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  • Karpykarp

    I know. My neck will be the one paying for the collateral damages, but oh well...

    26 Jun 22h49 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    Will do that as soon as possible. For now, I have to say that today I bought a ticket for a fest were Gojira are one of the headliners. I'm a happy with that.

    25 Jun 20h14 Responder
  • newtoolalbumpls

    sounds awesome :o I've only seen them live once, in Rock in Rio, 2012. they only played Hunter material, and Blood and Thunder. I found the new album really similar to the Hunter, but with a hint of similarity to Remission aswell

    25 Jun 16h15 Responder
  • newtoolalbumpls

    hey! what are your thoughts on that new Mastodon album? :D cheers

    25 Jun 14h56 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    I saw them on youtube once...

    23 Jun 8h36 Responder
  • OldSchoolKing

    Me too! :D

    22 Jun 20h18 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    I saw them along with Sepultura, Evanescence, Metallica and a bit of Kreator :D

    22 Jun 13h01 Responder
  • OldSchoolKing


    21 Jun 19h48 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    I saw them live 2 years ago at Rock in Rio <3

    21 Jun 18h59 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    There's definitely a lot that I'll try to remember. And yay *splash*

    21 Jun 8h28 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    Yay Mastodon indeed, fellow karpian :P

    20 Jun 16h43 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    I'm not being fair, The Great Cold Distance is pretty good as well.

    20 Jun 12h13 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    Not having high expectations for Katatonia, for me they could have stopped at Last Fair Deal Gone down lol And yay, Mastodon!

    20 Jun 12h11 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    I think I have it tied up with War Eternal by arch Enemy, especially now that they changed vocalist to one of my favourite singers ever. Can't forget Behemoth, their album really got me impressed, at least comparing with the last one... But hey, we still have Eluveitie for August :P

    20 Jun 12h02 Responder
  • Karpykarp

    Probably. This year we're having so many releases that that one completely vanished from my mind. I can say I had high expectations and was not disappointed.

    20 Jun 8h20 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    Yeah, I noticed you know Karpy. Whats your story? :D

    19 Jun 22h01 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    Welp, I'm feeling mocked O_O

    19 Jun 20h04 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    That's kinda too much for me D:

    18 Jun 21h18 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    I do lots of deliberate stuff too. Makes it worth knowing you :D

    18 Jun 20h47 Responder
  • level19magikarp

    Why thank you very much, yours is awesome too :D .... wait, only "kinda good"? :((

    18 Jun 17h55 Responder
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I enjoy video games, music, science, history, being outdoors, birdwatching, politics and kaiju (giant monsters). I'm a research intern and master's student in environmental management and sustainability. I listen to metal more than anything else, my favorite genres being power, progressive and death, but I enjoy just about every subgenre on some level. But I also listen to several genres of rock, especially progressive, some electronic music (mostly EBM and futurepop), classical and romantic era music, a lot of podcasts mostly about news, science and skepticism, some folk and acoustic, and movie and game soundtracks. With some other random things thrown in. So I'm eclectic and I do jump genres at times. I tend towards being an album listener most of the time, but I do keep playlists of my favorite songs and I'll sometimes listen to just those.

If you want to friend me start a conversation first! I no longer accept random friend requests. If you send me a friend request without leaving a shout or messaging me first and we have never spoken before in any way, your request WILL BE IGNORED. Random friend requests annoy me, it comes off as stat-hunting. Make an effort to talk to me first. Even if I do know you from somewhere, a shout or message would still be appreciated. I'm not a mind reader, so if you don't message me, I may ignore thinking you're just a random person.

Do not randomly post on my page only to promote. My page is not your advertising board. I will delete any shouts from random people advertising their band, videos, groups, etc. If we are friends, then you are encouraged to recommend links and such on my page. You can also promote bands, groups, gigs, etc., but don't overdo it.

Favorite video games:
Earthbound, Okami, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus, Mother 3, Skyrim, No More Heroes, the Spyro series, Ratchet & Clank, Crusader of Centy...I could go on, but I won't.

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Donatello is the best turtle.

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My three favorite kaiju!

SpaceGodzilla. Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla itself was mediocre, but SpaceGodzilla lifted the entire movie with his awesomeness.

Anguirus in his Showa era (60s and 70s) incarnation. He might exist solely to be a punching bag, but he just tries so hard I can't help but love him.

And of course...

Hail to the king.

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