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  • Wotamin

    wow that sounds tough though, we don't even have anything like special academic program and the earliest classes here start at 7:45am, both middle and high school. normally it starts at 8:30am. I am in a "nerds class" though, its some sort of special class which focuses on physics and math but after a while its bullshit, i don't even study physics anymore and my math level is meh. Yes! The factory mostly makes plane parts but they also make things for the army like helmets or tank equipment. my job is there is seriously basic and i sit down waiting half of the time otl, but hey at least the air conditioner there is 10/10 and there are bunch of popsicles. I'm cackling at Sunshine State, omfg that's so cheesyyyy. I honestly don't know, because I think europe is really good with the weather for me but i always feel out of the place outside my country and the fact i'm jewish ain't doing any better so i'm not sure whether or not really move out of here *sigh*

    Ontem 13:33 Responder
  • armandosc

    Hi!! nice library you have as well :D i am fine and you? i am gonna listen many bands from your collection, very nice :D

    3 Ago 14h34 Responder
  • Wotamin

    omg did you really woke up at 5am for school? my school is 5 minutes from me so the earliest i wake up for school is 7am, so waking up at 5am is a whole new thing for me. I work at my dad's factory and i check planes' wings to see if they are defective. ughhhh i am SO envious of you right now you don't even know, it never rains in the summer here - barely even in the spring/fall so its not a surprise. while at your place its being bipolar here its just getting worse with every summer, i need to run away from here to a cold country before everyone melts to death because i feel like it will eventually happen. Mannnn Hold You is just everything, I realized today while listening to in the bus in replay that its only getting better with every listen, i love everything about it and i still can't even pick a favorite although chocolate has me weak at my knees on a whole different level.

    3 Ago 14h26 Responder
  • Wotamin

    thank you otl. thankfully my mother up early tomorrow for her morning shift so she will make a proper ponytail for me, its just that i wake up at 5am for this job so yeah its really early but hey at least i earn great money from this. omg its raining??? its only getting hotter here, it was unbearable today, i returned home when my bangs were sticking to my forehead, my shirt was SOAKING and my face was red like a tomato. BLESS AIRCONDITIONERS. SHINee just scalped me :,) The mv is so great and amusing, i replayed it a lot and this is seriously their best mv. The songs are sooooo good too, i can't even rank them properly because i change it every minute

    2 Ago 17h01 Responder
  • Wotamin

    Not me talking about my ponytail struggle and then realizing i need to do it every day for work. i started to work finally a few days ago and i also need to go with jeans and sneakers in this heat - kill me. today i tried to do a ponytail myself for work but it came so....awful and on my home i just released my hair. gonna braid my hair or make piggytails from now on because i just can't OTL. That's really cool that your friend is a cosmetologist though!! It sounds really useful too, the only connection i have is that my mother's friend is a hairdresser so i get discounts and she puts extra effort in my hair. Ugh SHINee are slaying my so much with those teasers GOD BLESS, I can't belive its being released in less than 5 hours too. This is too much for me to handle, the vocals in the teasers are AMAZING and i love the harmony

    2 Ago 10h14 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    You're right, Angel Beats it's really a cute thing lol. I really loved the ending, it was great, the anime was better from episode to episode, so I recommend the anime. It's really short series by the way, only 13 episode in one season, on point shit. I can't tell you how the manga is because I didn't read it :( Am I the only one who prefers anime over manga? The manga has more content, but... The anime is way more alive for me, and the osts are great.

    2 Ago 1h01 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    Well, we will be able to know if Syaoran will make his dream come true!! Becuase there's a sequel named "Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai" that is STILL RUNING (I also left this on your MAL, but I don't know if you will see it soon). I was so suprised even thorugh I had the feeling that CLAMP is planing something, the end was an open end. I'm happy but I'm also worried because I know that CLAMP will find their uniqe way to fuck up our heros like that's not enough. I just read the first chapter and it look amazing like always, their new style is crazy and I'm sure that you are going to fall in love with Kurogane even harder (I think that we're going to see the love between Fai & Kuro in the external way because they seem to be closer than always, bad for you.) Gotta say that Kuro is my last favourite from the 4, but I also love him so much, Kuro has the most important part on their journey, I can't even explain why because that's so much lol. for me: Syaoran > Fai > Sakura > Kuro

    2 Ago 0h52 Responder
  • Wotamin

    curly hair like this is cook so continue turning down your friends' offer to straighten your hair! If I recall right its not that healthy for the hair anyway so you are not missing anything. Seriously I don't even know how to make a proper ponytail in my hair because i suck at this so i don't even bother to do anything with my hair, my mom is the one who always wants to mess with my hair because she think i'm her barbie doll OTL. My friends a lot of times mess with my hair too, so yeah having a straight hair has its own disadvantages too because after a while its just annoying that people always mess with my hair. Same, i reallyyy like those unnatural hair colors when its done properly, not too flashy or anything. I get what you are saying about those stories, but I get SO emotionally connected to characters so i can cry for days if they will die so its a bit of a problem for me. And don't even get me started about SHINee's teasers because i'm dead it looks like the best concept ever

    30 Jul 11h48 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    I don't really think that's a good idea to shall latch onto Kurogane. Fai will be very jealous, and you know... The blondie got some serious super magic power lol. I don't really feel XxxHolic, that's nice tho but not my type, I'm about to finish today Angel Beats which is really nice, then I will check out another manga. Usually I'm very friendly person, but these day I'm really lazy and foucus on the private world, not in a bad way I'm just really into myself. Thanks God I got some people that I can't pass the day without talking to them, because I would get myself into loneliness. I'm really stupid lol, but that's my personal charm I guess. Isn't it the best MAL you have ever seen?

    30 Jul 5h10 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    I got my mind blowed up after I realized about all that little things in the story, from the beginning I told myself that I will notice every fucking detail, but CLAMP are just smarter than I thought, that's another reason why I love this manga so much, the mystery shit and the related things, AMAZING. Hands down. Do you think that Syaoran will find a world which all four of them can live? I belive that not, Tsubasa doesn't make an easy life for their own heros, but Syaoran will have to understand it and give up (And this guy would do everything for his own wishes and Sakura's happines so I don't think it wil happen soon lol) I also agree with Fai's idea that says that real S&S got the souls of clone S&S in them. By the way, I would like to know who's your favourite character, I love all of them, but my one is Clone Syaoran, SHOULD I EVEN DESCRIBE? I was so sad because the end of clone S&S, but at least they got to love and marry, so that's a little bit comforting.

    30 Jul 4h58 Responder
  • DucDesEsseintes

    Hi :D

    28 Jul 22h12 Responder
  • Wotamin

    Ahhh sometimes i forget there are people with curly hair, now it makes more sense OTL. When I was a kid I always wanted curly hair though, and if i go to events or something i curl my hair but the thing is that i never go to events, maybe like once a year? i've never been to a wedding since i was 4 for example. anyway i plan to dye my hair to pastel blue or something in the shades of blue, but i plan to dye it to pastel pink, white, and more really un-natural hair colors in the future because i adore these colors. I'm pretty sure SNK was supposed to be short but then it became super popular and the mangaka decided to change the ending, if I remember correctly at first he decided to kill all of the main characters so I think i'm glad he changed it. I prefer manga over anime anyway, i read pretty quickly so i can finish a series faster if i read the manga. there are rare cases i enjoy the anime more like hxh or gintama, but its rare

    28 Jul 10h57 Responder
  • Wotamin

    i adore short hair, and i always find it aesthetic so you should go for it if you are thinking about it! but omg you never had a haircut before? my hair covers most of my back, and surprisingly my mother let me fulfill my wish and i'm going to dye it next month so i think i really prefer dying my hair while its long and enjoy it. I think I prefer returning to SNK when it will end, although i will probably totally forget about it when it will happen so idk.

    26 Jul 17h26 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    I'm proud to be the one who took your fastest reply!!! Sorry for replying so late lately, I'm not really friendly in the last weeks and I don't even know why

    26 Jul 5h39 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    I also finished the manga, I got no words to say, really, it's too perferct, nothing more nothing less. I already talked about the end so much that even a person like me got nothing to say lol. By the way, thanks for not giving me any spoilers, I'm sure it was hard lol. Maybe it's over (Or maybe not? CLAMP surely made an open end, ugh I hate/love them so much) but they will be forever in my dark heart :( I wish I could join their journey, how could Fei miss a guy like me on his plan??? The only reason is because that I'm jewish lol

    26 Jul 5h35 Responder
  • Wotamin

    i melt easily too don't worry, i used to cut my hair REALLY short every summer because i couldn't handle it but i skipped my "tradition" this year because it has grown really long and i will feel bad if i will cut it otl. But now I feel like my hair is choking me, rip. I don't even look at the number of the degrees anymore because i know it will feel hotter than what it will say sooo. Same, all the snow shoveling sounds like a pain but i still prefer it on our winter as well. There is only one city here that gets snow once in a while but because its so rare so the entire country goes there and the traffic jam is horribleeee, so my family only went there when i was 4 or 5 i think. If SAO would have focused only on the first arc it would have been better, the more it continues the more it gets awful and it really turned into a harm tbh. When SNK ends i would definitely complete my gap with the manga, i just hope it won't end in a crappy way

    20 Jul 11h13 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    okay, so i started reading the manga, it's the first time ever that i read a manga but it's pretty comfortable so that's cool. i gotta do it, i swear, if i will not get my ending with the manga i will fucking kill somebody. but now the story is so confusing and weird that i have to break my head for this shit, i hope i will understand it, wish me luckkkkkkk

    19 Jul 16h57 Responder
  • CutonetHapasim

    oh god i just finished the anime of tsubasa, i can't believe that the anime of my life is over, i want to kill myself. fuck, fuck, fuck. that's not fucking fair that i can't get a normal ending, i want to know everything about what happened after the final episode, what about syaoran & sakura's love??? what about fai's problems??? :(((((((( i will miss it so much

    18 Jul 19h09 Responder
  • Wotamin

    36 degrees is quite normal here in august, i'm so happy i'm running away to london for a week in august so i wouldn't have to deal with this. but these days its mostly humid here which is kinda annoying but i will try to survive~ its nice to know someone who doesn't really see snow either, partners in poverty winter. sometimes i see posts on tumblr with people complaining about snow and i'm like '???????? say thanks or something'. The big things are always overrated in anime/manga, I never understood how SNK or SAO made it that big, although i did enjoy SNK until people always fussed about it being the best manga of all times and it was just a turn off for me.

    17 Jul 12h58 Responder
  • Wotamin

    I will play SHINee's Black Hole in dedication for your room's black hole, may the aliens be by your side. The heat here is seriously awful though, sometimes it can reach 40 degrees and i REALLY have to buy a fan for my room or else i will melt to death, i don't even know how am i still alive. The winter here is kind of "lazy" though, it never snows here and the best we get is a 10 minutes rainstorm so its kinda sad for me because i really love the winter atmosphere. Never really liked Bleach tbhhhhh, but i love Naruto and One Piece until some point. Naruto really got just meh and i'm really glad it ended as well, and One Piece is just getting dragged and the last arcs were so boring so i don't even keep up anymore too.

    13 Jul 15h46 Responder
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