• make the most of (artist ed.)

    Jan 9 2011, 1h40

    how do i make the most of as an artist?

    well, first let me welcome you to hopefully this article will help you to make the most of your artist experience here @ *if you are looking for someone else to manage your artist profile here at, please see the footer of this journal article.

    if you haven't already, sign up here. if you have found your band already on and would like to claim the account, please do so by going to this link and searching/registering for that artist.

    if you have any trouble doing so, or with anything related to your artist account even after you sign up, you can check the label services forum. if you are already a music manager you can also check the music manager faq.

    now, on to the good stuff...

    start uploading some tracks for people to listen to/preview. personally, i make all my tracks available for free to listen to and download in full - but the choice is yours of course. i would recommend having a few full length previews available if possible - and add a few as "featured tracks" as well. you can upload the album art on the same page where you upload the tracks. make sure the files are named and tagged properly and that they are also encoded properly as suggested in the faq. after you get some tracks uploaded, start to scrobble them from your "home library" (listen to them in your media player of choice) to start to get some stats to appear....but dont go and start advertising yourself everywhere just yet....keep reading ;)

    to upload some artist photos, go to your artist image page (for example: my artist image page) and click on the "upload picture" button at the top of the page. you will be redirected to browse for the picture to upload. once completed, you can edit the title/description/etc as desired. remember, if you put your artist name and a brief description in the title, it increases your seo (this is also true on your other website(s) ;) ).
    *to upload a single artist image that will be used as the main image no matter how the users vote, do so from the "music manager->manage catalogue" page. click "change the artist image."

    add a bio/wiki for your artist by navigating to that page (for example: my artist wiki) and if no wiki exists yet, it will say something like "We don’t have a description for this artist yet, care to help?" - click on the "care to help" part and add your artist wiki info. if the wiki does exist already, you can edit it accordingly. remember to write it in an illeist format.

    have a youtube account/channel? if you have music videos for your tracks uploaded there, you can connect them to your track pages on by going to the webpage for the track - you will see "Know about a video for this track? Help build by adding it." click on "adding it" and a pop up will appear. paste in the *short url and click "add video." you can do this for all tracks you have video for.
    *by "short" i mean the actual url of the video, not for example.

    add some global tags to your artist. try to use genres as tags to start out with, since those who listen to the general tag radios will then encounter some of your songs while they listen to the station. i also recommend joining the "central point" group and following the instructions there.

    add a news feed for your artist. let the fans know whats going on if you can. blogspot or your myspace blog are a few of the great ways ive found to do so. to get them connected to your artist page, go to the "music manager->artist news" page and paste the url of the rss feed you wish to add and click "find", then should take care of the rest. i believe you can have multiple sources (i personally only have one - blogspot).

    to get journals to appear in your artist profile sidebar, you (or any user) just has to include the "(artist)Artist Name Here(/artist)" tags in their journal article.
    *replace "(" and ")" with "[" and "]" or see bbcode instructions here for further usage options.

    similar artists will start to appear for your artist as you and other listeners scrobble your music in succession with other music. you can visit the faq article in the music manager for more about this as well as some other helpful tips found here on the label service forum article of the same nature. im writing this journal article from my experience as a user/artist here on in hopes that it might help you as well.

    put a link in your signature (from your user settings panel) and join in the fun all around forums, groups, games and more to expose your link(s) to the millions of listeners here @ also, be sure to check out the aforementioned "central point group."

    hope your experiences here @ as an artist and a user are the best possible in all regards; and thanks for joining!

    if you are looking for someone to manage your artist account, please contact me via private message through or email at

    i am also a programmer/developer and may be able to offer you some options, ideas, graphics, code, features, management (of web related maintenance) , services and more for your your other website(s) as well - contact for details.

    (will add some screenshots soon as visual aid)
  • make the most of (user ed.)

    Ago 30 2010, 14h32

    how do i make the most of as a user?

    woooooah, music music music. i scrobble as much and as often as i can from my "home library" (i.e. wmp, itunes, foobar, vlc, amarok, etc). this helps to build a database of music to build recommendations off of but its also a major convenience for me because i have more music than what can be stored in a single mp3 device. so, i would have to lug around a pc/external drive in order to hear the music from my own personal collection. what does for me is it collects them all and then all i need to do is "listen to my library" for an excellent variety of musics from my personal favourites. this is great for the 8+ hours per day i am at the office if i want to listen to "random radio" and especially when used in combination with sir tburny's application. the ability to combine stations of friends, neighbors, tags, etc is just a masterful way to discover new songs and mix in your favourites at the same time.
    * loved tracks station removed by per 17 Nov 2010 update.

    i use the libraries of friends/neighbors/peers/etc to discover new music as well as the recommendations service (which currently, could use some fine tuning and/or a bit more control from the end user - me and you) and the new direct recommendations. using my friends libraries to discover new songs has led to some really awesome musical discoveries - so i try not to limit my friends to just those who are compatible musically. i find no matter what the compatibility level is, i can discover something new and interesting in anyone's library. =)
    * newly added features include "direct recommendations explorer" and new station "mix radio" (you can listen to other user's mix radios as well).

    i see a lot about personal tag radio here on and how many users utilize this feature as subscribers -but i have yet to make the most of this feature. i will start getting some "skiyetags" assembled in the future and let you all know how tag-radio works out for me. ;)
    * personal tag radio removed by per 17 Nov 2010 update.

    i also have firefox's "" addon installed for convenience purposes, but i dont use this app nearly as often as the others.

    also, i have recently started joining in the group community of artists and listeners alike here on, and felt it necessary to mention this particular group as well before the closing of my journal statement. central point - where artists and listeners meet is a great place to discover new tunes...and i am sure there are many more groups as well, but i just started getting into them.

  • these are a few of my favourite things...

    Mai 31 2010, 18h05

    raindrops on roses and whi.....

    great song, but here are some of my favourite artists and why (i will add to this list continuously):

    Frank Zappa -

    where do i possibly begin? with a library of works so vast and amazing its hard to find a place to start. satire and seriousness, rock and jazz, classical and avant-garde i could go on and on. some of frank's albums that have inspired me most are Uncle Meat, We're Only In It For The Money, The Yellow Shark and many many more.

    John Zorn -

    another composer/musician/etc whose library of works is astonishing. he received the macarthur grant in 2006 for his musical accomplishments. amazing musician. some of my favourite works of his include The Circle Maker, Moonchild, his Naked City project and sooooo much more.

    Dave Brubeck -

    ...and his whole quartet - my favourite lineup being the '58-'67 crew:
    * Dave Brubeck – piano
    * Paul Desmond – alto saxophone
    * Eugene Wright – double bass (also credited "Gene Wright")
    * Joe Morello – drums
    changing the face of music through use of obscure time and brilliant melodies, dave and his quartet helped propel jazz music into different dimensions with their elaborate compositions. some of my favourite albums of theirs are of course Time Out, Time Further Out, Indian Summer and many many more.

    John McLaughlin -

    and also the great and mighty Mahavishnu Orchestra. wow. a guitar that changed my life. everything from his solo work - albums like Extrapolation - to the mighty mahavishnu Inner Mounting Flame - and the awesome work with Mr Miles Davis on albums such as Big Fun, On The Corner, Bitches Brew and soooo much more, this man's guitar has changed the way i listen to and make music. the musicians like Billy Cobham on drums, Jan Hammer on keys, Jerry Goodman on violin and Rick Laird on bass from the mahavishnu that he made music with and all the way back to his Gordon Beck Quartet days...among the many many others in his travels as a legendary guitarist has made him one of my heroes.

    John Fahey -

    composer of stunning scores for the acoustic guitar (mostly), mr fahey has become one of my favourite musicians over the past few years because of his awesome style (which he coined "American Primitive") - and other similar artists as well such as Leo Kottke, Jack Rose and Peter Lang. some of my favourite albums of his are God, Time and Causality, Blind Joe Death (all of them), The Yellow Princess, and all of the rest of them too - just like everyone else on this list. ;)

    Igor Stravinsky -

    changed music and also changed your brain without you knowing it (if you listen to his music). such a wonderful musical mind he was. i can not put into words the way his music has effected me over the years. The Rite of Spring, The Firebird Suite, his concertos for violin and orchestra, etc this man's music.

    Edvard Grieg -

    another great classical music mind, grieg's works are arranged brilliantly. his use of dynamics and chromatic scales for his melodies instantly attracted me to his music. Peery Gynt is one of the most inspiring pieces of music i think i may have ever heard. i love all of his works of course, but it is no wonder that particular piece is so popular. ;)

    Beastie Boys -

    a powerhouse trio from the boroughs of new york city, the b-boys have been pumping out the jamz since i was a kid. i was first introduced to them in the Paul's Boutique era and was immediately hooked. since then, they have turned out quite a few records - a few of my other favourites are Check Your Head, Ill Communication, and Hello Nasty (i love them all of course though...haha).

    Les Claypool -

    from his work with Primus to Les Claypool's Frog Brigade and everything in-between, les has been a huuuuuuuuge musical inspiration to me. les' compositions are unique. some of my favourites that have involved les are Suck On This (Primus), Live Frogs Sets (Les Claypool's Frog Brigade), Highball With the Devil (Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel) and all the more (Primus was especially influential).

    Beck -

    a man of many genres, beck's blending of musical madness evokes many different musical emotions. older albums like Stereopathetic Soulmanure are lo-fi blurbs of greatness and even the Mellow Gold and Odelay days saw beck as a sarcastic, nonsensical composer but the release of Mutations and Sea Change to me, solidified his status as a "real" singer songwriter. beck continues to release fantastic and different music with each new album. one of my all time favourite artists.

    Buckethead -

    one of the most versatile guitarists there ever was/will be. shredding metal riffs that could melt your face or beautiful, masterful notes of grace and elegance, this guy does it all. Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot, Electric Tears, Population Override, and so much more. he has been involved with acts like Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, Praxis, Thanatopsis and many more as well.

    Björk -

    although i am not a 'vocal' musician, Björk's voice/singing/style has had a large influence over me. the notes i choose in my improvisations and in my compositions have both been influenced heavily by her vocals. Post, Vespertine, Homogenic - all of them!!!! how could i choose a favourite? ;)

    Tonedeff -

    with inspiration from all over, tone not only provides an excellent musical accompaniment, but he has an incredible talent and skill when it comes to his flow and lyrics. this guy will change hip-hop. Archetype, Hyphen, Underscore and much more - including his work as producer of the Qn5 label with sooooo many other great artists.

    NOFX -

    electrifying, energetic, and unique, NOFX has been punking us all since long before Ashton whats-his-name...these guys do indeed keep punk rock elite with their musical madness. with so many albums to choose from, it's hard for me to pick a favourite, but if i had to pick one, it would be "So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes" - makes me wanna go out and kick the shit out of my skateboard...hahaha.

    David Bowie -

    another man of many faces/genres, bowie's music takes as many different shapes as the man himself. bowie is a musician who doesnt receive nearly as much credit as he deserves for changing music imho. his music is a staple of radio stations everywhere. the sad part about that is, as great as those radio songs are, there were sooooo many more that eclipsed those you hear daily by ten-fold. bowie has also worked with, or been involved with a great many musicians/bands that you likely didnt even know about ;) some of my favourite albums of his are "Heroes" (which was done in part with Robert Fripp, whom we will be getting to shortly ahaha), The Man Who Sold the World, Earthlings and of course, all the rest. :)

    Robert Fripp -

    King Crimson "mastermind", Fripp is quite the musician. with a musical instrument, or in the studio behind the controls, he helps to push the boundaries of musical limitation. i shouldnt even have to mention, but aside form the regular "In the Court..." album, some of my favs are In the Wake of Poseidon, Lark's Tongues in Aspic and of course his solo works like Radiophonics and I Advance Masked to name just a short few...

    Pavement -

    lead by the great Malkmus, pavement was one of "those 90's bands" that never received the type of accolades they deserved. first time i heard them was on this clip - been hooked ever since. just recently (for the past few years) have been listening more and more and wondering why i wasnt listening more and more for the past 15 years. you should too. ;)

    Boris -

    please, indulge. i <3 wata.

  • quote/unquote

    Abr 29 2010, 0h25

    i am not a composer of music, i am an inventor of music. - is

    a witty saying proves nothing. fa (v)

    music is my religion - jmh

    rock like geology - dj

    "...eternally 5 years behind being amazing" - dj

    facts are cheap, information is plentiful, knowledge is precious. - fc

    influences are all around. from the sound of the train to the sound of the birds - these are all sounds that require no words. - ss

    whats the ugliest part of your body? some say your nose, some say your toes, but i think its your mind. -fz

    after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. - ah

    live in alignment with the absolute. - bu

    i find television very educational. every time someone switches it on i go into another room and read a good book. - gm

    in a tower of steel nature forges a deal. to raise wonderful hell like me, like me. - bg

    music is what life sounds like. - mm (a)

    it will move mountains! it will mount movements!! - mf

    how can he be so skinny, and live so FAT? - bbz

    back then, smart people were idiots. - willis

    it's funny, how just the right amount of alcohol and you cannot be beat, just one more and you can't remember who beat you up. - cryb

    i don't take shit, i don't give shit, i'm not in the shit business. - tmz

    I often wonder if dyslexic devil worshipers sell their souls to Santa. - karilo

    sleep - that deplorable curtailment of the joy of life. - vw

    dont criticize what you cant understand... - bd

    You shouldn’t feel anything about it until you listen to it. - kno

    if you're gonna suck at least kick ass. - bevis

    sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself. - md

    judge how you will, but know that the only judgment that matters to oneself, should be their own. -sjs

    Any and all of life's rhythmical simplicities, or inexplicable musicalities, interpreted through a universal spirituality.... whispering in harmony, screaming rhapsodically, an off the scale matter what...B flat, C sharp, A minor and E is my heart, my soul, each melody, every note, in any key, my mind the instrument....playing the world, most beautifully... - js

    what lies behind me and what lies before more have no comparison to what lies within me. - anonymous

    i think i have never yet done any work with the aim of symbolizing a particular idea, but the fact that a symbol is sometimes discovered or remarked upon is valuable for me because it makes it easier to accept the inexplicable nature of my hobbies, which constantly preoccupy me. - mce

    a conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking - sw

    you are not what you own
  • about me

    Abr 27 2010, 17h47

    hi. i'm skiye. i am 68" tall (1.73m), weigh roughly 145lbs (66kg) and i'm made of notes.
    i enjoy long walks through your mind, picnics and musics. i still skateboard and i work on computers for a living. i also like to take pictures of stuff, especially lightning.

    i enjoy a wide variety of genres/artists, but i am rather particular about the music i choose to listen to. i suppose the only requirement is it just has to appeal to me. i like to think the music i make is also a reflection of that.

    i prefer coffee in the morning and tea anytime after. cake is a bonus.

    i love to learn.

    i am passionate about what i do.

    i love to love. i love my family and friends dearly. <3

    i play lots of different instruments, pretty much anything percussion (including "keys") or strings are my favourites now-a-days. i love 'em all though. the more instruments, the merrier. i dont really play the wind instruments too much anymore. my dad sold my trumpet and sax (just cause i moved out and he did "spring cleaning" - why, i'll never know - he never cleaned a thing in his life until then LOL), trombone was a a loaner, flutes and such were from a friend whom i no longer see everyday but i still regularly play drums, guitars, bass, piano, banjo, violin, autoharp, harmonica - all the instruments i own. i also teach music theory and various instruments privately still. all my instruments we're self taught except for the drums. i took lessons for a few years when i first got my drumset - learned mainly classic rock. after my interests started to develop in other genres (many rapidly), in high school i took jazz lessons for a year to help further develop my own style and sight-reading skills.

    i also won the louis armstrong award in 2000. thanks mark =)

    i will continue to write and produce music for the rest of my life, no matter what.

    music is my purpose in life.
    i am either making it or listening to it right now.
    musicae pro totus.

    some imagery:

    "ambition makes a great musician, talent makes them famous....from ambition you acquire talent, but fame is never a guarantee - and also should not be the objective. the objective should be to compose a piece of music that you yourself enjoy. "

    *bmi of 22
    *bmr of 1660
    *tdee of 2565
    *metabolic rate of