Hayden, 20, Masculino, Estados Unidos
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LeviathanMade As The Stale Wine of Wrath 4 horas atrás
LeviathanMerging With Sword, Onto Them 4 horas atrás
LeviathanVesture Dipped in the Blood of Morning 4 horas atrás
LeviathanBlood Red and True 4 horas atrás
LeviathanHarlot Rises 4 horas atrás
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LeviathanHer Circle Is the Noose 5 horas atrás
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  • Slargrave

    How the fuq are you!?

    Ontem 05:25 Responder
  • Romulus666

    And I thought my music taste was all over the place

    20 Jul 13h51 Responder
  • forfrosne

    Had a chance to listen to Pale Communion yet? I'm genuinely totally surprised by how much I'm enjoying this album. Instrumentally it sounds to me like a slightly softer version of Ghost Reveries minus the harsh vocals which is pretty great IMO. Even 'Cusp of Eternity' grew on me and I didn't like that song at all when it was first released.

    19 Jul 0h15 Responder
  • Registeel

    Has nothing to do with you Hayden, just a few idiots that annoy me to death (including ryan/alice). This isn't a permanent decision though. I'm also looking for a job currently, so I need to stay more focused on that, I swear I have no self control LOL.

    16 Jul 15h11 Responder
  • jasonrawles

    I do know Pyrrhon, but I don't care for it (the vocals kill it for me). Appreciated regardless!

    15 Jul 16h56 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    7 H.Target has been great! at first I thought they were some drum-machine/cyber-slam band, it turns out they were the complete opposite, with natural drums, really heavy organic sound, etc, they definitely have the experimental side with textured samples and unusual grooves, not really any huge differences between albums, but they're all pretty consistent, I actually listen to them a lot when I read, one of the reasons why I have so many plays ;-)

    15 Jul 2h09 Responder
  • ToadstoolMoon

    Yeah well, like I said, I'll let you know, I just need some healthy time off anyway. I'm still not sure about Br. Assault either, depends if two of my friends will go, for different reasons. I haven't been to a bigger show for quite some time now, last time it was King Diamond in the previous year, I think.

    14 Jul 21h16 Responder
  • jasonrawles

    Messaged ya. Shoot me a recco.

    14 Jul 17h52 Responder
  • ToadstoolMoon

    Thanks man, I miss some people too (including you), but I still haven't made up my mind yet. There are things that keep me not wanting to return.

    14 Jul 16h29 Responder
  • high_as_bells

    Thanks, baybeh gurl. It's good to be back.

    9 Jul 20h17 Responder
  • Romulus666

    I know right? I saw it a few days ago and had to make it my avatar

    8 Jul 22h40 Responder
  • jasonrawles

    Hi Hayden, looong time no talky. Have you listened to this yet?: http://www.last.fm/music/Jules+Julio+Martinez. If you want a link let me know, I had a terrible time finding it. Münchausen is like someone mixed instrumental Meshuggah with Niechęć, and Les Claypool smoked meth and then grabbed his bass and then made Scale the Summit, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, and a marching band collaborate. The EP gets better as it trucks along. Cheers dude.

    2 Jul 19h58 Responder
  • fordervetsinn

    Hi dude, check my band :) DEMENTIA SENEX - metal from Italy, for fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate and Cult of Luna. http://drownwithinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/heartworm - www.facebook.com/dementiasenex FREE DOWNLOAD EP!!

    1 Jul 9h00 Responder
  • forfrosne

    You heard the new Allegaeon album?

    29 Jun 12h38 Responder
  • Metal_Ganon

    Checking out DaCast's demo... Dedále was unorthodox, but that was kinda expected with its concept. This one's weird as fuck, including some elements that are almost nu metallish but that somehow end up working with the rest of the music.

    26 Jun 23h09 Responder
  • Romulus666

    Quest for Fire is the lamest Maiden song eh?

    24 Jun 23h55 Responder
  • Jimsonisolation

    I am wondering what you think of London, as a native living rurally, It doesn't do much for me, give me hills and the sea anyday. I went up for Wovenhand last Monday, and I just can't stand it.

    23 Jun 11h04 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    And probably your Pentagram and Pantera plays.

    22 Jun 15h31 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    How did our compatibility jump from low to high? I'll never figure out how last fm decides that thing.

    21 Jun 17h06 Responder
  • vividserenity

    Thanks for giving me the rec :). Damad is definitely worth a full album listen. *Glancing at top artists* Hayden...? Manowar??? ό,ὸ wut *෴*

    19 Jun 22h22 Responder
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Sobre mim

My preference in music styles is mostly metal and hardcore and typically anything in extreme music too. Open to trying out anything though.

Also if you want to join a group which will have active music discussion you should apply for:
Unholy Cult of the Appraised and Damned.

My RYM is my own personal record of everything i've ever listened to (includes more music than is within my Lastfm Library) : My RateYourMusic

Note: I didn't start scrobbling until July 23rd 2011

Last 3 Months

Seen Live:
Lamb Of God (AMAZING)
Decapitated (AMAZING)
SvartiIdaudi (AMAZING)
Grave Miasma (AMAZING)
One Tail, One Head (GREAT)
Pinkish Black (AMAZING)
Nexilva (AMAZING)
Upholder (GOOD)
Boris The Blade (AMAZING)
Martyr Defiled (GOOD)
I Declare War (GREAT)
Afflurenza (GREAT)
The Rotted (AMAZING)
Immerse (GREAT)
Ariyah (GREAT)
Brutai (GOOD)
Hieroglyph (OK)
Chimp Spanner (GREAT)
Shattered Skies (GREAT)
Uneven Structure (AMAZING)
Hacride (GREAT)
Dripback (AMAZING)
Sierra (GOOD)
Kylesa (AMAZING)
Grunt (GREAT)
Anciients (GREAT)
After The Burial x2 (AMAZING)
Misery Signals (AMAZING)
Clitgore (OK)
Craniotomy (GREAT)
Distaste (AMAZING)
Rompeprop (GREAT)
Periphery (AMAZING)
The Faceless (GREAT)
Goatwhore (BORING)
Cannibal Corpse (GOOD)
Job For A Cowboy (OK)
Between The Buried And Me (GOOD)
Fallujah (GREAT)
Conducting From The Grave (GREAT)
Exhumed (AMAZING)
Cerebral Bore (GREAT)
Veil Of Maya x3 (AMAZING)
Within The Ruins (GREAT)
Fallen Is Babylon (GOOD)
Beyond Your Fears (BAD)
Hour Of Penance (GREAT)
Murder Made God (GREAT)
Abhorrent Decimation (GREAT)
The Rolling Stones (OK)
In Flames (GOOD)
Trivium (OK)
Missoula Symphony (around 10 times) (GREAT)
Walking Corpse Syndrome (GOOD) x2
Blessidoom (GOOD)
Bury Me In Venice (GOOD)
Better Words For A Farewell (OK)
Amidst The Chaos (BAD)
Marting Grubinger & Percussion Ensemble (AMAZING)
Negura Bunget (AMAZING)
The Haxan Cloak (OK)
Weed (OK)
Grimegod (GREAT)
Aluk Todolo (GREAT)
Total Fest 2012 (I can't remember the names of the bands I saw but one was good)
Itzhak Perlman (GREAT)
Brutai (OK)
Karybdis (AMAZING)
Invocation (GREAT)
Darkeye (GREAT)
Anaal Nathrakh (AMAZING)
Carach Angren (OK)
Unfathomable Ruination (GREAT)
Nargaroth (GREAT)
Eastern Front (GREAT)
Slegfest (GOOD)
Premature Birth (GOOD)
Noctem (GREAT)
Primitive Graven Image (GOOD)
De Profundis (GREAT)
Buried In Verona (OK)
Betraying The Martyrs (OK)
Born Of Osiris (AMAZING)
Despite My Deepest Fear (GREAT)
Lock & Key (GREAT)
To Kill Achilles (GREAT)
Karate (OK)
Confessions Of A Traitor (OK)
Infernöh (GREAT)
Part 1 (GREAT)
Raw Noise (AMAZING)
Antidotum (OK)
Saturnine (OK)
Contorture (OK)
Lust For Death (GREAT)
Mayhem (AMAZING)
Merrimack (GREAT)
Stahlsarg (GREAT)
Sun Ra Arkestra (AMAZING)
Full Of Hell (AMAZING)
Orphan (OK)
Disciples Of Christ (GREAT)
Possessed (AMAZING)
Church Of Misery (OK)
Qrixkuor (GOOD)
Sheol (GREAT)
Burial (GREAT)

This is mainly here to remind my self, i'm forgetting a couple local concerts from when I was little.


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