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    la verdad escucho mucho otros generos, tengo bastantes scrobblings de por ejem. miles davis, kanye west, nino rota, slipknot, tiro de gracia, ennio morricone.. pero claroo, siempre el pop va a ser lo que mas voy a escuchar por gusto personal. Diferente seria si me negara a descubrir y escuchar otro tipo de musica, te imaginai solo escuchar pop y nada mas? me aburriria jaajajja en mi epoca de colegio escuchaba mas rock pero igual le iba al pop y ahora aun mas. aps y no puedo olvidar al hip hop gringo que tambien me gusta bastante. Saludos!

    Ontem 02:13 Responder
  • lain-luscious


    30 Ago 15h38 Responder

    wow casi 150 mil eso si es escuchar mucha musica y veo a gaga en tu library no eres prejuicioso, ta bien eso... saludos!

    30 Ago 5h26 Responder
  • Venusfly91

    No prob.

    29 Ago 21h43 Responder
  • Venusfly91

    " I don´t get it, why Voivod it´s so popular? and the vocals sound not metal at all (to me)." Heard some of their 80's stuff? Their music in Dimension Hatross has some pretty weird riffs you normally wouldn't hear in thrash metal back then. Even black metal bands take cues from those riffs. That's why they talked a lot about. Who cares if the vocalist doesn't sound metal, doesn't ruin the music to me.

    29 Ago 19h53 Responder
  • candysweetgurl

    Not really, it's too mainstream for me haha thanks though

    28 Ago 10h51 Responder
  • Rosah777

    I only know in that album the music "The Spirit Of Radio". I am a beginner in Rush are many cds to listen to, and I addiction almost every day in a different song and can not stop listening hahah

    28 Ago 1h35 Responder
  • tsnamm

    Great taste! Greetings from Baltimore/Washington...

    26 Ago 23h09 Responder
  • candysweetgurl

    There's something about it that draws me in. I see that perhaps I'll be able to pick up a few new artists from you... soon I might check some out :)

    26 Ago 23h01 Responder
  • Rosah777

    I can not stop listening to them :[

    25 Ago 23h36 Responder
  • candysweetgurl

    Hey, good taste you have there ;)

    25 Ago 20h43 Responder
  • spiderferi

    watch " nobody knows about persian cats" its a well recieved by critics. it shows the conflicts of the youth generation with the gov.

    23 Ago 18h41 Responder
  • spiderferi

    people would have call the police if we go too loud (like any other country in the world) , but the equipments are too expensive here and most of the underground studios can't record drum parts for this particular reason: the lack of equipments. i play the electric guitar myself, with my two other friends we hang out in each others house and play a bit but it's not professional like real bands do, nothin can be that professional in iran.

    23 Ago 18h39 Responder
  • spiderferi

    it's really complicated, but the most simple word is that we don't have a much choice here and the power is absorbed by the extremists and muslims (we had secular sides too). not a rock or metal band, only some pop or traditional artists.

    23 Ago 17h52 Responder
  • spiderferi

    you know some muslim extremists believe that "music is forbidden by the law of god". some other say "the music that makes you pumped and tempts you to dance with it is forbidden". so we have our "traditional music" which is great!:) and i love it.(listen to Mohammad Alizadeh) he is a virtuoso. but most of the people in here don't know rock or metal much and by government propaganda they think all of the rockers are satanists and chaotic. i really wish i could have changed that, but it's impossible:( i have never attended a gig, it's one of my biggest wishes.

    23 Ago 17h20 Responder
  • spiderferi

    we can't buy records from any kind of legal stores, so we have to either pirate it and illegally download it(thats what most of us do) or go in to the underground black market and buy it from smugglers. or buy it from itunes and others like itunes.bcause of the sanctions we have to buy it from a guy who buys us the record in the itunes and we have to pay double. so here we are totally fucked up.

    23 Ago 17h06 Responder
  • spiderferi

    yea, even is censored and got filtered!:D rock and metal is forebidden due to the music law bcuz of the "animality".

    23 Ago 8h25 Responder
  • spiderferi

    tnx for the accept:)

    23 Ago 5h17 Responder
  • mauesndkj

    JAJAJA digamos que los kobaianos son una entidad extraterrestre de extraña procedencia, y sí, deben usar bigotes. Ah, y Cristian Vander cumple el rol de Mesías en la civilización kobaiana. Quiero vivir en Kobaia, decididamente.

    23 Ago 2h41 Responder
  • mauesndkj

    Es que hay una relación astral entre los bigotes y la calidad artística (?).

    23 Ago 1h04 Responder
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