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  • Blanguage

    איכס ירדן אתה חולה נפש

    Ontem 11:19 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    You should check if you got some super power, because you can understand me even though my bad English

    3 Jul 1h51 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    I think that this year is a good fucking year, especially for the hip hop heads, couldn't ask more because Lupe and Kendrick just got my mind fucked up with their albums, now I'm looking for a YG's new album, I need that so bad. I got some friends that really loved Vulnicura, maybe I will check it out latter, I gotta admit that I have never heard before Björk's stuff, maybe that's why my life is so dark, I need to see the light immediately. Oh shit, I just understoond that I'm addicted to music, but that's cool 'cause I know some people who is addicted to the real life and this kind of people are the worst, shoutout to IDLSIDGO

    3 Jul 1h47 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    Okayyyyyy, so I did check out Bilal's new album, it's fine but I don't really feel it, I also listened to Meek Mill's new album and some other artists, and I don't fucking know why, but this year I just can't feel most of the albums, it's like I'm listening to a new album, I like it but I never comeback to the album because I forget this shit so fast and this kind of shit never happend to me before. I think I should quit the music business a little bit, it's because TPAB, Kendrick just dropped in one album everything that I can love about music, I just can't get over it :( I need some more and it kills me inside. Oh, you just fucking killed me with those Tyga's lines, I laughed hard. The Gold Album has only 4 good songs even trough Kanye is the exclusive producer, the album is trash and Tyga really thought he can handle a full album by his own, so the album sold only 2k in it's first week and that's so embarrassing, I'm glad that Tyga's "career" is about to die, fuck this clown

    2 Jul 2h00 Responder
  • Wotamin

    There are so many series i just stopped in the middle oh my god, but I feel too lazy to actually finish them all although some of them are gems. but i think i should do it now as i'm sick and can watch series all day because i'm too tired to do anything else...Man i'm so glad i never had the "emo pharse" and never listened to visual kei, although there was a time i listened to light rock japanese stuff, especially from anime osts.

    1 Jul 10h40 Responder
  • Hey_Stranger67

    Oh three seasons I dont think I'll have the time to watch all three, I'm usually too busy :/

    28 Jun 22h07 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    I don't know... I really likes Bilal's first album because it's funky style, and his voice is amazing, but I don't have power for his alternative shit now, maybe I'll check it out. I wish funk would was still relevant now, maybe you can feel me because the 80's Japanese pop lol. I'm listening right now to King Los's new album for the first time! The album is really nice, I should give it more listens, but after that I'm going to check Tyga's new album, I know it will be sucks but yolo lol

    28 Jun 3h18 Responder
  • Hey_Stranger67

    Nice, I also used to live in Florida but moved to Georgia at the end of high school. And now I really do wanna watch Orange is the new black, might have to buy a subscription for Netflix.

    28 Jun 0h15 Responder
  • Wotamin

    at first i thought i just don't have time for anime/manga but all the new things just don't appeal to me, but i'm glad to hear that i'm not alone at this. its really nice that you go back to some genres! when i listen to things i liked in my past i always cringe and don't get how did i even like it, so its good you can actually listen to things again

    27 Jun 15h48 Responder
  • Hey_Stranger67

    Oh cool what part of USA are you from? And i always wanted to start that series because everyone's talking about it but I can't go back to season one. But I do watch shows like Devious Maids and Jane the Virgin. <3

    27 Jun 15h01 Responder
  • Blanguage

    lol no

    27 Jun 13h20 Responder
  • Blanguage

    It was all a lie

    26 Jun 19h18 Responder
  • Blanguage

    I'm not owe you nothing

    26 Jun 16h27 Responder
  • Blanguage

    No [4]

    26 Jun 15h16 Responder
  • Blanguage

    No [3]

    26 Jun 15h11 Responder
  • Blanguage


    26 Jun 13h49 Responder
  • Blanguage

    No [2]

    26 Jun 12h58 Responder
  • Blanguage


    26 Jun 11h03 Responder
  • jennaddiction

    i'm fine, thanks. how are you?

    26 Jun 4h30 Responder
  • Hey_Stranger67

    Nothing much really. Greeting from USA. And what's up with u??

    25 Jun 23h55 Responder
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