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Sobre mim

*hardly ever going here today due to my studies. I'll come back for sure when I find my time.

Make my life worth it.

Guitarist | In Your Nameless Grave (death metal, not well known yet)

"With my heart black as the night I feel no pain while I kill."

"My veins full of his poison."

I support this group.

Oh hail. My name is 404 and I'm a quite random metalhead from Finland. There's no need to say much about me - as you see, I am 22 years old and you will never know my real name (unless you ask about it). I've been a guitarist since I was 8 and pianist since I was 4, and I'm proud of everything that I've already learned, though I'm still working to be better than I am at the moment. I live in the suburbs of a big city and I have a little house where I live with my beloved one and four cats (it's going to change, as I see). Also, I have a twin sister. And you really don't need to know more about me.

Olen kotoisin Helvetistä. Älä puhu minulle, kiitos.
I love to be annoying for others. I'm mean and cold. I love to make you cry, I love to hear that you hate me. If you say you hate me, it means you're not strong enough to win with me. So I will always win.

I'm everything, what is the worst. Go away before I notice your presence. Probably I'm just too awesome for you, or you aren't good enough for me. I like to talk a lot, especially when I'm drunk, but don't expect from me that I'll be talkative all the time. Sometimes I'm dead silent and it shouldn't surprise you. Oh, and I'm in love with my avatar. Seriously. Kristian Ranta is a God. Deal with it.

If you want to add me, because you're a friend collector - fuck off.
If you want to add me, but don't want to talk to me - also fuck off.
If you want to add me, because I come from Finland - find any better reason or fuck off.

Anyway, you may add me if you really want to talk with me or if we know each other from somewhere: real life, forum threads etc. It's better if we have much in common - I appreciate people who love good music.
I'm almost sure that you may think I'm a friend collector, when you look at my friends list on here. But you're wrong - I just like to talk and meet new people (even if I am strongly distrustful to others). That's all. And if you don't talk with me, you may expect that I'll remove you from my friends list. Unless we know each other or anything else.
I'm already in relationship, so I'm sorry... fuck off. ♥

I'm a musician. Still unknown, but I'm glad because of it. I'm a guitarist in death metal band called In Your Nameless Grave - not well known yet. I want to make music for my own good, not for being rich and famous. I can also play piano and I enjoy it so much.
My biggest favourite music is metal, even though I listen to some other genres. I love all death metal - from melodic to brutal. And also I listen to black metal, folk metal, viking metal, industrial metal or almost any other subgenre, and now I came back to some Finnish and Swedish punk. Classical music is wonderful for me. I'm also not afraid of having some electronic music in my library. And I'm proud of my charts anyway :)
Fuck you all, deathcore also isn't that bad. :3

Oh yeah, I'm a Viking and I have war paint on my face. ^^
I don't take life seriously, because there's nothing serious in it. I'm the wild one and nobody can tame me (OK, some people can do it. ^^). I hate human stupidity - unfortunately, I see it everywhere. I also hate intolerance in general - racism, homophobia and all other shit like this makes me just pissed off. We are all the same, we are all equal and none of us is worse than others. We all deserve love and happiness.
I adore him more than my own life. If you don't like it, just don't look at this. It's simple. No matter what you think about it, love is always beautiful.

I love to provoke and shock others. You may say that I'm insane, abnormal or weird, but I'm just a controversial person and it makes me different than everyone else. And I'm proud of being different than you all.
And I love raw flesh. And blood. Especially my own. What do you think about it? I don't even care.

On lottovoitto syntyä Suomeen. I'm proud of being Finn, I'm proud of being born here and I love my country so much (even though I'm only half-Finnish - in fact I'm a weird hybrid; I have Finnish, Polish, Swedish, German and probably Estonian blood in my veins). And Finnish music is simply the best for me. I'm a big fan of music from my native country (yeah, Finns really can make great music). I'm also fan of Petri Lindroos, Aleksi Sihvonen and Kristian Ranta of course (yeah, seriously! and if you don't know who are they, you have a big problem - bigger than you think).
OK, I'm also deeply in love with Sweden (I know what you think now, this is weird since I'm from Finland :D)

I love some people who are my friends. Even if they don't know about it, I always love them. They are the most important people in my life and I don't need more to feel happy. And everyone who hurts them should die a painful death. I cannot be calm in this case.

Sometimes I am too talkative, but also sometimes I don't say anything, or my internet connection is working terribly. I love to disappear for long and come back when you even don't expect it. Get used to it.
(OK, I've said it already. Whatever.)

Call me a troll and I will turn your life into a hell. :)
OK, to be honest I don't really care what you think about me. Nothing sucks more than opinions.
Here's a reason for it.

I adore You so much. And I'm not ashamed of it.

"Hän katsoi maan reunalta tähteä putoavaa.
Nyt kauniit kasvot neitosen peittää karu maa.
Jokaisen täytyy katsoa silmiin totuuden,
Sillä aika ompi voittoisa, mut' tämä maa on ikuinen!"

"Ehka kaatuivat kuolleina sinne, missa vapauden joutuivat todistamaan.
Silti kuuluivat joukkoon voittajien, kansaan suoraan ja rehelliseen.
Silla tuhansien jarvien maasta, maasta parhaimmasta.
Eivat luopuneet mistaan syysta, se on viimeinen sana suomalaisen!"


Perfect band. Just pure beauty.

So, generally I'm in love with statistics.


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