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  • shofie

    have a beautiful day my friend thanks for all you care hugs!!

    22 Set 15h21 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    as you can see, Sister Flo's shapes are back :D .... well have a nice breakfast on the run ;)

    22 Set 15h11 Responder
  • notevenhere

    Love you and your soul, doll :)

    22 Set 15h00 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    okay, time will tell ... sometimes something. Some REALLY BIG END-OF-SUMMER-HUGS , family pack : )

    22 Set 14h59 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    be aware, summer will be closed tomorrow for this season !!!

    22 Set 14h52 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    four answers : - thursday - brain ... well at least i hope so - everywhere and nowhere, well somewhere - does Michael count too ?

    22 Set 14h51 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Helllooooooooo mississippi-mummy ¿ Hows life in the US of A , hope you've had some greeeeeeaaaaatttttt days with your ever growing family ;) Can you believe Blake will be one year old soon, man i thought it would yesterday he came up for a visit on this lovely planet :D .... hmmm, sorry to say, but Frandella and Fritz Faulkner are divorced ... their partnership is on ice now ;D

    22 Set 14h48 Responder
  • Rock_n_Robin

    I have to apologize, Dawn, for such a long time not saying hello. Hope you and your larger family are doing well. Seems like everyone has more keeping them busy these days. Best wishes to you, my friend. ;-)

    21 Set 1h50 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Boy o boy, you're nearly a year old now, Blakey. Time flies when you're having fun. How's school going ? ;D

    12 Set 15h12 Responder
  • notevenhere

    And all the same to you too!! Xxx

    9 Ago 10h25 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Oh hi Blakey, king of the mississippi jungle ;)

    9 Ago 6h35 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Dear wife and mother, please take care where you park your car, otherwise we paint it yellow with blue dots next time and fill it with marshmellows... greetings, your friendly neighbour ;) .... oh dont forget, take the long way home, especially when there's rain in spain in the plain. (((((((weekend family hugs))))))

    9 Ago 6h05 Responder
  • shofie

    Hugs!! my dear dawn i hope you have a nice week :) miss u here :)

    1 Ago 16h04 Responder
  • penguintiz

    Hi, I have a new prog piece out http://www.last.fm/music/David+Tisdell/_/Ripples+In+Reality and a new classical recording out http://www.last.fm/music/David+Tisdell/Music+For+Piano+Students+Volume+2/Minuet+in+a+minor+from+the+Anna+Magdalena+Notebook

    31 Jul 1h27 Responder
  • Ghostofaman

    Happy "cleaning up after cake eaters day", you're welcome. Today is also first day after friday, so even more to celebrate. And whats better to celebrate that than a cake, a nice fine strawberry vanilla icecake, yummy. I can hear the calories scream "hiya, we are back" ;D

    12 Jul 6h19 Responder
  • anniemel13

    how is my boy blakelyrascally doing? sending my favourite boy big hugs n love - gosh it seems so long since I got in here to catch up with my lovely friends, each visit seems like an age. I hope that your wonderful family spoiled you and gave you so many hugs n love that you felt fit to burst at the seams - like a much loved and cuddled bear http://erinzrockatorium.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/teddy-bear.gif - sending best belated wishes and lotsoflove my sweet lovely friend xxxx

    11 Jul 21h06 Responder
  • anniemel13

    your Birthday dawnie - I missed it and just read your lovely message to me as well. Just been in middle of stuff - but gotta send my lovely friend dawnie a belated birthday wish http://www.tumblr18.com/t18/2013/10/Sweet-dog-belated-birthday-wishes.gif

    11 Jul 20h59 Responder
  • anniemel13

    Hello - peeking in sheepishly - I forgot something http://www.mninstitute.com/storage/SAD-CA1.jpg

    11 Jul 20h53 Responder
  • boscopud

    OH BLAKEY!!!!! I love those maple kissies you sent myway!! How did you know that that was my 2nd favorite flavor in the whoooooooooooooooooooole world??? My very favorite flavor is HONEY!!! ~ yummmmmmmm.... and my 3rd favorite flavor is mollasses!(Do you think Aunt Jamie might have been a bee or bear in some previous life? I dunno...) oooHhhh dear! Now I gotta go find something to put my mollasses on! I'm gonna build you a mollasses ice cream soda and send it over special air mail express with my most trusted pilot!!! Happy LOVIE weekend Lil' Lovenote-rascally! Please give your mommie, sissie and daddy big ol' squeezie,SQUEEEZE hugs from me!!! HUgggGGGgggGggGGGGgggGggg!!!

    11 Jul 16h53 Responder
  • boscopud

    DAWNIEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Thank you lovely for the Dawnie-loves!!! *MUAH!* And I am so glad that Blakey liked his lil' train ride!!! And how do dat wonder-kid of yours know that one my very favorite flavors is maple???? He's AMAZIN' dat kid!!! I was overta here 1st and saw BOO's shout... Oh Hi BOO! ...and DOH! I almost missed his birfday too??? So annieway... I rushed right back to my lil' Easy Bake Oven and baked him up a cake. I put lots of water on it ... 'cause I didn't have a fire extinguisher - big enough! - hur, hur, hurrrrr.... ;-} Hopefully that will help! ...um... but.... sompin' terrible happened on the way to deliver Erik his cake. I TRIED DAWNIE!!!! HONEST!!! I reeeeeeeally, reeeeeeally tried.... *hangs head, mostly to hide licking the last bit of chocolate off of her mouth* :-} Happy Weekend darlin' DawnieLove & the whole Lovie Family!!! *MUUUUUUUUUUUUUAH!*

    11 Jul 16h45 Responder
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Sobre mim

I am a wife and mother. A woman that leaves her heart open. Loves God, family, friends, people, animals, life, writing, poetry, music, photography, art, sports,... A love to love kinda girl. Believes that we all can make a difference in this world and especially in the lives of others. Knows that kindness is something that so many leave out of their daily lives as in showing others; but it is something I hope to take time always to do, truly we were created for one another to love and care for! If you look for something "GOOD" in someone, digging way down, looking below the surface and the surroundings you will find it! Too often we get so caught up in our daily routine, called life, that we bypass others along the way when in all reality our purpose is to give something as simple as our time to someone, in that it is something that will always be valued by the one receiving it even if it is never mentioned to us! Hugs, Dawn

"One of the most needed and greatest things we can give is LOVE." -Dawn

Make this day count, for it will Never Happen Again!!! We need to make the most of every day we are given. Let us lay aside everything negative that is latched on to us, we've gotta shake it loose! We need to grab hold of the positive and walk forward. Today is what counts, not yesterday so we need to stop worrying over what we once did and focus on our right now and live in this moment. In this day let us love in a way like never before, find the good in everyone, show kindness, go after our dreams, and know that nothing is impossible TODAY! -Dawn

"Love, a single star placed among the rest; a conjoining of a galaxy in that we allow ourselves to love each other." - Dawn

You are loved and may you always know it, to feel it filling you within. A Blessing you are, a Purpose, a Reason, a Gift. Mislay this not, you are special. You are here to love and to be loved. All the light in the world you are a part of it. Precious and treasured - every life beautiful. May benevolence be named among us, humane, loving, merciful, forgiving, sympathetic, compassionate our character. - Dawn

Each day we are given an opportunity to leave a fragment of kindness among those our hearts hold close and yet not them alone but all those we come across along the way. A moment taken may mean more than we would ever imagine in taking time for another. Life is more than self in that we live in it. We all have our many things we deal with, but we aren't alone. Opened hearts no matter the measurement leaves room for another to walk inside and place their touch upon us. May you always be aglow covered in the beautiful tracings. - Dawn

Oh, bless the day this very day we are walking around, breathing in for it is a gift that has been given to each. What we give back is up to us. Many the opportunities before us in that good has a means to be delivered unto another from our hearts. One may think holding the door for someone, allowing another to pull out in traffic/giving up a spot, smiling heartfully at others doesn't mean much yet it does such as the many little things we can do for others within our given days. Giving requires something of us and that is to do it from our heart. We were created to love and kindness is like love, a movement well needed every passing day. Many the opportunities before us all. - Dawn

When our wings grow heavy from flight and our song seems but a struggled whisper how sweet the time a friend opens their hands and takes us in the palms of their care speaking over us encouragement, caressing our weathered feathers with fingertips of love. - Dawn

Like a bird flying gracefully, meaningfully with expressive eloquence outspread her wings of purpose let us spread our own with such aspiration within the sky of those around us finding ourself perched upon their heart. Many the gifts there are to give, the greatest of which is love and we are responsible the delivery of such. Never a day the same nor the next promised, yet we are given this moment and what we do with it is of freewill. How easily the entanglements in that of which try to bear upon us, though the breaking through is capable by that of our outlook. The sun doesn't forever shine on all our days, but that in which she does we are able to store up within our souls for those days in which the rains pour over us a foreshadowing of reality that the storm will pass. Be that as it may, let us never cease in the releasing of that of which is our reason to release, the releasing of love from our hearts to the hearts of others. - Dawn

- a bit of poetry -


An ever radiant cosmic light
The light of your love
Shoots across the sky of my soul
Stars, I know them all by name
Because I named them after you
My lips to yours
I will never be far my Darling Love
Like a ring around my finger
So is your love encircled around me
All the words within this world
If there were enough of them
I would write you the most beautiful love song
I would sing it slow and steady, euphoric the sound
I found my place with you
It is where I have always been headed
And it is where I want to stay
Wrapped in love's arms
You warm me more than the sun
You shine brighter just by breathing
A thousand red balloons released in the sky
But I know which one belongs to you
For I know the trace of your fingerprints
I could never be without knowing
In that you have touched my heart
I was looking for eyes that knew mine
For I found you long ago in my dreams
And when I saw you
I knew you were my love

- Dawn


Across wheat fallen fields
Amid sunlight and soft summer breezes
Endless longings hand-over-heart, a repetitious count
Slow to rapid and rapid to slow
In pulsating my love beats for you
Like rain upon leaves, a slow drizzling downward
With closed eyes carried away
An upward pulling, a leaving the ground
Silent levitation
Succinctly, your love does this

- Dawn


Paper kites I made for me and you
But the wind never blew
So I took you to the tallest building I knew
Kite in one hand and yours in another
I dropped mine first and then you let yours go
Beautiful conveyance
Yours the shade of mistful morning blue and mine cosmic stars of pink
They did not stay apart, together they clung
As if they were dancing to the melody of our hearts
I turned to you and got lost in your eyes
Then your lips fell upon mine
As the breeze across our skin
Slow motion rewind
Kites back in one hand and our other hand in each other's
Everything flashes back
Then we look down and see two kite strings interlaced spiraling vehemently
Such as our hearts intertwined
Whispers, never to come undone
We speak entanglement over each other
Heartstrings - you're pulling, I'm pulling
Blessed the day I found you, the day unending
We touch each other with hands that will forever hold each others heart
Just like paper kites, the volitation is beautiful with you

- Dawn


Love uncovered it covers me
From the threading of your heart
You trace a single string from yours to mine
Intertwined this moment
Stars all around
A gallery of such, canvas upon canvas
Night turning into morning's light
Serendipity I could say, the finding of good things accidentally
To count this chance, a mere happening without purpose that I cannot
The movement, the cause
You and I were magnetized
A single string from your heart to mine
Tie your knot in me
Black ink flair hearts drawn upon our skin
Take your sunlit lips to mine
In this moment I breathe out your name spilled across the sky
With the taking in of breaths to breathe all over again
A slow steady pull
Released from within above me
Faint-heavy if such a thing
I cannot promise you anything but to love you
Oh say that I may have this pleasure
For all my days
In to show you so that I have
Cast in your love light framed inside your crystalline heart
Mystic spellbound mornings
Like a summer day on the seventh day of fall
The waking in winter hopeful of spring
A slowing of my heart in her repititious beating for you
That I know not how to mitigate
Your hand dovetailed with mine
You are a thousand kisses upon the wind at once sweeping across my soul
Resplendent your love gleaming, steady its glow inside mine, steadfast, unwavering
Light intensely piercing beautifully through me, the light in which you are
The sun perfectly in her place in that she shines
As I in mine in that I am loving you

- Dawn

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