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  • Soulwav

    Cool ta petite chronique, ça m'arrive de la lire à mes heures perdues sur rym.

    24 Ago 12h55 Responder
  • alin1

    Wolf Alice released few EPs and singles so far. I like also songs like Fluffy, Bros, Storms, She, Blush. // I see that you listened some Wire albums. I highly recommend you to listen also their newer albums (Send, Object 47, Red Barked Tree, Change Becomes Us). Here's my favorite Wire song, "One of Us", from Object 47: It has a perfect mix of rock and electronic that I love. Plus, it's very catchy.

    2 Ago 16h08 Responder
  • alin1

    A nice, short and energetic song from a newer band, Wolf Alice:

    2 Ago 15h41 Responder
  • alin1

    Thanks for recommendation. I've heard about them before, but I listened only one song of theirs. I'll check their album.

    2 Ago 15h30 Responder
  • alin1

    For a mix of dance, electro, dream pop and shoegaze, check also The Naked and Famous. This is their best known song:

    31 Jul 15h20 Responder
  • DarkVivi

    C'est addictif comme des bonbons ces merdes !! Mais pour le peu que j'ai écouté du reste, ça m'a l'air vachement moins bien.

    27 Jul 17h27 Responder
  • alin1

    Yes, I know IO Echo. 88 scrobbles in my library so far.

    26 Jul 13h06 Responder
  • alin1

    Better listen on your own (at least those 2 albums I mentioned before). Opinions are subjective: what sounds great to someone, could sound awful for someone else. Probably some serious listeners don't like them because of their Halloween-y/Gothic image/artwork and because their music is fun to listen (and quite pop)... For example I've heard of them some years ago but didn't check their music because I thought that they're a death metal band or something. Only when I read a glowing review of their latest album I decided to give them a chance. And I was very surprised: basically all their songs are at least catchy. And very well layered and produced, like this one (Horror Show):

    26 Jul 12h50 Responder
  • alin1

    I know another band influenced by Curve. They're a female fronted Canadian synth-rock band named The Birthday Massacre. Weird name, I know. Their both guitarists and main songwriters are Curve fans. TBM blends synthpop with metal, industrial rock, alternative rock, and even ambient. Imagine a mix of Depeche Mode, Ladytron, Curve, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure and Brian Eno, but with less sad elements. Their lyrics are often dark but the songs are very upbeat, very catchy, "in your face" and entertaining. Their tune Happy Birthday is probably the most similar to Curve: If you're interested, better start with these 2 albums: Walking With Strangers & Violet. // A surprising fact: Chibi (TBM's vocalist) collaborated with Dean Garcia from Curve for this amazing song, "All For You": Also Dean remixed TBM' song Red Stars.

    26 Jul 12h12 Responder
  • alin1

    If you will listen the Ladytron albums in chronological order (604, Light & Magic, Witching Hour, Velocifero, Gravity the Seducer), you will definitely notice how their sound evolved. // By the way, Helen Marnie issued in 2013 a gorgeous solo album, Crystal World. // LT also produced remixes for many great artists (Dave Gahan, Blondie, Apoptygma Berzerk, Goldfrapp, Soulwax, Gang of Four, Nine Inch Nails, etc). NIN's The Beginning of the End remixed by LT sound even better than the original (and not just because they added Marnie's vocals): // The NIN's synth player (Alessandro Cortini) co-produced the albums Velocifero & Gravity the Seducer, plus the second track from Crystal World. He also did this astonishing remix of a LT tune (one of the best remixes I've ever heard): // I love the cover art of their releases.

    26 Jul 11h36 Responder
  • alin1

    By the way, I'd like to thank you for this great list:

    25 Jul 22h18 Responder
  • alin1

    I'm glad that you like Witching Hour. :) It's probably Ladytron's best album, but the others are great too in their own way. This band has a special sound that works beautifully. I never got tired of their style. "Ladytron's music is close to Curve, don't you think? The singer makes me think of Toni Halliday without be very similar". I agree. One of their singers (Helen Marnie) has a soft voice, a bit similar to Toni Halliday's voice. And the instrumental parts of their songs have that kind of Curve-style energy. Also I like the excellent way they mixed rock (guitars, bass, drums) with electronic (synths, samplers, drum machines). PS: The all time favorite album of Daniel Hunt (member and main producer of Ladytron) is MBV's Loveless.

    25 Jul 22h14 Responder
  • alin1

    Maybe only their first 2 albums are synthpop, the other 3 are more diverse. Like Depeche Mode, they started as synthpop and evolved to something more complex and dark. Some examples: this dreampop song (Ambulances) is different than anything they've done before: This one (Beauty*2), mixes dreampop with synthpop: Some songs have some industrial influences (I'm Not Scared): Same for Fighting in Built Up Areas: A song like Whitelightgenerator it's a mix of shoegaze & dance: They also have songs with a folk vibe (Last One Standing): Ladytron have 2 female vocalists and like Curve, they seem quite ignored by mainstream media and public. I highly recommend their music, because I think it's one of the best ever made.

    29 Jun 20h41 Responder
  • alin1

    Thanks. You have great taste in music, by the way. // I recommend you an excellent song, "High Rise" by Ladytron: It sounds as great at MBV's "Soon". If you like it, maybe you'll find some time to check the whole discography of this band (starting with Witching Hour).

    29 Jun 20h13 Responder
  • Lucyfier

    Mmm... Ride et Curve j'ai essayé de m'y remettre récemment, mais sans trouver ça désagréable loin de là, je n'ai pas été "transporté" ou réellement emballé. J'apprécie l'écoute mais je sais que ça pourrait aller plus loin, il me faut encore plusieurs essaies, une écoute attentive, pas trop en dilettante, un peu comme si je m’apprêtais à faire la chronique des albums :3

    21 Jun 9h36 Responder
  • Lucyfier

    Mais oui, mais tu sais, on en avait parlé que j'avais un faible pour le premier Jessamine ! (le plus post-rock et le moins expérimental, enfin, comparé au suivant)) ce qui m'a d'ailleurs fait tilté sur les groupes similaires avec Bardo Pond qu'il faut que j'essaye prochainement. Quand à Flying Saucer Attack, oui je me suis permis de prendre une des phrases de ta chronique que je trouvais assez adaptée pour la description de ce groupe (sans doute plus que mes mots vu que le peu d'écoutes que j'aie accordé au groupe :/ ) il me semble bien d'avoir mis en source ta chronique de toute façon (m'approprier des phrases qui ne sont pas miennes, ce n'est pas mon genre :O) Et globalement j'ai eu une certaine facilité d'écoute avec cet album, je ne suis pas allergique au côté "noisy" quand s'est bien foutu ou quand c'est mêlé avec des nappes d'ambient... Sinon tu penses bien que je serais passé à côté de pas mal de groupes shoegaze type MBV (voire Sonic Youth si on voit plus loin) ;)

    20 Jun 9h36 Responder
  • BluesRock997

    Et bien voilà, je l'aurais eu ce diplôme! Bien Slowdive?

    18 Jun 15h35 Responder
  • BluesRock997

    Première fois et j'espère que ce sera la dernière! On verra ça dans deux semaines et demi!

    17 Mai 20h49 Responder
  • BluesRock997

    J'ai redoublé ma 3ème année à la fac donc j'ai mis les bouchées doubles pour avoir mon année! Je me suis un peu déconnecté de last-fm. :p

    17 Mai 20h33 Responder
  • BluesRock997

    Oui je l'ai écouté et ce n'était pas trop mon truc! Pour Slowdive, tu m'apprends une bon plan mais je ne sais pas si je pourrais y aller. Y a encore des places, tu crois? Ca va sinon?

    17 Mai 18h40 Responder
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