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  • toastermantis

    Thanks for the kind words. The truth is that I'm actually nowhere as politically active as I used to be, it's just that when reading political discourse in the Sinister Slaughterhouse I finally get an inkling of what it must like to be right-wing on RateYourMusic...

    30 Jul 6h51 Responder
  • SeaAnemone

    Hey, it was great to meet you the other night. Glad you liked our set! Hope to see you at some shows around here soon. Also we have the coolest shit in common on here.

    29 Jul 22h43 Responder
  • high_as_bells

    No, I haven't had the pleasure to see them live, though I'd like to. I'm not on facebook much, partly out of the desire to avoid dealing with whatever crappy news might be happening in the lives of my friends that I'm not ever in the mood to deal with, haha. I'll definitely get on FB later and add you, though.

    29 Jul 21h27 Responder
  • high_as_bells

    Things have been a bit weird in my personal life, actually, but it's nothing worth going into. Either way, I've been decent. Yeah, long time. Anyway, Gay Kiss is great, indeed. I need to listen to the new album again, though.

    29 Jul 0h31 Responder
  • BasedYoona

    Yess. <3 I just bought the new Susanne Sundfør album on vinyl and I'm rocking it so hard while reading in the living room. Cheers~

    27 Jul 16h57 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    no, I don't think that was it, but this does sound pretty good, and kind of the same, if I remember right the one I was thinking about the video was shot outside, perhaps you could see the ocean behind? and the singer had short dark hair, oh well I know it was a shot in the dark

    27 Jul 2h38 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    There was something you played/posted a long time ago, I think in the EMF group, you said it was Progressive Deathcore I think, it was a pro music video and the dude had come clean vocals, some brutal vocals and some that sounded like screamo, do you by chance remember which band this was??

    26 Jul 20h56 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    Structures sound great too, I really like this guys screamo vocals

    23 Jul 6h51 Responder
  • maxxy

    Oh, we were wondering why you left the group...

    22 Jul 20h43 Responder
  • maxxy


    22 Jul 20h32 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    why what happened? I saw you left but I didn't know if it was for any particular reason...

    22 Jul 20h32 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    yeah, a lot of it sounds pretty fresh to me since its a new musical venture, while I'm on the opposite end where a lot of newer Black and Death Metal are sounding more bland these days than ever

    22 Jul 3h53 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    Periphery? there's another one to check out, I've just been scratching the surface really, but I figure it was time, its not that far from a lot of other progressive stuff I listen to anyways

    22 Jul 3h09 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    what about Uneven Structure or Vildhjarta? a lot of these bands even down to their names and lyrics remind me of a lineage that comes down from Watchtower, Atheist, Cynic and Meshuggah

    22 Jul 2h27 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    I thought they were great, they definitely have a slice of Melodic Post-hardcore in them, RNG has been providing me with a few things to listen to also

    22 Jul 1h13 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    do you like ERRA?

    21 Jul 21h11 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    idk, maybe a little of both, seems like some of that stuff contains elements of the other, at least according to lastfm, I actually really like Textures and The Contortionist, where they have a lot of chilled out calm moments with clean vocals and a lot of "textured" dreamy riffing, actually one of the reasons why some of this caught my ear is because it reminded me a bit of a heavier Oceansize! anything of that nature would be most welcome

    11 Jul 19h11 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    I listened to some of that band The Contortionist and they don't sound too bad, seems like I'm needing to explore something new lately, I'm bored to death with modern Black and Death Metal, Emo has been going downhill, Slam is always fun but samey after a while, what would you consider to be the best 3 or so Progressive/Deathcore/Djent/ whatever bands out there?

    11 Jul 7h52 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    I was reading some guys list on Djent and I came across them, the few videos I listened to had a nice chill vibe, this is definitely more your realm but something about that band I liked

    11 Jul 6h44 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    so I came across this band Textures, they sound kind of cool, so is this Haydencore?

    11 Jul 3h07 Responder
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