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  • RnB_001

    Hi! No problem, I always enjoy our conversations. I get ur point but, unfortunately, in today's society, u need to have a degree/a diploma so u r worth something. I know it makes no sense, but we don't really have much of a choice. And if u go abroad, u can learn so much about life than any school can teach you. Degrees and diplomas play such a big role, but we're not defined by them. They tell our interlocutor what we studied, but they don't tell them who we r. I hope it makes sense to u. And yes, we need to change the whole educational system

    Ontem 17:42 Responder
  • Metalmania91

    I know right he had a coma too. Thanks he will be very to hear about this. Oh now I get it now. Yes I love the sea I drive pass it every time I go with my family at camping every summer. Oh and I missed your birthday well there's next year.

    Ontem 21:14 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    What do you think of the new lastfm? :D

    28 Mai 17h09 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    I love ARCH ENEMY!! like seriously! sorry for the late reply, i've been all over raging about eurovision, i'm sorry but i'm so glad russia didn't win! but i didn't really care for sweden's entry.. it's alright! i wanted Latvia or Serbia or the cute guy from belgium to win :) I need more new music to download..! I think i've been listening to alot of girls generation... i'm obsessed but kinda low key mad at them cause jessica got kicked out but eh LOL but yes i'm super super hyped over eurovision! IT WAS AMAZING AND QUEEN CONCHY KILLED IT YASS! wbu? :)

    25 Mai 4h26 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    I liked some songs, so I'm listening, you're a watcher girl :)

    23 Mai 13h34 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    My country is like that too. Is a worldwide problem. But you're from a 1ºworld country. I'm from a emerging country. So things changes a lot if we compare, but still, the nature of the problems are the same. Is a crisis of money. Of water. Everything's getting real difficult and the scenario will just get harder if we don't re-think the way we live, everything like eat, wash, shop, etc. Here we always have manifestations of people who says are angry with the government and the whole thing. Bunch of idiots who buys other's people ideals. Here we have a women as a president, she (should) represents the democrats. Civil rights of black, women, glbtt, poor, etc. so rich and religious just hate that and they're trying to do an impeachment. The whole thing is so dumb. And complex of course. But I think you can imagine why "the people" are so angry with the "government".

    23 Mai 3h05 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    That's not senseless or weird. But why do you think you have that? Can you answer me? Small things like going on a job interview, leave us, for sure, embarressed, but they shouldn't be so difficult for anyone. And yes, their concept are really lame. But things are a-changing! (xD) I read a nice article that said, introverted people can be better for some jobs or positions than others. Most of all the header/commander ones, cause they have a different look at life and can perceive profiles of people that others can't. Now, I just need to find the one who wrote that and ask for a job xD But that's it, answer me that (maybe in PM if you like) and we can talk more about it. Where are those kinda of guys? Point me the direction, please!!! AHA

    23 Mai 2h56 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Stop worrying bout money would solve all worldwide problems! But unfortunately we need that for living riightt? Yes, he always helps me when I need, that counts a lot! I never trust anyone to be honest. That's why I think that. It'd be very hard to become real friends cause I don't talk much, you the same, I don't know how to start conversations, all the small talk, you the same xD Is better to think that now that we are already friends we can make plans for the future. Exactly! And tests are pointless too, lots of people cheat on them, so, they're not proving nothing. The same with school. I don't remember NOTHING bout chemistry. I never had a good teacher of physics. Now, things like Geography, History, Arts, Sociology etc were things that could talk bout significant things of our lifes. The rest... unless you're a chemist, or a physicist, or maybe an engineer were totally pointless.

    23 Mai 2h49 Responder
  • Metalmania91

    Well he almost died but hes ok. Right now he's stable. He cant breath right now. The reason cause his intestines got cloged cause of his chrones diesese. Now he did surgery on him. That will be great which part of Poland do you live at ?

    23 Mai 0h20 Responder
  • Metalmania91

    Yeah I did had a great time actually. Wow never really noticed. So your birthdays in April then ?

    23 Mai 0h16 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    You listen to Lana Del Rey? <3 she's my queen for life ahahhaha!!!! BUT WHY IS IT SUCH A SHOCKED that i listen to arch enemy? :) lol I Love music as a whole

    22 Mai 19h09 Responder
  • RnB_001

    My advice would be to do something u like, something u r interested in. Where would u like to work? I know it's very difficult to have a job nowadays, and I know that it's very hard to get back to studying when u have a job, so make the most of it while u can. From my end, it took me 2 years before getting a job, and although I like what I do, I'm looking for another position, so I can evolve. If I can find a position where I can use my language skills, I'll be happy. So I keep searching...

    22 Mai 18h28 Responder
  • RnB_001

    Hi! "Introducing Joss Stone" is a great album! I don't really have a favorite because I love all of her songs, so it's difficult to choose. I've also listened to her new song and I loved it. All of my files r on an external hard drive, in case my laptop is out of order (fingers crossed so it doesn't happen). U're right about buying a CD, and yes, it does belong to u. Regarding ur studies, if u want to study American Studies, u have to make sure that ur English is perfect, or at least very good. U need to keep practicing, there's no secret about that. Ask someone who did the 1st degree to lend u his lessons, so u know what to expect. Studying criminology isn't bad either, it can be very interesting. Go for it, don't be afraid. Maybe u'll like it! Who knows? Well, in France, I've never been told the percentage of getting a job in ur specialization, so I honestly don't know. I've studied languages (English & Spanish), and I loved it. I had very interesting subjects

    22 Mai 18h25 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    It doesn't matter!! You didn't lose nothing important ahaha!

    22 Mai 1h58 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    be considered really good and able to do some things. Don't you agree? You have to have this and that, etc! Ugh! What do you mean with your anxiety doesn't let you? That's a nice thing to do to have your own money and keep your mind busy! Yeah, MMFD is really a teenager stuff but is kinda cool! hahaha You're really right! Today I was talking with a girl that is kinda of a friend of mine. She said that a "ugly girl" in my classroom have "such a crush" on a "cute boy" and "oh how she is evaded"... and that's the general opinion bout those cases and the general rule about it. I think it's worth it! I watch the whole thing in 4 days, I guess! hahaha It's good. The concept is kinda lame but is nice! :D I get that about psychologist thing. I think is all bullshit but sometimes I think is the only chance I have :( Your country is poor? how's that?

    22 Mai 1h57 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    It's terrible and deeply sad! :( I wish I could change too but I'm always thinking that my hair could be better, my clothes could be better and everything else but I just don't have the money to afford this all! My brother isn't sooo coool duuuudeee! haha he's ok, he's nicer and knows how to share things, that's a great thing. My older brother is a dick! Well, about us living side by side: or we could not talk at all, the way we are shy, don't you agree? We may not even look at each other's face xD And maybe I could never open myself to you the way I do now. But, if we live side by side already known each other would be great for sure!! Yes, I would feel happy doing a lot of things, and none of them are specifically related to Business Management! Such a loss! Yeah, that's the bad thing, I wouldn't like to work on cleaning. But as a doctor or someone who take care of the babies xD But I'm not really sure. I think i'd be bored very easy. Is so bad that we have to study a lot of time to

    22 Mai 1h50 Responder
  • Metalmania91

    Well im actually finding a job and my brothers in the hospital again. Been there for the past month. I know right ? Of course I will visit your country I was planing on going to in the future. Yeah I do have new bands that I listen to these days.

    21 Mai 22h21 Responder
  • Metalmania91

    I forgot my birthday on the last message yes I had a birthday it was last week on wednesday. Now im 24 years old.

    21 Mai 22h17 Responder
  • Mufrad

    LOL thank you . I see you like Dita Von Tese . I love her . She's so perfect :3

    21 Mai 21h54 Responder
  • Mufrad

    LOL ! I just pointed out the fact . Please there are people who can speak even better English than I can . You just completely stopped talking to me for a while. So I didn't bother to disturb you . Check your shout box and see who was last person sending the shout . I was . Well I don't know anything about the light. I was always abducted by darkness itself.

    21 Mai 21h10 Responder
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