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  • lordpiffington

    actually i bet if you look at Gay Kiss' past shows on fb you can find some good local shit tho it'll probably be all hardcore bands

    10 horas atrás Responder
  • lordpiffington

    eyyyyyyy! there's destruction unit but i'm personally not that into them. they're like a really loud noisy "jam-rock" (ie they tend to get friends to play with them so there's like 3 drummers and 5 guitars or whatever) band but besides that i couldn't really tell ya. u livin' in phoenix or smthg?

    11 horas atrás Responder
  • Infestation_Pit

    Wir versuchen eine neue Gruppe zu machen. Es ist noch zu früh zu sagen ob es gut wird oder nicht, aber wir versuchen!

    18 Mai 19h27 Responder
  • Infestation_Pit

    http://www.last.fm/group/Kataklyzmik+Kult+of+Kaos+(KKK) join this

    18 Mai 16h25 Responder
  • introvertical

    Yeah it's too bad both shows are the same night. I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of modern tech death, but I can jam some Aborted and I'm looking forward to the show. So you're saying the Abiotic show was no good? I really enjoyed seeing Today is the Day, considering I'm not too familiar with their work, they sounded excellent. It was a really small crowd too, I was pretty much the only person under 21 that night.

    13 Mai 6h58 Responder
  • introvertical

    I highly recommend this band called Lazer/Wulf. I saw them play the other night and they killed it. They really deserve the support.

    11 Mai 1h37 Responder
  • forfrosne

    Just listening to the new VoM album, what do you think?

    10 Mai 16h36 Responder
  • introvertical

    Yeah I love how LB's bassist sounds like he's playing guitar and bass simultaneously. I've heard that European crowds are generally all around better, different customs I guess. I think it should always be about everyone having a good time, never understood guys who just want to fuck people up. As far as those upcoming shows go I was originally going to check out the Atlas Moth, but now I might go to that Fit For an Autopsy/Aborted show instead since there the same night.

    8 Mai 18h03 Responder
  • introvertical

    Yeah I was one person away from being in front of the railing during Melt Banana and Lightning Bolt. I must have been near you because I was right in front of Brian Gibson (LB's bassist). I didn't go into the center of the pit (except for Gay Kiss because it was small), but I still moshed and got sucked into it at times. I'm not the strongest dude so I can't really mosh as much as I'd like to.

    8 Mai 3h06 Responder
  • introvertical

    Also check this shit out.

    7 Mai 19h42 Responder
  • introvertical

    Only thing that sucks is I lost my glasses during Melt Banana. I think I might switch to contacts so I don't have to worry about that while moshing and what not.

    7 Mai 19h40 Responder
  • introvertical

    YES! By far the best show I've been to yet. I saw Gay Kiss and they were good, sounded tight and had great stage presence. Melt Banana was absolute insanity, they sounded just as good as their recordings (partly due to the drum machine I guess), even though I'm not super familiar with their material, I'm definitely going to check all of it out now. Everyone went apeshit for Lightning Bolt, and I loved their new stuff. I was super lucky that night because the girls working the entrance accidentally gave me the 21+ band, so I was able to snag some stuff from the merch table and put it in my car before the show.

    7 Mai 18h10 Responder
  • Verderber

    ...what are this year's other awesome grind albums so far besides Qlipoth? Really haven't had much on the radar, but that new Cloud Rat is tickling my fancy.

    5 Mai 21h29 Responder
  • Venerated

    Really glad you enjoy it and truly appreciate that :) Also, 'Life Is A Struggle, Give Up' posted by Cletus77.. That's a mate's band and it's bloody good. His other band, Employed To Serve, are releasing what is basically my AOTY. Keep your eyes peeled.

    2 Mai 23h09 Responder
  • forfrosne

    Damn this is pretty good, been a while since I enjoyed deathcore, cheers

    30 Abr 21h22 Responder
  • Venerated

    http://echoesanddust.com/2015/04/human-future-spectrum-exclusive-premier/ figured you'd be up for this :)

    25 Abr 22h04 Responder
  • Romulus666

    Can't wait to be out of this hell hole man! And no I Haven't I'll need to check dat shit out sometime soon! looking forward to the new Skinless album?

    24 Abr 16h51 Responder
  • Romulus666

    I've been pretty good lately man, almost done high school now! How have you been ?

    21 Abr 23h20 Responder
  • cletus77

    It's their new album "Life Is A Struggle, Give Up" http://hitfile.net/download/free/AMD/VcKKCOkLOhKYDTN2ZmZvqeY3c1f2s5Hp.zip.html

    21 Abr 11h56 Responder
  • cletus77

    New Native Construct http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/7cPDG5WR/file.html

    21 Abr 0h30 Responder
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