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  • lelolelolelelo

    It went ok, they called me again and asked me to go there again for another test, sounds promising but I'm trying to keep my hopes low. The thing is that I keep trying with wrong people, I just let go now, and decide to not care anymore and it's working! Well I heard about when he left the band, I was "choked", maybe not choked but I always thought they would last a good time, and I never thought he would be the first to leave... the thing now is that nothing will be the same, you know? I hope guys improve their skills, cause I want Liam rocking in his future solo career :p

    Ontem 03:27 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Is everything pretty fucking terrible, I have exams all over the way, homeworks, articles, I'm almost a living dead or something xD I have a job interview tomorrow, I'm not excited as I was before, I think this is a good sign, cause things can go better than they were previously! Did you receive my last pm? And... what about you? What can you tell me? :) ♥

    23 Mar 1h43 Responder
  • Perfect_Warrior

    I like the cold, i like Russia ;)

    22 Mar 1h42 Responder
  • Perfect_Warrior

    I do not like to live here too, here is very hot, and very violent.

    22 Mar 1h00 Responder
  • Perfect_Warrior

    Why don't like?

    22 Mar 0h40 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    Thanks my lady

    22 Mar 0h20 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    I adore your existence :)

    21 Mar 0h33 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    Well, not everyone in Sydney lives or likes the beach too... luckily! Otherwise the beaches would be oh so crowded!!! When I see your avi pics I can imagine you concocting potions or sticking pins in voodoo dolls of your enemies or friends... maybe that's the reason, when I feel bad. LOL Do you dress like a goth? I saw a goth couple down the beach earlier in the year... made my head turn and stare... a rare, but *exciting* sight in Sydney. I think they're nearly extinct :((. I'm not really a tri-athlete, more of a try athlete ;)). I'm always tryin to kill myself one way or another. haha.

    15 Mar 5h54 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    Yeah thnx... Hmm... I wish I had more time to devote to drawing... I'm just a budding artist. Sorry to disappoint thou, most of my stuff is intensely coloured & not really scary. Maybe you can inspire me (:'>. As sworn as you are to the dark, I gotta say there's quite a lotta pop stuff in your lib, so you must feel bright sometimes? Is possible to listen to uptempo pop when ya feel shit? I have found that when I'm in a good mood, even one of my maudlin or 'wanna die' songs sounds different... it doesn't have the same emotional impact. Is it the same for you? Yeah, I think the northern hemisphere has stolen our summers :((. We used to get hot weather day after day... often 35C+ even in Feb and sometimes it stayed hot all night... but not for the last 3 yrs. Give us back our hot summers!!! ;)).

    15 Mar 5h54 Responder
  • sanctuary-

    You're welcome. Ari Queen <3

    15 Mar 1h31 Responder
  • Perfect_Warrior

    I'm back :3. I like to hear is power metal, progressive metal. Oh, I have long wanted to know Poland someday, all people from Poland I know are great people. Thanks, I just put the pizza to bake :P

    15 Mar 0h08 Responder
  • Perfect_Warrior

    Yep, I like Machine Head, but I confess that it is not one of my favorite bands of Thrash Metal ;D. Where are you from? I'm going to take a bath, and then I'll make pizza, I'll come back later, take care.

    14 Mar 23h04 Responder
  • Perfect_Warrior

    Hey, welcome! I'm fine too, thanks for ask :P, and you??

    14 Mar 22h45 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    Which social network do you use to talk to people ? Whatsapp is widely used on mobile, as well as LINE and others. I use facebook too. I can play flute, keyboard and saxophone. :P

    14 Mar 22h36 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    Due to work, I almost do not have hobbies , just get on the internet, researching interesting music , you must have realized that I can not speak English very well , I'm sorry for that, but are you from which country ? Well, I 'm a musician , I play clarinet in the church. And i like to read books. Do you have whatapp or something?

    13 Mar 17h35 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    very cool . Where can i hear you singing ? d'u know the words ''to sing in the bathroom''? It is only there that I sing.... kkk

    12 Mar 17h48 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    are you a singer?

    10 Mar 3h12 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    Not yet. d'u like Mary J. Blige ? And d'u have facebook or something like?

    10 Mar 0h48 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    Hi, i'm using spotify, 8tracks and u?

    9 Mar 16h40 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Of course, I love school, I'm a nerd do you remember? xD Actually, going to school sometimes is 100% better than to stay at home! I think you shouldn't be worried cause there's nothing that can go wrong with you! I study some law stuff, you're not guilty of nothing, the biggest thing that can cross your way is avid people! Be cool, seriously, everything will work out fine!! Will your mom go with you? Plus: what are you doing lately? Any movie or tv series you're watching? :)

    8 Mar 18h45 Responder
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