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WatainAll That May Bleed Faixa preferida Ontem 16:25
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WatainBlack Flames March Faixa preferida Ontem 15:14
WatainDe Profundis Faixa preferida Ontem 15:09
WatainNight Vision Faixa preferida Ontem 15:06
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  • marcelocic

    "Have a nice day"? That sounds so formal that even hurts xD how are you? what were u doing these days?

    14 Dez 2h45 Responder
  • Mikropark

    The Memory Of The Goze - Lisa Gerrard and Michael Edwards :

    5 Dez 5h36 Responder
  • marcelocic

    Hello love <3 how are you feeling? Have you heard Riri's new song snippet she posted in her instagram acount?

    28 Nov 17h10 Responder
  • justdrivemycar

    Unfortunately I couldn't go on the Tarja concert, because I had afternoon-evening hospital practice. :( My friends went to see her and they said it was great . :D Yes, I love her new album, but I wish she was still in Nightwish. And sorry for this really-really late answer, I'm kinda busy these days. :/

    26 Nov 19h38 Responder
  • roanafer

    I want to listen to Tuomas, but I always forget about it :/ hahaha. Yes, isn't a long time, and soon you'll get a job :) No, I was like a secretary, office work, I liked there so much, I miss that job. Yes, I like my course, I hope I get a good job with this. I don't really like maths :/ hahaha, but at the college was good, I like the subjects, and you, do you like maths? I like my new job, but last week I stopped to work there, some problems, seems like I wasn't learning, for me was normal, but I don't know exactly what happen :/ I was very sad about, but thank you anyway. Oh, I also don't know what I want to do, is hard to choose. Music seems good, I hope you can find a good job. :D

    25 Nov 3h31 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    thnx for the compliment bout my avi pic :)). Um... well... in Australia, i think a lot of people are ashamed to admit their Kylie fans or even like her music... bit of a stigma ;)) LOL. Most of us don't really know much about her music since she left our fair shores... me included. I only stumbled upon her song Confide In Me on a late night music video show a while back & was really surprised how sophisticated her sound had become. At the moment thou, I've drifted away from pop a bit... it's really funny cause i have more plays of Austra than Kylie... but i've never really seen a pic of the band or their lead singer... gotta say she's gotta really cooool look :)). Are u a big fan of theirs?

    22 Nov 11h43 Responder
  • marcelocic

    I heard about a second surprise album with whole video clips thing, featuring with Justin T, Rihanna etc, but it's a fake, actually is a new release of "BEYONCÉ" with a DVD with the Ms Carter show, a DVD with all the clips, the Beyoncé album and a deluxe CD with 2 new songs and remixes (BORING), I'll wait to see the album artwork and material to judge better, but isn't somthing exciting and is very expensive, more than it should be!!! How are u? I had this terrible week of homeworks and presentations, I'm so tired and now he have this whole exam week ahead, I'm almost dying!! Are you sad with something particular? :( stay well xoxo ♥

    16 Nov 16h02 Responder
  • marcelocic

    career he'll be an outstanding, I guess... cute he's already is, right? :p I saw you and Renato talking bout Cheryl... Liam wrote a song for her new record too. And you know what I think is funny? This "close" relationship between Nicola and Cheryl, Nic on the group was always the left behind girl, you know? Cheryl was a close friend (or then it was what all look like) of Kimberly, not Nicola.. but now as Nic is the cool girl from Girls Aloud Cheryl keep this thing of tweeting her and calling to make a feat... that's just dishonest for me. So, have you hear Lennox's Nostalgia? xD I did like Tove Lo, and I love your slow songs playlist! I need to hear the "metal rock" one but that scares me a lot, like "metal? wtf" xD Even knowing Gwen's first single isn't something that special she still didn't let me down, there's still the whole album to be listened too, and her work with No Doubt is great, so, i'll wait more time if it's needed.

    16 Nov 15h59 Responder
  • marcelocic

    I think isn't hard to record a cover, you know? I just think the artist need to have a very strong personal music identity, bc if you don't have that you won't do nothing special with the song. Annie does have a strong personal music identity but she couldn't show much on this new record. Songs like "Memphis In June" and "I Cover the Waterfront" are great tunes tough! Yep, and Taylor's new record doesn't sound as good as people like to say it sounds, but I don't say much for the public in general, cause they're always calling you a hater or even say "who are u to say something bout Taylor" ugh, as for you have an opinion you'd have to be Obama, Buddha or Jesus or something like that. Plus... did you hear One Direction's new album? Is quite good and they're evolving so much, songs like "Fool's Gold" and "Fireproof" made me listen to it, I didn't regret it nothing, even thinking the album have a lot of fillers etc, Liam Payne co-wrote almost every song in the record, in a future solo +

    16 Nov 15h54 Responder
  • rehevans

    And dont be sad <3

    16 Nov 14h18 Responder
  • rehevans

    Hey! No... I'm not a big fan of her. But I did like "Goodbye Means Hello" it is awesome! rs I like Cheryl, but I used to like more when she was in Girls Aloud. Same for Nicola, Kim, Nadz and Sarah hahahaha

    16 Nov 14h18 Responder
  • rehevans

    Hey, sweetie! How you're doing?

    15 Nov 20h39 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    yeah i think we banished Kylie from our shores when she was a teen idol of sorts... she's now become more sophisticated & chameleonic in her style... musically & personally. now we wanna claim her back as our own ;) lol i did av a listen to her latest album yday... great dance music for a party & i'd need a few drinks to really enjoy that style ;)) but u have lots of other great artists in your lib. BTW, that's a cool avi pic. is that you?

    11 Nov 7h46 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101


    9 Nov 14h50 Responder
  • roanafer

    I know about this, but I didn't listen yet and you, do you like? Thank you :D I'm looking for a job 2 years, in 2012 I worked at a school, but I didn't stay there, How long have you been looking for a job? Yes, I totally agree with you, I think they should give us a chance, is hard to have experience when nobody want to hire :/ hahaha impossible. Yeah, the world is pretty weird. I study administration, this year I'll finish :) I'll work at a laboratory, I started last Wednesday, I think to start is good hahaha what kind of job do you want? :)

    8 Nov 15h43 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    Thx for the add. Nice to see u like our Kylie (;

    7 Nov 8h04 Responder
  • marcelocic

    I don't know Tove Lo but I'm listening to her right now :) She got just one album, right? And bout Gwen's new song, unfortunately I didn't like it! I heard a couple of times but isn't something remarkable and the video is pretty cheap! And you? What do you think of it? aaaaaaaaaaand about Rihanna? She didn't release nothing in 2013 and it seems it's gonna repeat this year, that's new!! haha

    4 Nov 23h50 Responder
  • marcelocic

    I was finded hard to see some "soul" on Taylor's work! I like (a little) of hers 2010 "Speak Now" and even some songs on "Red" but she's not an artist that deserves a great respect on music scene, she's just ok. No! Isn't enough, cause you can show your ass and sing good songs, one does not change the other, right? Yep! It's a cover album from "american great book songs" or something like that... most of them are 30ss records... I think she failed by choosing some well known songs like "I Put a Spell On You" and "Georgia On My Mind", even if "I Put a Spell On You" have a nice version, I think she couldn't added nothing fresh or new or somewhat inovative to them, get it? But there's some versions that are great through, like "I Cover the Waterfront" (one of the best in the album), "Memphis In June" and "September in the Rain"... any way, you listen to it and then listen my playlist with the same name "Nostalgia" and see for yourself :)

    4 Nov 23h43 Responder
  • roanafer

    Yes, I also think they always do a good work :) Oh yeah, I think he should sing hahah, that would be cool to see, he singing, I wish to know if he sing well. I agree, is good that we can listen to them, not only in the band. Ah sorry for this :/ I thought you still studied. But I also was looking for a work and was very hard to find one :c but seems that the things will change, today I did an interview and tomorrow I start a test :) I hope you also get a good job. I don't have much experience at working, was because of this I couldn't find a job, I think. Which course did you do at the university?

    4 Nov 22h48 Responder
  • dunklekaiserin

    Yeah, It's spring time over here and I'm hating lol....I came back from the US during spring to arrive home on spring again. I saw a doctor and I was on medication, but the allergies continue...yay me. Fall will always be my favorite season. You know when life is like a roller coaster going through a haunted house with the ghosts of the past dancing along the uncertain crossroads of the future... I don't know... I often feel like I need to shake everything up and start anew. I'm tired of always being a wander longing for that little safe place called home because inside of myself just isn't as safe as before. What's new with you? How have you been?

    3 Nov 16h37 Responder
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