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  • lkuann

    ooh eric my brother from another mother. yes. write me a private letter

    11 Dez 2h05 Responder
  • RipeRat

    oh god dude, fuck ex-girlfriends hows japan tho?

    29 Ago 8h02 Responder
  • RipeRat

    oh ye? theres plenty of other ones too iguess are you goin to anything soon? anything recently that was cool?

    29 Ago 3h16 Responder
  • TheHoePt2

    word on the street im a suspect

    7 Mai 1h43 Responder
  • jcivit1

    Well I really like the legendary shack shakers, they are alt-country/psychobilly weirdness that I rarely see mentioned on mu. I would also recommend Whitemice, they're a noise-sludge band that borrows alot of their asthetic from the residents. I don't know if either of these are similar to what you like (although whitemice is sorta similar to marzuraan) but I almost never see them talked about on mu and I really want them to get more exposure.

    22 Mar 5h59 Responder
  • jcivit1

    thank you I have been slow in exploring drone doom and this should help

    22 Mar 5h33 Responder
  • jcivit1

    Nice taste man, do you know any really noisy drone doom outside of sunn'c colab with NWW?

    22 Mar 5h12 Responder
  • KyleBaluta


    11 Mar 3h23 Responder
  • Wiiffler

    Thanks! Love your pic too, is it you?

    4 Mar 6h34 Responder
  • brock1123

    No joke, it's pretty cool. I like not meeting a lot of people with my name, and I like that it sounds sort of manly, you know what I mean? There are certainly worse names.

    26 Fev 6h28 Responder
  • magsatire

    It's okay I guess. I haven't been there for a while - not since I stopped there briefly while on a holiday with my family - so I don't really have much of a first-hand opinion of the place. I think that it's quite an unremarkable city in any case; I never hear much about it. What did you think of Brisbane?

    25 Fev 12h46 Responder
  • magsatire

    Cool taste matey.

    25 Fev 12h15 Responder
  • Hasbox

    yo i still dont have a personal computer ;( YO YOU LIVE IN NIPPON NOW THO?

    13 Fev 18h01 Responder
  • pey10con

    It's a screencap from Foxing's "Rory" video.

    28 Jan 4h44 Responder
  • pey10con

    Thank you senpai

    28 Jan 1h03 Responder
  • overwriteitall

    Greetings from Russia!

    27 Jan 19h53 Responder
  • TylerSymes

    Thought so.

    26 Jan 3h08 Responder
  • TylerSymes

    So you moved to RYM to find drone/doom?

    24 Jan 3h07 Responder
  • TylerSymes

    Too memerap or something atm?

    24 Jan 2h34 Responder
  • whiteindisguise

    Sorry, those were my initials. I live in Florida.

    23 Jan 19h48 Responder
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