans) going and that new music is comming soon". I hope there's no feat, you know? Mostly because featuring songs nowadays are almost all with Nick Minaj (nothing against but nothing in favour) and (GOD PLEASE NO) there's a chance with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland too. I don't know why I think that since I don't listen to her for ages and probably won't be so into the new album BUT I LIKE TO COMPLAIN xD

    7 Jun 2h19 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    rules of society. They break saints images and go round NAKED hahaha if they had one of these marches in my city I'd totally go. Not naked of course xD I never tried scrobble on iTunes with my windows 7. I used to use it with XP... so, I don't know exactly the problem. Btw, how many music players do you use? I was used with Grooveshark and WMP only, now I use Spotify (don't have many choices) and WMP!

    7 Jun 2h14 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    haha I don't know, it's strange. I always though Xtina was THE SHIT! She was the best, but then things started getting down with almost everything: promotion, video clips and even quality music in her albums. This gets me undersatisfied and my relationship with the artist gets colder, I think! I still hope and wait for a great album, concept, image, photoshoots, video clips (in plural, at least 4 or 5, pleaseeee) I think video clips are so important. I spent a lot of time of my teenage years 10-15 watching them... so... Religious people are so unhappy and they want everyone suffering for the same causes. Selfish bullshit only. I think, how can anyone creat stupid rules just to suffer when breaking them? They're very inscure bout themselfs too, that's why they want life to be so miserable!! HAHAHAH this is so funny. They're so crazy but don't like when others go crazy too. Here in Brasil we have the "march of the bitches" created by feminist women (and glbt people too) who goes against

    7 Jun 2h12 Responder
  • RnB_001

    Tamia is one of my favorite artists! Her new album comes out on the 9th actually, but it has already leaked... It will be good, for sure!

    6 Jun 9h18 Responder
  • PurpleBabyJane

    Thanks for the comment. I was looking for you but couldn't remember your user name. Thanks! My old account PurpleTinker wasn't scrobbling.I played 50 songs & it counted none of them.

    6 Jun 3h37 Responder
  • RnB_001

    Hey! I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. I already know Tinashe & Jhene Aiko, they're alright. Same here, Sevyn is a great singer :-)

    5 Jun 21h02 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101


    4 Jun 16h25 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101


    4 Jun 16h25 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    wait i didn't reply? LOL I mean i don't like pop-era taylor swift! Dont get me wrong haha, i just miss the old taylor swift!! I feel like she's overrated and all because she made this "big crossover to pop music" when she was already pop to begin with just mixed with country! and now people are hailing her as queen of pop when she really isn't lol ! I miss her country style, she was one of the few artists in country music that i listened too :D but now she's just a sell out ^^ But that Bad blood remix is epic! I just can't wait for Lana to come out with her new album, you can find me in my room crying and all because of how beautiful it will be! <3

    4 Jun 16h24 Responder
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